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How To Use Ubuntu VPS With GUI And RDP Access

Ubuntu VPS with GUI and RDP access is a requirement for the people who don’t like Windows operating system and also don’t like to work with the command line. Linux is based on the Unix operating system. Accordingly, the presence of a […]

October 20, 2020 by Nick Durckin

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13 Steps To Increase CentOS Linux VPS Security

CentOS Linux VPS security is a very important issue. Many of us run our projects, websites, or applications on these CentOS Linux VPS Servers.  These are are all of our business and assets and we value them very much. In the meantime, […]

October 13, 2020 by Harry

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How To Configure Static IP On Ubuntu 18 Server

Network configuration on Ubuntu 16 and older versions were done simply by editing the interface file. But from Ubuntu 17, a new network configuration system called NetPlan was created. In this article, we are going to create or edit the Ubuntu 18 […]

October 6, 2020 by Harry

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VPS Linux Windows

VPS for $5 only

Looking for an affordable VPS at a low price? Whether you’re a freelancer or a large digital agency, decreasing the monthly costs for infrastructures for your services is important. A VPS price depends on many factors for each provider that you choose! […]

September 8, 2020 by Nick Durckin

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Linux VPS

How To Run Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a very simple 3D game based on pixels. In a short time, this game has created a lot of popularity among Internet users and video game enthusiasts. This is a group game that allows users to play together on a […]

by Harry

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Linux Windows

Windows VPS Is Better For Web Hosting Or Linux VPS?

To have a website, you need to prepare your web hosting service such as Linux VPS Hosting so that you can upload site information in it. This is where you are faced with two different types of services and the question arises […]

August 30, 2020 by Harry

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Linux Tutorials

Installing The Zabbix 5.0 LTS On CentOS 8 And RHEL 8

In this article, we will be with you through Installing the Zabbix 5.0 LTS On CentOS 8 And RHEL 8. Zabbix is a powerful and open-source network monitoring tool used to monitor network equipment, server software, and performance. Zabbix is written in […]

August 6, 2020 by Harry

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Tutorial Linux

How To Change SSH Port In CentOS 7

We are at your service by teaching you how to change the SSH port in the CentOS operating system. The default port of the SSH service is 22, and if we have it by default, hackers may be able to attack the […]

August 5, 2020 by Harry

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Linux Tutorials

Complete tutorial to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on CentOS 8

Securing a website using Certbot is one of the key factors you need to your website can survive. Using HTTPS via Security Certificate (SSL Certificate) to secure the traffic sent from web browsers to web servers is essential. As a result, users […]

August 4, 2020 by Harry

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Tutorials Linux

How To Test Internet Speed In CentOS 7

In this article, we will be with you to test the internet speed in CentOS 7. In addition to price, internet speed is one of the main criteria for deciding where to buy online services. The Internet speed is measured by measuring […]

August 3, 2020 by Harry

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Free RDP, Start with 61 days Trial

Good News! Looking for the best deals? You’re in the right place. OperaVPS decided to offer a special deal for RDP services! How does it work? By choosing 12 months Billing cycle you will get an additional 61 days free on your […]

July 19, 2020 by Nick Durckin

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Bluestacks VPS to Simulate Android on Windows

****** New Update: Bluestacks Version 4.2 is available on VPS too ****** updated on 2020/9/28 Start Bluestacks on VPS Now! – $42.99 Do I need to Buy BlueStacks VPS? If you are a huge fan of Android and its fantastic applications, Here we […]

March 6, 2020 by Nick Durckin

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How to Install cPanel on CentOS 7 [step-by-step guide]

Hi everyone, I’m Harry, and today I will be with you about how to install cPanel on CentOS 7. What is cPanel? cPanel, as its name implies, is a web control panel. Cpanel provides you with the ability to manage Linux based […]

March 10, 2020 by Harry

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