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Being a Server manager is one of the most sensitive and specialized tasks in the field of information technology (IT) and networking. Anyone who decides to enter the job and specialty of server management must have a lot of effort and perseverance because this has its own difficulties and only people who have acquired the necessary technical knowledge can work in this field. If you are looking to learn to be a server manager, there are some subjects that you should pay attention to.

Requirements To Be A Server manager

In order to be a successful server manager, you must consider having a set of requirements. Because if you do not have these requirements, you will not be able to function properly. The requirements are as follows.

  • Mastery of the structure and performance of operating systems, especially Linux and Windows.
  • Mastery of basic network topics, especially network setup and security.
  • Mastery of the structure of content management systems and programming languages.
  • Familiarity with SEO concepts and site optimization.
  • Having a lot of effort and perseverance to learn to be a server manager and practice them.
  • Having a strong spirit and personality to control and manage the crisis.
  • Have a committed spirit to pursue and solve problems.

Lean Structure And Performance Of Operating Systems

In server management, the basis of work and activities, especially software actions are performed on the operating system. Therefore, we must be fully acquainted with the core structure of the operating system as well as its performance. In many cases, we will need to modify, remove, or add items to the kernel and structure of the operating system!

The main services that you should be familiar with are Linux VPS, Windows VPS, RDP, Mikrotik VPS, cPanel VPS, and Direct-admin VPS.

What should I do to be a good server manager

Familiarity With The Basics Of Computer Networking

The servers are located in a platform called data-center and are available to us with a variety of hardware and software tools. As a server manager, you should have the knowledge to work, control, and manage this network. In many cases, especially when the server is not normally available, we can access the server with the help of network solutions and solve the problem.

Having Knowledge About site Builders And Programming Languages

Server management is used in many fields, which is one of the most common fields used in the field of web hosting. be a server manager, accordingly, and given that we are going to host several websites on our own servers, we must master their structure. In fact, by doing so, we will be able to provide the best possible infrastructure for hosting websites.

learn about programming languages to be good server manager

Be Familiar With The Concepts Of SEO To Be A Good Server Manager

A server manager should be familiar with the basics of SEO. In this case, it will be able to configure the server and its related tools such as web servers and web services in such a way that the websites have a suitable infrastructure for SEO by the hosts. Items such as stability, speed, compatibility, and security are some of the things that we as a server manager should pay special attention to.

Having Personality And Morale Tailored To Be A Server Manager

It takes a lot of perseverance to learn and train to be a server manager. Also, after gaining this expertise, we should try to have a strong personality so that small and even big problems can not interfere with our work. If we cultivate this spirit and personality in ourselves, we will be able to manage crises well, so that we can return the situation to normal. Also, the server administrator must be a committed person who is available at all times, especially when it’s absolutely necessary that he/she is needed to apply his/her expertise to solve the issue.

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To become a server manager, the first thing you need is motivation and interest. Although this may be true in all areas, it is a major one in this regard. If you do not know and you are interested, you can learn. If you have a lot of information but you are not interested, you will suffer. The second step is to have perseverance and effort to gain experience.

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