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How to activate PHP selector in Cloud-Linux

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March 29, 2020 by Harry

How to activate PHP selector in Cloud-Linux

Sometimes it is needed to change the PHP version. PHP Selector is a module inside Cloud-Linux (cPanel), that you can change the PHP version to multiple versions through this module easily. This is the case for servers running CageFS, which is active on 99% of Cloud-Linux servers. As a result, first, we need to activate the PHP selector to be able to change the PHP version through it.

Why should I activate PHP selector Module?

This module is for checking the issues related to the PHP version and its settings. When you install this module on the VPS, all PHP versions will be installed on the VPS. As a result, you can select the related PHP version for each host, as well as adjusting limitations to php.ini. Once this module was installed, In the user section of each web-host, access to the Select PHP Version appears. Which enabling any user to select the PHP version they want and enable or disable some of the functionalities.

change php version

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Steps To activate PHP Selector

  1. Installing Requirements For PHP Selector

  2. Installing PHP Selector Through SSH

Now we will review the steps to activate PHP selector in Cloud-Linux.

  • Step 1: Installing Requirements For PHP Selector

You must enable CageFS on your cPanel account to use this tool.
PHP Selector is only compatible with these web server technologies.

suPHP, mod_fcgid, CGI (suexec), LiteSpeed.

  • Step 2: Installing PHP Selector Through SSH

Connect to your SSH through putty, and then use the following command, which is just a simple yum command.

yum groupinstall alt-php

After entering the above command, update your LVE and CageFS to install PHP Selector.

yum update cagefs lvemanager

select php versions

We have successfully installed the PHP selector module inside our Cloud-Linux (Cpanel VPS).

Now inside your WHM, go to the Feature Manager to be sure that Select PHP version is enabled.
As easy as this, you can run the PHP Selector on your Linux VPS so you can manually select your PHP version.
We hope you enjoy this article and find it useful. Share your comments with us.

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  • Is PHP selector free?
    As running Cloud-Linux needs a license, we can say no it is not free.
  • Can I use all of the versions of PHP inside the PHP selector?
    Yes, you can use all of the versions of PHP.
  • When do I need to change the PHP version?
    Sometimes you upgrade your website and newer PHP version codes need a higher level of PHP version, also the higher PHP versions are faster.
  • Do I have to install the PHP selector to change the PHP version?
    It will be easier to do it through PHP selector but still, there are other ways to change the PHP version.
  • Do I have to install CageFS before installing the PHP selector?
    Yes, in order to install the PHP selector, CageFS is needed to be installed.

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