How To Change Winbox Port

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May 23, 2020 by Harry

How To Change Winbox Port

In order to be secure and to reduce attacks on your Mikrotik VPS, it is better to change Winbox port. The default port of Winbox is 8291.

Ways to change Winbox port

  • Change  port through the user interface
  • Change  port using the terminal

In this tutorial we will check how to change the default Winbox port to 25282 and you can choose anything else instead of 25282.

How to change Winbox port

Change Wibox port using the user interface

Step1: Login to winbox

First, try to login to your Mikrotik VPS through Winbox.
You can download Winbox through the Mikrotik website.

Download Wibox

Step2: Set the new Winbox port

Once you downloaded it, enter your login details such as server IP, username, and password.

Login to Winbox

Now you have successfully logged in to the Winbox. From the left panel choose IP and then services.

In this section, you can see active and inactive services with their port number.

Double-click on the Winbox and in the new cadre write 25282 instead of 8291 then choose to Apply and then OK.

Changing port in Winbox services tab

Congratulation, now you have successfully changed the port.

Now close your current Winbox session and try to log in again. This time you should put the port number that you have chosen behind the IP number with a Colon.

like this: Your-IP:25282

How to change Winbox port

Change Wibox port using terminal

Also, you can change the Winbox port in Mikrotik through the terminal. Like the last time log in to the Winbox and open the new terminal.
And also you can run this code in Console Access or VNC.

Then type the below command and press enter:

ip service set winbox port=25282

In this way, you successfully change the port.
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