Quality of the remote desktop connection is low

Quality of the remote desktop connection is low

Some times you face connection problem, Slow, and lagging in using Remote Desktop Connection, If the quality of the remote desktop connection is low, we can resolve this with a simple method.

Check Connection Quality

Move the cursor to the top of the page in your server and you will find a blue cadre.


Inside the blue cadre, you can view your connection quality on the left side and on the antenna icon.

If you also click on it, you will find more details about the quality of the connection.

Put Some Changes in Connection Settings

Open remote desktop connection, in the display tab and color options, but the quality on High color (16 bit) and try to connect to the server and check the issue.


Remote Desktop Connection

If still, the quality of the connection was not better, try your own network speed.

If your network speed is low, it can also be the cause of the low quality of the connection.

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