11 Critical Steps To Secure Windows VPS Server!


September 5, 2021 by Ashley

11 Critical Steps To Secure Windows VPS

Securing Windows VPS operating system is critical, and increasing the security is very important. In this article, you will learn the best ways to increase security to prevent hacker threats and attacks. If you have not purchased your own Windows VPS, choose the correct VPS package on our website. Then, join us with this guide since securing Windows VPS Server is the step you have to do after buying a Windows VPS.

How Can I Secure Windows VPS Server?

In this article, we will tell you 11 fundamental ways to increase the security of the Windows Virtual Server, and by observing these points, you can use your Virtual Server without any worries.

13 Step To Secure A Windows VPS

1. Use Unknown Ports For Different Services

When connecting to a Windows virtual server, most users use the default port, which makes it easier for hackers or brute-force attacks to access server resources because they are known ports. Most people are familiar with these ports; For example, the RDP port is a known port.

Of course, by changing the default ports to unknown ports, you can significantly prevent these attacks.

2. Activate The Firewall In Windows Server

Activating the firewall in Windows VPS Server is another essential factor in increasing the security of the Windows Virtual Server, which allows you to block or unblock a specific IP.

You can freely filter the settings related to the Internet, and incoming and outgoing traffic to control your network; The firewall also blocks traffic with suspicious addresses to prevent potential dangers, So be sure to use Windows Firewall.

3. Choose The Right And Strong Password For The Administrator Account

Do not write down your password in any way, forget any of the security tips, or steal your memory drive; They can access your password and compromise the security of your Windows Virtual Server.

Windows VPS Password

Use hard passwords. Choose a password that is a combination of numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters and symbols; Also, note that the password you choose is long, such as the following password:


4. Change The Default Account

It is better to deactivate the admin account and create a new account.

When you buy a VPS, you must first have an operating system with a default account. You should note that these types of accounts are often at risk of brute-force attacks. Therefore, you need to change the account; Also, Remember to give admin privileges to the new account.

5. Windows VPS Update

Microsoft regularly and sensitively provides various updates to reduce the security holes in the operating system; updating the Windows operating system is very important and can significantly increase software security installed on Windows.

You can set the updates you receive for the operating system to be obeyed or turn on automatic updates on your operating system to install updates automatically.

Of course, keep in mind that installing multiple software is not a good idea; we will give more details about installing software in the next section.

Note: since you can not always guarantee 100% Secure a Windows VPS, you can maximally prevent intrusion into your virtual server and serious attacks by observing the security points mentioned in this article;

If one of your concerns is security, do not hesitate to choose Opera VPS; Linux and Windows virtual server in Opera VPS is one of the most powerful and secure servers and is always available.

6. Only Install The Required Operating System Packages

When installing Windows Server, pay attention to installing the software as custom; Doing so will reduce the number of attacks and updates.

As the number of software installed on your virtual server increases, so do the security risks.

7. Set up Multiple Accounts

Set the following required permissions when multiple users have access to the server:

  1. Enable two-step authentication
  2. Do not use a blank password
  3. Do not use Chrome Password Manager to store your passwords
  4. Avoid setting up unnecessary access to user accounts

8. Use Encryption In BitLocker Mode

Using encryption in BitLocker mode helps you have the necessary security in offline mode; Prevents malware from infiltrating, and is an anti-malware tool against malware. Even when the server is off, Bitlocker remains active to increase server security.

bitlocker startup in windows 10 1

Other features of Bitlocker include cryptographic encryption of information and data; Note that you can only access data and server information when you decrypt Bitlocker by the same system that has been used for encryption; Otherwise, All information without a Bitlocker password, as a string of Random text items, is displayed.

Note: To install Bitlocker, you need permission to access management protocols on the server.

9. Use SFTP Instead Of FTP And FTPS

FTP is a data transfer protocol without data encryption and most people use SFTP instead of FTP. Even if you use FTPS, which also has encryption, you should know that it still has low security, then it is better to use SFTP.

Unlike FTP and FTPS, which use two ports, for example, port 20 for both authentication and file sending, and port 21 for sending files; In SFTP, only one port is used that works based on the network protocol (SSH), which significantly reduces the risk of work.

10. Original And Legal Windows Private Server

Note that using cracked and illegal Windows servers significantly reduces your server security.

Some users install Windows Server at a lower price than the original, through sources that provide cracked and illegal files, even in some free! What do you think makes these types of VPS prices lower than the price of the original versions?

Although unknown individuals do the remove of restrictions in the form of cracked files on illegal Windows servers; It is better to keep in mind the serious risk that the same anonymous person can have full access to your Windows server at any time, even by installing an antivirus and running a firewall, you can not prevent that person from infiltrating.

You can also access the following items by buying original and legal Windows servers from most reputable sites:

  1. Get the essential software from Microsoft that requires the original and legal VPS.
  2. Use Microsoft support
  3. More stability compared to the original versions
  4. Get real updates

So it is better to use authentic VPS and pay access to Windows Server restrictions by paying a little more than illegal Windows servers and ensuring your Windows server’s security.

11. Use Windows SandBox On Windows 10

windows sandbox in Windows 10 looks like a virtual machine and allows you to run and test software that is not reliable in a separate and independent environment


A very light environment with a capacity of about 100 MB, which is also optimized for booting and running software faster, the main purpose of Windows Sandbox is to increase security and works with integrated kernel programming, virtual graphics, and smart memory management.

When you run this feature, a new Windows 10 will be installed and run virtually. Also, when you try to disable this feature, SandBox will automatically remove any software you have installed in SandBox.

Note that this feature is a virtual feature in Windows 10 and does not directly affect your main system, and any software you install for testing runs inside the SandBox.


Security has always been a significant concern in the Internet world; hackers have always been one of the main threats on the Internet and are always looking for a security vulnerability in your network or server so that they can access your server; Ensuring the security of the virtual server is therefore essential against hackers and serious attacks.

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