What Is NAS Storage?

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March 9, 2020 by Harry

What Is NAS Storage?

In this topic, we will check what NAS is, be with OperaVPS to learn about it.

What is NAS?

Tools used for network storage are categorized by network structures, hardware infrastructures, operating systems, software requirements, and applications. One of the types of network storage methods is called Network Attached Storage or NAS.

What is the usage of NAS?

In this method, we put the hard drive on a server called NAS Storage and then share the hard drive on the network for other devices. Inside this server, the hard drives are called Direct Attached Storage, or DAS for short, and we are basically connecting to and servicing TCP / IP. Storages easily and affordably provide central, local, and highly available storage for critical files and folders for organizations. The feature of this type of storage method is the high volume sharing of the hard disk in the network and provides a volume of 1 terabyte for the network. This type of hard drive is external and uses centralized management. The network card can have up to 2 Concurrent Sessions. NAS is suitable for use in small and medium-sized organizations and workgroups and in file service and file sharing.

This method uses a special operating system such as Windows 2019 Storage Server. Extra services such as Active Directory, DHCP and DNS are removed from Windows and at the same time, the File Sharing feature is optimized and robust. The method of accessing information in this method is called File-level Access, which is to install on Windows NAS optimized for Storeys. The difference between NAS and SAN is Block Level SAN. File-level access makes data readable and increases traffic on the LAN, which means bandwidth is taken. This way sharing is done and others read the file. The common advantage of them is that centralized space management is done. This makes it slower than DAS. In this method, the performance depends on the LAN network, which is typically 2 meters. In this method, there is Bottleneck which is optimized and the cost is acceptable and access may be limited.

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