Which RDP Should I Buy

When ordering RDP, we have some doubts. Doubts like the RDP price, quality of the support of the provider company, quality of the server, and etc. If you don’t want to throw your money out, you should find an answer to these questions.

In this article, we will create a checklist and check all criteria before ordering RDP.

Questions Before Buying RDP

  • How much should RDP cost?
  • From which provider should I buy RDP?
  • Which plan of RDP is the best?
  • What should be the virtualization of my RDP?
  • How should I know the support quality of the provider company is good or not?
  • Which kind of RDP should I order?
  • Where should I buy RDP for dating?
  • Which period of RDP plan should I buy?
  • What should be the operating system of my RDP?
  • Which location should I choose for my RDP?
  • What payment method should I use to buy RDP?
  • Can I renew my RDP every month and keep my information?

Here are some questions that you should find an answer to them before buying RDP. Now let’s answer this one by one.

  • How Much Should RDP Cost?

The normal price for RDP starts from 15 $ to 60 $ USD but consider that it may differ because of the different locations and structures of the servers.

  • From Which Provider Should I Order RDP?

You may think bigger companies have more clients so they provide better services with better support and etc. But in my experience, confidentially I can say that it is wrong. I don’t mean that bigger companies are bad, just smaller companies are better. And there are some logical reasons for this.

Smaller companies have fewer customers and they want to improve their company to provide a better quality of service and support. They will resolve the issues faster and as a result, you will face a better user experience from them.

  • Which Plan Of RDP Is The Best?

You should order the plan according to your usage. If you will use just 1 browser inside the RDP, maybe an RDP with 2GB of RAM is not bad. But if you wish to open more software and processes, your server may slow down because of a lack of resources. So I always recommend the middle plan.

  • What Should Be The Virtualization Of My RDP?

Different RDP provider companies use different virtualization systems. Some of them are VMware, Xen, or KVM. I have used all of these virtualization systems and I can say that VMware is the best virtualization system because of its stability and quality.

The other reason is that VMware allocates dedicated resources to each virtual machine but in other systems, overselling can be possible.

  • How Should I Know The Support Quality Of The Provider Company Is Good Or Not?

This item is something that you should experience. For example, you can test the support team before ordering. If you have enough time to check it and if you want to be sure of this, I recommend creating an account on the provider companies website and test them by sending tickets and live-chats to them. Then you can easily understand how the support quality of that provider is.

  • Which Kind Of RDP Should I Order?

There are 2 kinds of RDP. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

I recommend checking the article about the difference between admin or shared RDP for this.

  • Where Should I Buy RDP For Dating?

There are many dating websites and each of them has different policies. Some dating websites just accept residential IPs and all of the RDP provider companies do not provide residential IPs. If you need Dating RDP, before ordering RDP, I recommend contacting the support of the provider company and ask for this.

  • Which Period Of RDP Plan Should I Buy?

If it’s the first time that you are Buy RDP (Remote Desktop) from a new provider, it is better to first order for a monthly plan and to test the service quality. As a result, if you were satisfied with the service, it will always possible to upgrade the period of your service.

  • What Should Be The Operating System Of My RDP?

This item is related to the resources of your RDP. If your RDP just has 1GB r 2GB of RAM, I can just recommend Windows Server 2012. But if you have more than 4Gb of RAM, Windows Server 2019 or also Windows 10 will be the best choice.

Note: Consider that when ordering RDP, it is not important what your own operating system is.

admin RDP

  • Which Location Should I Choose For My RDP?

Sometimes, we order for a specific location for the RDP because we need the IP of that location. In this situation, there is no way to choose another location. And sometimes the location of the RDP is not important for you and you should just choose one.

In this situation, you should order the RDP with a location that is nearest to you. If you choose the nearest location, you will have less ping time and less lagging. And as a result, you will have a better quality of connection to the RDP.

  • What Payment Method Should I Use To Buy RDP?

It is always related to the merchant accounts that you have. But if you can pay with different payment methods, I recommend buying RDP with BTC or Perfect money. The reason to buy RDP with bitcoin is that you will be anonymous and this is important for many people.

The reason to order RDP with Perfect Money is that PM is a secure and fast way to pay. You can make your order for Bitcoin VPS and buy Managed Windows RDP with BTC as a payment method.

  • Can I Renew My RDP Every Month And Keep My Information?

If you renew your RDP before the expiration date, you will always have your data and your dedicated IP until you pay for the server.


All of these criteria should be mentioned when you buy RDP (Remote Desktop). So be sure to check them to receive the valuable service.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and find it useful!

Please do not hesitate to share with us your opinions in the comments section.

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