Buy VPS with Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

You will be able to order Linux and Windows VPS Server from +10 different locations worldwide using the CryptoCurrency payment gateway, especially Bitcoin(BTC). Order fast and get faster.

Linux VPS

Linux VPS

(Linux OS + SSH access)

Linux VPS has a command line environment and it comes with SSH(Secure-SHELL) root access. Since Linux hosting offers more advanced options, it is suitable for developers and hardcore admins to host websites, databases, applications, and almost all kinds of scripts.

CentOS Ubuntu Debian ArchLinux AlmaLinux FreeBSD
Starting at $7.99/mo
Windows VPS

Windows VPS

(Windows OS + Remote Desktop access)

The easy graphical interface and Remote Desktop feature make Windows VPS suitable for anyone. Along with admin access, you can run and manage your applications, scripts, accounts, and whatever you need to do remotely with a Windows device in a different location.

Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2022 Windows 10
Starting at $14.99/mo
Mikrotik VPS

Mikrotik VPS

(RouterOS + Winbox access)

Instead of a physical RouterOS, you can have this OS on a Mikroitk VPS! This service can be used for Firewall, Tunnelling(VPN), Routing, running Proxy purposes and more network tools! You will have Winbox and SSH access to your Mikrotik router.

RouterOS 6.3 RouterOS 7.3
Starting at $8.99/mo
Bluestacks VPS

Bluestacks VPS

(Windows OS + Remote Desktop access)

Our Android emulator VPS gives you the ablity to run Bluestacks on a Windows VPS and have remote access! this allows you to download apps like Bank Application, PayPal, WhatsApp, bots, or Documents and run 24x7 through a high speed network.

Bluestacks 3.7 Bluestacks 4.2 Bluestacks 5
Starting at $42.99/mo
cPanel VPS

cPanel VPS

(Linux OS + WHM/cPanel Web Interface)

cPanel/WHM is a full web hosting control panel that has almost all the features to host the website, application, database, mail server, etc all on its own, through a super easy user interface. With cPanel VPS, you will have root access to WHM as well to create cPanel accounts as many as you need.

cPanel can be installed on: CentOS 7, Ubuntu 20.04, and AlmaLinux 8.6
Starting at $13.99/mo
Bitcoin VPS
How to Buy VPS with Bitcoin?

Fast Bitcoin VPS

Secure and Anonymous Payment

Bitcoin is a virtual and secure payment method for shopping online. Through OperaVPS, you can use Bitcoin to order VPS in +20 locations in USA, Europe, and Asia. Bitcoin cryptocurrency uses complex encryption methods to keep buyers and transactions anonymous; this payment is absolutely safe!

At OperaVPS, we try not to get much information from clients in sign-up, paying for a VPS with crypto ensures your anonymity and privacy more than enough! Besides Bitcoin, we accept different cryptocurrency coins such as USDT, ETH, BNB, TRX, LTC, and more.

Our payment gateway generates a unique/temporary wallet address for each invoice which processes all transactions auto and reliably. Transactions may take 5-20 minutes to confirm depending on blockchain network difficulty by the time you make payment.

Bitcoin VPS Operating Systems from Linux to Windows and even Mikrotik with instant and fast deployment. You will have an incredible experience in VPS performance with 100% SSD storage.

How We Host VPS in OperaVPS

The infrastructure of hosting VPS has powerful Intel and Super micro hardware
that uses ESXi to provide users with great efficiency, speed and quality

SSD Raid

SSD Raid

Link multiple separate SSD disks with Raid(10), to achieve greater throughput, reliability, and very fast in query responds with VPS hosting. before you buy a service, we assure you 0% data loss!

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Our firewall systems dynamically detect incoming/outgoing DDOS attacks and immediately takes the appropriate action to block it. Suspicious connections drop on our gateway before reaching your VPS.



OperaVPS virtual servers give you 100% of the server's capabilities. No one can steal your resource allocations! Thanks to VMware, neighbor VM usage does not affect others at all!

VMware Platform

VMware Platform

VMware Workstation is the most powerful virtualization system. If speed and smooth performance matter to you, this would be an excellent option for your Windows and Linux online nodes.

More Than 20 Locations Around The Globe

We have the most extensive global network for Servers!
Offer a low latency service to your customers, no matter where you are locally.

Why Bitcoin is Recommended!

Get Started your Bitcoin VPS now using a safe payment method!
We understand how Information security and privacy are important when paying for an online service!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Almost we accept all popular online payment methods through trusted and safe gateways! You can use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, credit card, and PayPal to purchase VPS hosting service.

Our recommended payment solution is using cryptocurrency, but Why?

  • Pay only transaction's fixed fee
  • Stay anonymous to protect your privacy
  • You don't need to pay extra costs as TAX
  • KYC won't be required to verify your Identity
  • A credit card is not necessary to activate your account

Deploy and Go Online in Minutes

Our automation system deploys your desired OS on VPS in less than 10 minutes.

Operating System

Each application, program, or software requires specific operating systems(OS) to run properly! OperaVPS almost supports all operating systems on servers for free! Windows Server/Client, Linux popular distributions, and Mikrotik RouterOS.

Instead of ISO installation, we use pre-configured OS templates. These OS templates are created and optimized by our developers to provide the most smooth performance on VPS. Putting VMware, our Automation system, and pre-configured OS templates together allows us to create and deploy VPS in minutes.

Alma Linux
Arch Linux
Windows 10
Windows Server
Coming Soon...

Read More to Make Better Choices

We always try to be one of the industry leaders that use the latest hardware and systems to
keep you one step ahead of the others!

Auto Backup

Easy Auto Backup

While we are using reliable solutions on our storage configurations, still taking backup of your critical data is necessary! Thanks to Veeam, we are running a powerful and easy backup system. Backup is essential for those who are hosting important data on VPS; this is why we do not offer this option as an included feature on our services to keep it affordable! You can have a daily or weekly backup(the cost depends on the service's disk size).

Risk Free By Snapshot

Besides the Backup feature, every VPS comes with 3 free snapshots! This is a fast and on-demand backup/restore option that allows you to "create & recover & delete" the restore points at any time.

Disk Encrypted

Enable Disk Encrypted

Recently, we added the encryption option to our services. This feature allows you to enable the encryption for your VPS and make it a bulletproof server! When you use encryption, it encrypts VPS's disk with your desired key-chain in minutes to assure the highest level of privacy.

Security always comes with some disadvantages! Encryption may slow down the disk performance, but we optimized this process, which only affects 5% on speed! Also, if you lose the Key-chain, the decryption for password recovery won't be possible.


Scale-up In Seconds

Don't worry about picking the right plan! Just choose the basic plan and run your project. You will always be able to upgrade and scale the service to upper Plans to have more hardware space!

  • Begin with low budget
  • Upgrade instantly
  • No data loss
Affordable VPS

How Affordable a VPS can be!

It may appear as though we're saving costs by using low-quality equipment and cheaper components! But, OperaVPS has been involved in hosting since 2015. Hence, The experience and knowledge capable us to build a functional and cost-effective system, composed of hardware and software that is well-optimized for our VPS products.

Leasing a VPS only makes sense when you pay for a part of the cost instead of buying a bare-metal dedicated server! Even with reliable infrastructure/resources, and many features in the dashboard, OperaVPS prices are still low and competitive. Don't forget that VPS hosting tends to be cheaper than a dedicated server; it's still quite a bit more expensive than shared hosting.

Our Core Features with VPS

Save money and time with OperaVPS! 24x7 online tech support, unlimited features, and
instant activation at the lowest possible cost in market.

24x7 Support

OperaVPS support is available 24x7 via Live chat, Phone call, and Ticketing system. Requests and questions will be accomplished in a short time.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited traffic (Download-Upload between server and client) on a high-speed 1Gbps port! It depends on plan hardware RAM and CPU allocation.

All Popular OS

We offer the most popular distributions of Linux(Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Archlinux, AlmaLinux) or Windows OS (Client/Server).

Fast Delivery

VPS deployment starts as soon as you place a successful order. Depending on your selected server location, this process may take 5-10 minutes.

External Firewall

Keep your servers behind our shield! Manage the access to your server through our powerful firewalls! Easy and user-friendly management dashboard to control all ports.

Root Access

Our VPS and servers come with full root/admin privileges and give you complete control over the Server(OS level) and access to install all software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we cover abroad range of frequently asked questions which
answers new audiences questions

Technically, you can mine Bitcoin on a VPS, but it's generally not recommended. Bitcoin mining requires specialized hardware (ASICs) for profitability, and the computational power of a VPS is unlikely to be sufficient to compete with dedicated mining rigs. Additionally, most VPS providers have policies against using their servers for cryptocurrency mining due to the excessive power consumption and potential hardware strain. You're more likely to experience a terminated account than any meaningful Bitcoin rewards. If you're interested in mining, exploring dedicated mining hardware or joining a mining pool with less computationally demanding cryptocurrencies might be better options.

VPS services themselves aren't inherently anonymous. Standard VPS providers usually require some personal information for account setup, like name, address, and payment details. However, there are specialized "anonymous VPS" providers that minimize data collection and accept cryptocurrency payments (like Bitcoin), offering a greater degree of privacy. Whether a VPS is considered anonymous depends largely on the chosen provider and their policies regarding data collection and payment methods.

Yes, you can definitely buy a VPS with Bitcoin! Operavps accept Bitcoin payments, offering a more private and sometimes faster alternative to traditional credit card or bank transfers.

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"Love operavps since they do not have a ridiculous kyc process for running a simple VPS! also I always pay my online stuff using cryptocurrency. thank you so much"