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Windows RDP Server!

Buy RDP server to be allowed secure remote access to a computer in a different location through a graphical user interface similar to a home computer. If you're familiar with the remote desktop concept, you'll better understand the importance of an RDP server.

Remote Desktop Connection software is a Microsoft product developed based on the RDP protocol. RDP service allows you to remotely access a hosted Windows server in a data center, regardless of geographical location, from a server/ computer in the desired country and manage specialized software and applications.

RDP eliminates geographical restrictions and, by providing access to websites that certain governments forbid, enables unrestricted browsing on the internet. OperaVPS offers RDP with admin access, without limitations, which makes all restrictions meaningless in managing a remote Windows server. OperaVPS supports various payment methods to facilitate the purchasing process of its services, including PayPal, Credit Cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, Perfect Money, and more. Additionally, you can buy RDP with Bitcoin (or other digital currencies) to empower remote work experience. Instant delivery of RDP after placing an order is one of OperaVPS's features. With a cost-effective and scalable RDP solution from OperaVPS, make a smart investment for your businesses.

How We Host RDP Server

Buy RDP with VMware vSphere infrastructure based on reliable and

high-class Supermicro hardware to experience the most optimized Windows RDP.

Fast SSD

Fast SSD

To establish safe, reliable, and high-quality service, disk performance is essential. OperaVPS provides a fast remote desktop experience using SSD storage on Raid 10 setup.

Admin RDP

Admin RDP

Full Admin RDP to have complete control over the server. being an admin on a server capable client to install, setup, and running all kinds of software inside the server through Remote Desktop.

Encrypted Disk

Encrypted Disk

It depends on you! Encrypt the RDP disk and assure your privacy, or keep it unencrypted and have the benefit of high speed and performance. We recommend encryption either way!

Free License

Free License

All our OSs(Windows 10 or Windows Server) for RDP are licensed, and no need to purchase a license. You will have unlimited access to Windows features with our enterprise license.

More Than 20 Locations Around The Globe

We have the most extensive global network for Servers!
Offer a low latency service to your customers, no matter where you are locally.

Is This Suitable For You?

The infrastructure of the RDP servers has powerful Intel and Super-micro hardware that
uses VMware solutions to provide users with excellent efficiency, speed, and quality.

Be Anonymous

High Privacy

Almost all service providers and websites can detect your physical IP when using a browser or internet software to get service from them or being just a visitor! But if you are connected to RDP and use the browser/service inside RDP, you are making a safe connection and protecting your privacy!

These third-party databases /services/websites can see the RDP's IP and recognize it as a real user from where the RDP server is hosting!(since RDP comes with static and dedicated IP, no one can detect your local IP) If you also want to be anonymous for OperaVPS, you can pay through Cryptocurrency. We do not ask for KYC documents.


Change plan in seconds

Don't worry about picking the right plan! Just choose the basic plan and run your project. You will always be able to upgrade and scale the service to upper Plans to have more hardware space!

  • Begin with low budget
  • Upgrade instantly
  • No data loss

How powerful is it?

Fast SSDs, high-class hardware, and network equipment are not enough to provide the best and most optimized performance! Besides those, we needed to combine our knowledge and ten years of experiments to create a well-customized infrastructure.

The VM(virtual machine) isolation allows us to independently run multiple VMs with different OSs, management, and configuration principles in the same environment. Thanks to VMware's virtualizer, our RDP servers give you 100% of the primary server's capabilities, depending on your chosen plan. No one can steal your allocated resources!

Admin RDP

Remote Desktop Protocol

RDP is based on the Remote Desktop Protocol, which is used for communication between the Windows Server(RDP enabled) and the Windows Client. RDP is encapsulated and encrypted within TCP, so data and connection will be over a secure environment.

The server transmits the graphical user interface(presentation data) to you; meanwhile, you can send your input(keyboard and mouse) back to the server.

When RDP is active on Windows Server, clients can use their device to connect and have a graphical windows desktop through RDC(Remote Desktop Connection) software.

The Way You Pay & Use a RDP server

We always try to be one of the industry leaders that
use the latest hardware and systems to keep you one step ahead of the others!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

How You Pay:
Buy RDP from OperaVPS with different payment methods, including Perfect Money(PM), Credit Cards, PayPal, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Monero (XMR) and more.

Cryptocurrency transactions is not instant and may take up to 2-3 hours, but usually goes confirmed within 20 minutes. We accept almost all of coins as, Bitcoin(BTC), Ether(ETH), Tron(TRX), Tether(USDT), Monero(XMR), Ripple(XRP) ,Litecoin(LTC), BNB coin, and more.

With FastSpring(an international and online payment gateway), we accept PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, iDEAL, Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Diners Club, and Unionpay which all are instant.

Perfect Money is an online financial service allowing users to make instant payments and make purchases securely throughout the Internet. Perfect Money does not support subscriptions.

How To Use Windows RDP?

How To Use Windows RDP?

Since the Windows RDP server is located in a different place than you, you need software to connect this service remotely. The secure and popular software is Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection which you can find on your Windows device [installed by default]. Also, you can use a Mac, Linux, or even a smartphone to connect RDP.

Here is a guide that explained how you connect a Windows remotely, step-by-step [+video].
See How...

If you are using a Linux-based OS on your Desktop/Laptop, then you can use Remmina to connect.
See How...

Just need to install an appplication to access Windows Desktop on your iPhone. here is the download link:
Download link

Even you can use your Android smartphone to connect to a Windows with enabled RDP! There are many applications for Android that enable you to connect to a remote server through RDP!
See How...

Refund Guarantee

3-Day Refund Guarantee

If you were not satisfied for ANY reason, you deserve a full refund if you contact us within the first 72 hours of using the RDP service. (Refund is not possible for the licenses and Dedicated servers.)

  • Purchase with no risk
  • No questioning "why" with refunds
  • No contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we cover abroad range of frequently asked questions which
answers new audiences questions

Yes, this service comes with OS-level Administrator privileges. You can install and configure all kind of software(Game Servers, Streaming Software, VPN / Proxy service, Instagram Bots, Checker, etc.) on RDP. the only limits you may face is the required RAM/CPU amount for software, which you can choose the proper plan with necessary RAM/CPU allocation.

Buy RDP means renting an online virtual server with Windows OS; this service will be accessible through Remote Desktop Connection software. Here are the steps you need to place an order for RDP:

  1. Plan: Choose a plan depending on the RAM, CPU, and Disk requirements. You can always upgrade the plan later if needed.
  2. Billing Cycle: Define how long you need the service and wish to renew how often. Paying for a long-term will add a discount and is affordable.
  3. Location: Select a Datacenter location where you wish to get that country's IP for your RDP. to have better connectivity and performance, select the nearest one to your own country.
  4. Operating System: RDP's OS should be a Windows OS; hence pick Windows 10 or Windows Server. Both will have the GUI environment with Remote Desktop access.
  5. Checkout: Sign up/log in and go through with one of the desired Payment Methods; it will redirect you to a payment gateway to complete the payment and order.
  6. Delivery: After a successful payment, You can expect RDP credentials by email in a short time. The deployment and setup of RDP may take 5-10 minutes max.

Note: Contact the sales team if you need assistance with the above steps.

You will have access to the RDP server through your own device(Connect Windows VPS, Connect VPS On Mac, Connect Linux VPS), even using your smartphone(Android, IOS), with Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection software. here we have a detailed step-by-step guide that explains How To Connect To RDP Or A Windows VPS
The RDP server will always stay online, so you can connect anytime from any location you are.

RDP service is an independent system than your own computer or desktop/laptop! even if you turn off your computer or network, RDP will stay running 24x7 and connected to Internet!

You can easily run your software/program on RDP and leave it online, It will keep your tasks running, forever!

We offer pure dedicated and fresh RDP IP with a guaranteed whitelist. You won't have any trouble using websites or running server-end software/service without any problems. For example, If you plan to send out an E-mail, the IP must be whitelist and clean.

Simultaneous User for RDP means that how many users can connect to the RDP server at the same time. If it is 2, you will connect RDP with two different users and make completely different RDC(Remote Desktop Connection) sessions.

  1. Note: The IP will stay the same for both users.
  2. Note: The data storage is the same; you can manage the user privileges.
  3. Note: Only available on Windows Server(2012,2016,2019) OS.

We always recommend a Windows Server version(2012, 2016, 2019) to our customers when they need a lighter and better performance. the RDP's OS is not involved with your own computer OS(mac, Windows 10, android, etc.), so you can choose any version of Windows(Server or Client) for your RDP! however, sometimes you would need a Windows Client(7, 8.1, 10), in this case, you should have at least 2GB RAM allocation for RDP plan.

Actually, there is no difference between these two services in hardware resources. We provide Windows VPS with Windows Server version(Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019), but with RDP Server, you can choose the Windows Client version( Windows 7, 8.1, 10). Also, RDP Server comes with Optimized OS and some pre-installed software like Firefox, Chrome, Winrar, PDF reader, etc.

All VPS and RDP services come with a minimum monthly billing period, but you can cancel this contract anytime easily by sending a Cancellation Request through the client area. Also, a 3 Days cancellation(+Full Refund) guarantee is guaranteed if you were not satisfied using these services.

There are many alternatives to Microsoft RDP for remotely accessing computers, like TeamViewer or Chrome Remote Desktop.

Exposing RDP directly to the internet is risky - use a VPN for secure remote access.

Tailscale adds another layer of encryption to RDP, making it much harder for attackers to access your remote computer.

Yes, software can run on the remote computer even after you close your RDP session by setting it up as a service or startup program.

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"Have more than 9+ RDPs at $100+ each and couldn't be happier!Support always answers tickets promptly, and professionally! Only regret is that I didn't find OperaVPS sooner."


"I thank you, I have been working with OperaVPS for a short time and I am satisfied with the services I have received so far and I hope that it will continue."

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, which is a proprietary network communications protocol developed by Microsoft to enable users to access the desktop, applications, and resources of a remote computer/server located in a different location over a network.

RDP service offers a graphical interface to manage and control a remote server/ computer as if you are sitting right in front of it.

How does RDP work?

RDP client software and RDP server software are the two main components involved in the RDP function. To initiate a connection using the RDP protocol, the client software should be installed on the device you are using, and on a remote computer/ server you want to connect remotely, you must run the server software.

RDP communicates through a dedicated network channel and by transferring the graphical user interface of a remote computer to the local device. This feature allows you to manage the remote server as if you are using it directly. You can send commands, edit files, control software, and update the remote server through the RDP service.

RDP also encrypts communication between the client and server to ensure security during remote sessions over the public Internet.

What are the features of RDP?

To empower remote work experience, RDP offers several features, including:

Graphical User Interface (GUI): RDP offers a GUI that allows users to interact with remote desktops efficiently.

Multi-platform Support: RDP, although developed by Microsoft, RDP clients are available as well for Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Resource Sharing: RDP enables users to share resources such as files, folders, and others between local and remote desktops.

Session Persistence: by supporting persistent sessions, RDP allows users to disconnect temporarily without logging off and resume their work after reconnecting.

Clipboard Sharing: RDP allows users to copy and paste text and files between the client and remote server.

Remote Printing: Users can use a local printer on their device to print documents from the remote computer during remote desktop sessions.

Encryption: RDP ensures secure communication by encrypting data transmission. Also, RDP supports 128-bit encryption for mouse and keyboard data.

Audio and Video Streaming: RDP directs audio and video content from the remote computer to the local device to facilitate multimedia applications.

What are RDP use cases?

In addition to remote access, which is RDP’s core function, RDP is useful for various scenarios:

Telecommuting and Remote Work: RDP allows employees to work remotely by offering access to their office computer from any other location through an internet connection. They can do their task with full access to their computer resources, such as files and applications.

Remote Administration: RDP enables IT admins to remote access servers or workstations to perform management tasks such as configuration, updates, troubleshooting, and system maintenance.

Remote troubleshooting and support: RDP allows IT technicians to diagnose and fix technical issues on a remote server/ computer by accessing a remote server/ computer. This increases efficiency by eliminating the need to present physically at the user’s location.

Collaboration: RDP enables users to connect to an employee's computer and share the screen and other content during sessions, providing users with the ability to collaborate on a project in real-time.

Software Development and Testing: RDP gives developers access to remote development and testing environments to test applications and work on projects on different platforms.

Remote Learning and Training: RDP is a valuable method for training students and trainees because it allows them to access laboratory environments or virtual desktops remotely for learning purposes.

 What are the pros of using RDP?

RDP eliminates the need for VPN due to its encryption of data in transit for protection. On the other hand, it enables employees of companies with a legacy on-premises IT infrastructure to have remote work opportunities.

 Also, it allows you to store and encrypt your data securely using cloud servers instead of experiencing data loss through device failure or breaches. Moreover, RDP helps to reduce additional costs for hardware or software required for different purposes, as well as remote access.

RDP facilitates your tasks because it does not require a complex setup and is known for ease of use, especially when using a hosted service.

How can you find secure and efficient RDP?

You should seek a reliable RDP server provider to benefit from efficient and secure RDP. OperaVPS offers RDP service with full admin access and top-notch infrastructure, such as fast SSD, at affordable price in more than 20 locations.

OperaVPS grants you full admin access to manage remote servers more efficiently and ensures minimized latency during RDP connections by offering 99.99% uptime. It also helps to improve real-time user experience by minimizing overall network issues and connection time.

RDP plans on the OperaVPS website are scalable to accommodate your increasing needs, so you can instantly upgrade the RDP resources as your needs grow without reducing performance.

OperaVPS, to eliminate security concerns, offers DDOS protection and encrypted disk. In addition, all available OSs for RDP are licensed and do not require license fees; this is another valuable feature for OperaVPS as the most affordable RDP provider.


RDP is a valuable solution for accessing and managing remote servers or computers. To mitigate risks, you can consider security measures like updating RDP software to the latest security patches, monitoring and logging activity, restricting access to authorized users, granting users the least privilege, and implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Buy RDP from OperaVPS to experience excellent speed, quality, performance, and security.