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Online Mikrotik VPS is available in +20 locations with free licenses. buy Mikrotik router VPS with a low cost at $8.99. Mikrotik VPN servers are powered by the best Supermicro hardware and virtualization system.

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Mikrotik VPS
What is Mikrotik VPS?

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Virtual Mikrotik Router Hosting!

Here we deploy a per-licensed Mikrotik RouterOS on VPS. In other words, we call this VPS a Mikrotik CHR(Cloud Hosted Router) which can be used for online routing, tunneling, firewall, and all other networking purposes.

Mikrotik RouterOS is a stand-alone Linux-based operating system that can turn a standard PC or virtual server into a dedicated router, a bandwidth shaper, and a transparent packet filter.

Mikrotik CHR capable to run as a private VPN server too, the tunneling through PPTP, L2TP, or even OpenVPN is also supported. A dedicated IP over a trusted tunnel is the safest way to surf on an insecure network( internet)!

Mikrotik VPS price starts at $8.99 per month that you can pay with cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, PayPal, and Credit Card. Servers can be hosted in more than 18 locations; this allows you to purchase a Cheap Mikrotik VPS with the lowest latency in the best place as you need.

How We Host Mikrotik VPS Server

Experience online Mikrotik server over VMware vSphere infrastructure based on
reliable and high-class Supermicro hardware.

Free License

Free License

Our Mikrotik VPS comes with a Free P1 CHR license key. the Mikrotik Level 6 Controller license will give you the full features of a physical router over an online virtualized space.

Scale-up Instantly

Scale-up Instantly

Upgradeable hardware would be useful when you have a small business and need to add more resources(RAM, CPU, Storage) step by step with growth.

Encrypted Disk

Encrypted Disk

It depends on you! Encrypt the VPS disk and assure your privacy, or keep it unencrypted and have the benefit of high speed and performance. We recommend encryption either way!

Backup + Snapshot

Backup + Snapshot

OperaVPS offers a Full Backup feature for Mikrotik VPS to prevent data loss for essential information. Snapshot is helpful when you are practicing or trying the new configurations!

More Than 20 Locations Around The Globe

We have the most extensive global network for Servers!
Offer a low latency service to your customers, no matter where you are locally.

Is This Suitable For You?

The infrastructure of the VPS servers has powerful Intel and Super-micro hardware that
uses VMware solutions to provide users with excellent efficiency, speed, and quality.

Use Cases

What are the use cases for Mikrotik VPS?

The following list shows features found in the latest RouterOS release:

  • Firewall: Stateful filtering, Source and destination NAT, routing and packet marks, Filtering by IP address and address range, port and port range, IP protocol, DSCP, and many more
  • Routing: Static routing, Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), Policy-based routing, Interface routing, ECMP routing
  • VPN: IPsec, IKEv2, Point to point tunneling ( OpenVPN, PPTP, PPPoE, L2TP, SSTP)
  • Proxy: HTTP caching proxy server, Transparent HTTP proxy, SOCKS protocol support, Access control list
  • Tools: Ping, traceroute, Bandwidth test, ping flood, Packet sniffer, torch, Telnet, ssh, E-mail, and SMS sending tools
Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

We provide VPS on VMware virtualization, guaranteeing that all RAM, CPU, and disk resources declared in the hosting plan are assigned to the owner and will be available at any time.

The server's primary network is divided internet speed among several users. So you can have access to a maximum 1Gbps speed when other users are not using the network. However, you always have a guaranteed minimum network speed(specified on plan details) even when other users are using the network.

All plans come with a fresh IPv4 address which is completely dedicated and unique. IPs are whitelisted by default, and no proxy is used. OperaVPS provide IPv6 addresses on almost all locations if needed.

How powerful is it

How powerful is it?

Do you want to launch online projects where guaranteed performance is an absolute requirement but with a low budget? Then opt for a VPS! Mikrotik VPS acts like a mini dedicated server, with the same privileges and functionality but less power and low cost!

With OperaVPS, you have brand new hardware from leading manufacturers such as Intel and AMD. OperaVPS Team optimizes the entire Infrastructure, servers, hypervisor, and operating systems. This way, we have perfect control over the quality, making us 100% confident to provide the highest performance.

CHR License

Mikrotik VPS with a free license!

All OperaVPS Mikrotik VPS plans include a free P1 or Level 6 controller license. This license level allows CHR to run indefinitely. It is limited to 1Gbps upload/download per interface. All the rest of the features provided by CHR are available without restrictions. You can have Unlimited records for the below features:
PPPoE tunnels, PPTP tunnels, L2TP tunnels, OVPN tunnels, EoIP tunnels, VLAN interfaces, Queue rules, HotSpot active users, and User manager active sessions

The RouterOS version can be selected as v6 or v7 in the deployment steps, but you can upgrade or downgrade manually anytime without any problem on the license level.

The Way You Pay & Use a Mikrotik VPS

We always try to be one of the industry leaders that
use the latest hardware and systems to keep you one step ahead of the others!

Payment Methods

How You Pay:
Almost we accept all popular online transactions through trusted and safe payment gateways like Credit Card, Perfect Money, and PayPal to purchase cheap Linux VPS. You can buy VPS with Bitcoin(BTC) or other Cryptocurrency coins as well.

Cryptocurrency transactions is not instant and may take up to 2-3 hours, but usually goes confirmed within 20 minutes. We accept almost all of coins as, Bitcoin(BTC), Ether(ETH), Tron(TRX), Tether(USDT), Monero(XMR), Ripple(XRP) ,Litecoin(LTC), BNB coin, and more.

With Fastspring(an international and online payment gateway), we accept PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, iDEAL, Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Diners Club, Amazon Pay, Alipay, and Unionpay which all are instant.

Perfect Money is an online financial service allowing users to make instant payments and make purchases securely throughout the Internet. Perfect Money does not support subscriptions.

How To Use Mikrotik VPS?

To manage your online router (Mikrotik VPS), you can use the web interface(www), SSH, FTP, API, or the most straightforward way, Winbox software. You will have a Powerful command-line configuration interface with integrated scripting capabilities, accessible via local terminal, SSH, and Winbox.

Winbox or Mikrotik RouterOS app is available for all devices and will give you a GUI to manage your VPS easily.

For Windows, you can use Putty to connect through SSH. Many Linux distributions and MAC already have a built-in SSH client. So, you just need to open the terminal and use a command like below:
username@device:~$ ssh [email protected] –p22

To access the Mikrotik GUI panel, you can even use a browser. you need to load the IP of VPS on your desired browser to open login page(put IP instead of x.x.x.x):

3-Day Refund Guarantee

If you were not satisfied for ANY reason, you deserve a full refund if you contact us within the first 72 hours of using the VPS service. (Refund is not possible for the licenses and Dedicated servers.)

  • Purchase with no risk
  • No questioning "why" with refunds
  • No contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we cover abroad range of frequently asked questions which
answers new audiences questions

Access to the router is protected by a username and password. Additional users can be added to the router, specific rights can be set for user groups. Remote access to the router can be restricted by user, IP address. Firewall filtering is the easiest way to protect your VPS and network.

You can do almost everything that a proprietary router does at a fraction of the cost of such a router and have flexibility in upgrading, ease of management, and maintenance.
We provide Level 6 RouterOS license CHR(Cloud Hosted Router), which is a new approach specifically made for Virtual Machines both locally and in the cloud. CHR has full RouterOS features enabled by default but has a different licensing model than other RouterOS versions.

All VPS and RDP services come with minimum monthly billing period, but you can cancel this contract anytime easily by sending a Cancellation Request through client area. also, there is a 3 Days cancellation(+Full Refund) guarantee if you were not satisfied in using these services.

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