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24x7 Support Center, is a service that reaches new levels of customer care by ensuring the availability of a technical team that monitors and analyzes the performance of the solutions in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We specialize in providing expert IT Infrastructure services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to clients!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we cover abroad range of intent (transactional, informational, locational) which reflects new audience questions.

    Anyone with some technical skills will have the power to use a virtual Linux server. This is especially true for managed virtual servers. Also, we are working hard to cover Linux guides and various software configurations on the Knowledgebase page to make it easy for Linux VPS administration by the client. If you are a beginner on this filed, we highly recommend Ubuntu distribution. you can find huge and step-by-step documents and guides for Ubuntu easily on websites.

    Since this service has not GUI(graphical user interface),  you need to connect through a remote protocol to execute commands, here Linux VPS comes with open SSH(Secure Shell)along with superuser root privileges.  the best SSH client software for Windows is Putty which makes a secure connection between your Windows and Remote system(Linux), to connect through a Mac, you can simply use Terminal to connect Linux remotely.

    Yes, you can upgrade your virtual server allocated resources online at any time through OperaVPS client area. just select your new plan and the upgrade will be done automatically in a few seconds.
    The entire system, including the software, operating system, data, and saved settings won't be changed by upgrading, it needs only one reboot, so make sure you have saved all running software before the upgrade.

    Also, you can change the operating system(Centos 6 - 7, Debian 8 - 9 -10, and Ubuntu 14 - 16 - 18)or ask for the same OS reinstallation any time.

    No, there is no limit, however, if you send spam and we receive spam report from the data center, there is a possibility that your service turns to Suspended or Restricted.

    All VPS and RDP services come with minimum monthly billing period, but you can cancel this contract anytime easily by sending a Cancellation Request through client area. also, there is a 3 Days cancellation(+Full Refund) guarantee if you were not satisfied in using these services.