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Dedicated Server

Powerful and Private solution

Why do you need to buy a dedicated server? A dedicated server is a suitable and efficient service for companies, organizations, and institutions that want more/dedicated bandwith, resources, IP blocks, and privileges. Since all the hardware is dedicated, the dedicated server can be divided by a virtulizition system(VMware, KVM, etc) into several VMs with different Linux and Windows operating systems for various purposes.

Buying a Dedicated server is not limited to those who are running big companies, it is also a good choice for you, to run a game server, host a website, backup your data, create VPN server, create virtual machines, run a private mail server, and etc because there are no restrictions!

You can buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin(BTC), Perfect Money(PM), PayPal, and Credit Card(CC). Easy, safe, and famous payment gateways! We offer Custom-Build and instant dedicated server from the most reliable data centers in more than 20 locations around the globe, America, Europe, Asia!

How We Host Dedicated Servers

We take the responsibility of keeping your servers online very seriously. For this reason, we use the most powerful hardware and the latest technologies.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Protect your Windows or Linux dedicated server against malicious internal & external attacks with our DDoS mitigation, even in the face of massive and complex attacks.

10Gbps Network

10Gbps Network

Max out your server’s 1Gbps port with no worry of bandwidth overage. Our data center is connected to the internet via multiple 10Gbps fiber connections with multiple ISPs.

Rapid Restore

Rapid Restore

When it comes to data protection, you can not wait for the inevitable to happen! be prepared with a reliable and stress-free Raid/rapid restore system.

Intelligent Platform Management Interface


Our dedicated servers include IPMI access and access to our private network. You can monitor your server’s health and actions via IPMI management interface.

Buy Dedicated Server

Hosting Plans

Choose Dedicated Server hosting plan with affordable cost. Let us know if you need any specific configuration that is not listed!

dedicated server

Instant Dedicated Server

Just configure the OS, Software, Bandwidth, Add-ons, Location, and deploy your dedicated server instantly!

Start From $149.00 To $760.00
dedicated server

Custom Build Dedicated Server

Fully Customizable! Any hardware and software that can suit your needs, And deploy in 3 to 7 days

Start From $149.00 To $1999.99

Around The Globe

We host your Dedicated Server with the best data centers in the country that you prefer

server locations

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Cheap Dedicated Hosting
Frequently Asked Questions

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A dedicated server will come with admin/root access to the default OS(operating system) that you select in ordering process, and you will be able to connect it remotely through SSH, Web, and RDP depends on the OS you select.

Also, there is a full managment panel called IPMI that you can manage the power actions for the server, use web console, check hardware health, reinstall the OS, and more.

We have two types of dedicated servers:

  1. Instant: The setup would take 1-3 hours during a business day depends on the OS you choose.
  2. Custom Build: The assembling, setup, and migration to the target location, would take 3-7 business days.

There are various default operating systems(OS) that you can choose for a dedicated server with a free setup.

  1. Ubuntu Linux:
  2. Centos Linux
  3. Debian Linux
  4. Windows Server
  5. Windows Client
  6. ESXi

Also, you are able to install your own specific OS on a dedicated server using IPMI management panel.

A dedicated server will be provided with 1 single IP by default, but you can select extra IP for your server as well.

We have multiple payment methods here in OperaVPS, you can buy a dedicated server with Bitcoin, PayPal, Perfect Money, Credit Card, Apple Pay, and many more.

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, and Annually billing periods are available in the ordering process. You may see only annually billing for some dedicated servers in OperaVPS too.

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Javier Gonzalez

I liretaly went through a different 5 providers and hiring them to find a better solution. When I came across OperaVPS I was skeptical but right away after reaching their customer support that helped me...

Rabi Borys

Had an awesome experience with OPERAVPS. No downtime on my dedicated server and 100% stable for last 6 months. support is also prompt detecting issues and fixing (if its on their side, obviously).

Abid mohzir

I needed a VPN server with unlimited BW, I tried multiple providers like OVH, Hetzner, DO! but never had this great performance and network speed on a dedicated server since I found operavps, thanks.


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