Operavps Providing VPS and dedicated servers from around the world in In more than +10 different Locations as well as trustworthy data centers, and you can use our services with complete security.

VPS Server and Dedicated Server Locations

Multiple Locations

Popular Datacenter Hosting

As we already hosting servers in 10 locations in USA and Europe, We still trying to expend our network and provide new servers from various countries in popular datacenters. Also, We always try to bring new VPS servers online in the order of priority. Still, we must also maintain our high security and reliability standards, and some countries are better equipped for this than others.

We offer a global network that you can trust! With excellent connectivity, physical building security, power, resilience, diesel generators, 24x7x365 monitoring, air conditioning and access to many different enhanced features, all available as standard for all our datacenters!

All Around The Globe

Services that provide best quality Operavps and accurate support services to its

server locations

The list of locations is being updated and will be added to the list in the near future


  • Canada - Montreal
  • USA - Chicago
  • USA - Dallas
  • USA - New York
  • USA - Los Angeles
  • USA - Tampa
  • USA - Miami
  • Brazil - SaoPaulo (soon)

Where should we host the New Servers?

You can select the country/location you think should be our highest priority. The countries below were selected based on the regions where we get the many requests for.

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    Server Location
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we cover abroad range of intent (transactional, informational, locational)
    which reflects new audience questions.

    OperaVPS provides VPS in USA and Europe currently, the locations will be expanded to Asia-Pacific and Canada in near future!
    But for Dedicated Server, OperaVPS able to provide Dedicated Server in almost 30 locations in 20 countries(Europe, North US, Asia-Pacific) currently.

    Of course, we are using exactly same infrastructure for all location servers! you can have Windows and Linux default templates or your custom ISO in any location you wish.
    Also, it is possible to install virtualization OS like ESXi, KVM, etc on Dedicated servers.

    No for VPS, there is not price difference for VPS/RDP services in available locations.
    Yes for Dedicated servers, Implementing servers in Europe and Asia needs little extra cost like (10-15%).

    Yes, we can move your VPS to a different location within first 48 hours in case you made the order with a wrong location or etc.
    Changing location for Dedicated Server would take 3-5 business days and needs extra cost for migration.