Bluestacks VPS to Simulate Android on Windows

Bluestacks VPS to Simulate Android on Windows

Do I need to Buy BlueStacks VPS?

If you are a huge fan of Android and its fantastic applications, Here we provide Bluestacks on a Windows VPS(What is VPS?) which you can connect to this VPS through Remote Desktop Connection and manage your Tasks, Games, and Apps, Also you can add some scheduled tasks on this app to run automatically and non-stop for 24×7! BlueStacks runs the Android operating system on your desktop or laptop too. BlueStacks is the first production software that allows you to use your favorite mobile apps on a Windows PC. You can download apps like Angry Birds Space, Temple Run, Evernote or Documents. Basically this application is an Android emulator for Windows.

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By purchasing the Bluestacks Windows VPS, also you will have access to the high-speed internet connection, with the lowest latency and ping to the application servers! Follow the following link and continue the ordering process to deploy your own Bluestacks server in a short time. the most important feature is Multiple Instances that capable you to run multiple android sessions on the same or different engine! pre-installed Bluestacks N3 (latest version of 3) which is running on v4 and v2 engine, you can expect to run any application as like as Bluestacks version 4.

Bluestacks VPS can be deployed on more than 10 locations with pure dedicated IP from USA, Europe, and Asia. this service comes with administrator privileges and Remote Desktop Connection access.

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Note: As Bluestacks mentioned Here, the minimum system requirement is at least 2GB RAM, though, in order to buy Bluestacks VPS with the proper performance, we suggest you to choose at least Plan “Bluestacks 2048“.
Note: Click on the preferred plan and then you will see Blustacks options like Location, Billing Cycle, Operation System and etc.

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