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Dominate the competition with lag-free performance. Our gaming VPS Windows and Linux provide full root access, dedicated resources, and %99.99 uptime for a flawless video gaming experience. Get started today!

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Gaming VPS Plans

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Dedicated IPv4
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Our Gaming VPS Hosting Features

With OperaVPS Game Server you can host your VPS for Gaming
Experience smooth gameplay and latency-free with your teammates.

Fast SSD

Fast SSD

SSD storage disks are suitable for high-traffic services, it gives an ultimate I/O performance to your system.With RAID 10 set up on our disk space, you can expect the fastest query response.

Scale-up Instantly

Scale-up Instantly

Increasing Gaming VPS resources (CPU, RAM, Storage) can be useful for increasing the number of players or installing mods and extensions.

Encrypted Disk

Enhanced Performance

Game VPS solutions leverage powerful hardware and optimized storage configurations to maximize speed and responsiveness that match the game’s requirements. The ratio of price and performance in OperaVPS is one of the main features.

Backup + Snapshot

Lower Ping Time

Low ping time is crucial for a smooth gaming experience on a VPS. OperaVPS with +20 locations in powerful data centers specializes in offering low latency for gamers. So, You can get a Game Server close to your teammates to have fast network connections.

Encrypted Disk

Secure VPS

Game VPS solutions include built-in firewalls and DDoS protection for a safe and reliable hosting environment.

Encrypted Disk

24/7 Technical Support

We've got your back via our expert support team. Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 Customer Support via live chat, tickets, and phone calls, dedicated to solving your Game VPS issues around the clock.

Encrypted Disk

Full Access & Control

With full root access, you can install custom software, fine-tune configurations, and tailor your Game VPS to your exact requirements. It's a customizable gaming vps solution to optimize game setup.

Encrypted Disk

Reliable Game VPS Server

When choosing a Game VPS Hosting, reliability is paramount. Our dependable server ensures minimal downtime, preventing frustrating interruptions for your players. OperaVPS offers %99.99 guaranteed uptime to minimize the chances of your game world going offline.

Why Choose OperaVPS Game VPS?

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

OperaVPS offers Game VPS with flexible hardware resources (like CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth) and full admin access, which completely allocates resources to the user via KVM technology to guarantee optimized performance without effect from other users.

Our Gaming VPS solutions to ensure the highest levels of performance are equipped with top-notch infrastructure and high-class Supermicro hardware like fast SSD, DDR4 RAM, and multi-core Intel Xeon processors.

Try our VPS for Gaming Hosting to benefit from our 100Mbps network connection speed (maximum 1Gbps speed), minimum latency, and highest bandwidth at the most affordable price to run the game smoothly without lag.

You can find your Gaming VPS requirements on the game publisher's website to choose the right plans from OperaVPS. Also, configuration specifically and mods installation on the Game Server will increase the required resources of your server.

Resource Allocation

Transparent Plans - No Hidden Fees

OperaVPS provides transparent plans for VPS Gaming without adding hidden additional fees like tax, setup, or special location fees to offer the most value for your money by clearly outlining the resources and features included in each plan.
OperaVPS offers an optimized price-performance ratio of Gaming VPS that suits your needs.
Our slogan is No Hidden Fees because We focus on your satisfaction and value your trust above all else.

How powerful is it?

Game VPS Stability

Do you want to host your Game VPS where guaranteed performance is an absolute requirement but with a low budget? So opt for our lightning-fast Gaming VPS Server.

OperaVPS optimizes the entire infrastructure using cutting-edge, brand-new hardware such as Intel and AMD to provide optimal and stable performance and ensure no downtime during gameplay.

In addition, OperaVPS ensures a high level of availability by guaranteeing at least 99.99% uptime. Therefore, select OperaVPS Game Server Hosting to take advantage of stable service in the long term with minimal latency.

One-click Applications

Instantaneous Game VPS SetUp

Our Game VPS will be delivered instantly within 5-10 minutes after your successful order and payment. We offer Linux and Windows pre-configured templates to minimize Game Servers set-up time.

After signing up, you will receive an automatic email containing the necessary information to connect to the server.

Game VPS

Popular OperaVPS Game Servers

OperaVPS supports the most played online games in the world. Our game servers offer incredible performance, speed, uptime, and affordability with full control. Here are some of our popular game servers:

Minecraft VPS: Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that lets players build and explore in a blocky world and survive fearsome creatures. Our Minecraft VPS grants full control to customize and adjust game rules.

Valheim VPS: Valheim is a multiplayer Viking-themed survival game. Players battle mythical creatures and build structures. With our Valheim VPS, you are allowed to play creatively.

CS:GO VPS: Counter-Strike is a popular tactical first-person shooter that ensures the optimal multiplayer gaming experience with minimum downtime when competing in team-based matches.

ARK VPS (ARK: Survival Evolved): ARK VPS is a sandbox survival game that provides unparalleled power for enjoying gaming with optimized performance without lag or disconnection.

Rust VPS: is a multiplayer survival- adventure game. Our rust VPS offers an optimal gaming experience for players' interaction, cooperation, and conflict with high performance.

Garry’s Mod VPS: is a physics-based sandbox game that enables players to create anything within the Source engine. With our Garry’s Mod VPS, you can activate your creativity and try out a variety of game modes.

Arma 3 VPS: is a realistic military simulation multiplayer game. Try our scalable Arma 3 VPS to bring the gamer community together and enjoy the game without latency.

DayZ VPS: is a sandbox survival video game that is based on battling infested creatures with a zombie virus. Use our DayZ VPS and customize your VPS to play your role against zombies and defeat them.

Conan Exiles VPS: With Conan Exiles VPS, dive into a brutal world and explore, fight, and survive with your friends or against other online players without latency and disconnection. You have incredible control and power to survive in this game with Conan Exiles VPS.

Fortnite VPS: Fortnite is a popular online multiplayer battle royale game. You can benefit from Fortnite VPS for full control over your server. Fortnite VPS offers you a smoother experience with lower lag.

PUBG VPS: PUBG is a wonderful battle royale shooter game with realistic graphics. PUBG VPS offers customization by installing your favorite mods and ensures a responsive gaming experience.

Call of Duty VPS: is a popular first-person shooter video game franchise globally. With Call of Duty VPS, you can get a fast multi-player experience with minimal lag, as the servers are fast and robust enough to handle warfare scenarios.

More Than 20 Locations Around The Globe

We have the most extensive global network for Servers!
Offer a low latency service to your customers, no matter where you are locally.

The Way You Pay a Game VPS

We always try to be one of the industry leaders that
use the latest hardware and systems to keep you one step ahead of the others!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

How You Pay:
Almost we accept all popular online transactions through trusted and safe payment gateways like Credit Card, Perfect Money, and PayPal to purchase cheap Game VPS. You can buy VPS with Bitcoin(BTC) or other Cryptocurrency coins as well.

Cryptocurrency transactions is not instant and may take up to 2-3 hours, but usually goes confirmed within 20 minutes. We accept almost all of coins as, Bitcoin(BTC), Ether(ETH), Tron(TRX), Tether(USDT), Monero(XMR), Ripple(XRP) ,Litecoin(LTC), BNB coin, and more.

With FastSpring(an international and online payment gateway), we accept PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, iDEAL, Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Diners Club, and Unionpay which all are instant.

Perfect Money is an online financial service allowing users to make instant payments and make purchases securely throughout the Internet. Perfect Money does not support subscriptions.

Refund Guarantee

3-Day Refund Guarantee

If you were not satisfied for ANY reason, you deserve a full refund if you contact us within the first 72 hours of using the Cheap VPS service. (Refund is not possible for the licenses and Dedicated servers.)

  • Purchase with no risk
  • No questioning "why" with refunds
  • No contract
OperaVPS Pre-installed Operating Systems for Gaming VPS

OperaVPS Pre-installed Operating Systems for Gaming VPS

OperaVPS provides Linux and Windows as Game Server OSs. The best choice depends on your budget, technical expertise, and the specific game server you want to host. Consider researching game server software compatibility with each operating system before making your decision.

Linux is the budget-friendly choice for gamers wanting a smoother gaming experience on a VPS. It offers better performance due to efficient resource management and stronger security compared to Windows VPS. While beginners might face a learning curve, Linux's affordability, performance, and security make it a smart choice for gamers.

OperaVPS offers popular Linux distros like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD, Arch Linux, and AlmaLinux.

Windows OS can be a good choice for your game VPS if you value user-friendliness and compatibility. Especially if you're familiar with Windows Server and your game software works best on Windows, managing the VPS will be easier.

However, keep in mind that Windows VPS plans are typically more expensive and may offer slightly less raw performance compared to Linux options. So, for those comfortable with Windows and prioritizing ease of use, a Gaming VPS Windows can be a good fit.

OperaVPS offers various Windows versions such as Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, 2022, Windows 10 Pro, and 11 Pro.

FAQs | Game VPS Hosting

Here we cover abroad range of frequently asked questions which
answers new audiences questions

OperaVPS accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Perfect Money, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You can access your gaming VPS shortly after a successful order.

A VPS can be a good solution for gaming, especially if you're looking for more control and high performance. OperaVPS game VPS offers dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, and bandwidth, leading to smoother gameplay with less lag compared to shared hosting. You have full control over the server and it's cheaper than a dedicated server. We offer better uptime and stability, meaning less downtime for your game server.

We provide security features like DDoS protection, firewalls, isolated environment, and dedicated IP address. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to solve your problems instantly. Also, OperaVPS offers various payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency to make a safe payment.

The number of online games you can install on a gaming VPS doesn't directly depend on the number of games themselves, but rather on the resources available on your game VPS plan and the requirements of the games you choose. Therefore, you can upgrade your resources to run the game smoothly so that you don't encounter problems during the game.

The number of players a gaming VPS can support depends on the game, server specs, and how many games you run concurrently. The more resources you have, the more players you can support You can find the game requirements on the game publisher's website and choose the right plan. Also, you can upgrade your gaming vps resources after buying it.

OperaVPS offers instant server activation for game VPS plans. This means that it shouldn't take long at all to get your server up and running, usually within 5-10 minutes or even less. After a successful order, you will receive an automatic email containing your server information to connect to.

Yes, OperaVPS allows you to upgrade or downgrade your gaming VPS plan after purchase. We emphasize scalability as a key feature, utilizing KVM technology to allocate resources to game server, and offering flexibility to adjust resources based on your evolving needs.

Yes, OperaVPS, by supporting extensive reliable Data Centers around the globe, allows you to change your game VPS server location or OS. You can look for related options within your VPS control panel or contact OperaVPS's support team to guide you through this process.

OperaVPS's game VPS offers dedicated resources like CPU cores, RAM, and storage. It's a fully dedicated environment with full administrator access. Using KVM virtualization technology, you have exclusive control over your dedicated resources and your game server operates independently, providing a high level of performance and security within a shared server infrastructure.

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Stable Servers

"Self managed service, but Good support. They even did not ask extra money for helping me to setup my custom webserver configuration! My applications on [Game] VPS was 100% stable for last 2 months."


"OperaVps is one of the best I have seen. Their services are so good. Help you resolve your issues as fast as possible and very reliable. With this kind of services . I am sticked to them"


"I have purchased a Linux VPS(Ubuntu 18) and running my Runcloud + websites with operavps. just completely satstfied! but I give 4 star since you always should try to be best and earn 5th! :)"