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Best DNS Servers for Gaming

18 Best DNS Servers for Gaming

Let’s get to know the 18 most popular and best DNS servers with their IP addresses for gaming in 2024: Using the best DNS server for gaming improves the gaming experience by reducing latency, faster downloads for game updates and patches, enhancing security, and ensuring uninterrupted connection. Therefore, DNS servers are important for games and […]

How To Install Rocky Linux OS

How To Install Rocky Linux OS

Installing the Rocky Linux operating system can also be a good option for Linux lovers and provide acceptable output to the audience; Linux operating systems are usually more secure than Windows operating systems; Most new Linux users typically do not have a user experience in the Linux environment; Therefore, the installation method of Linux operating […]

How To Unzip Files Using Command on Linux

How To Unzip Files Using Command on Linux

Zip command will be useful when you want to download a large file on a Linux operating system or Linux server, but you have a limited internet package; The main function of ZIP is to compress files to reduce their size; In contrast, the UNZIP command will allow us to extract various ZIP files.

How To Add Extra IPs On Windows VPS Server

How To Add Extra IPs on Windows VPS Server?

Adding extra IPs on windows VPS can be beneficial in many cases, for example, for a person who intends to create different IPs for both users on a virtual server or a person who intends not to use the one IP on the server for each subject and to use additional IPs.

what is windows vps

What Is Windows VPS Hosting?

¬†Windows Virtual Server is created by virtualizers called KVM and SSI, which run through the Windows graphical user interface and are very popular because of their ease of use; In simpler terms: If a Windows operating system is installed on a server in the data center and Windows programs can be used in it, it […]

windows vps use cases

Windows VPS Use Cases

Given that you have already used the Windows operating system, naturally, the Windows Server user interface is more understandable to you, and the experience of working with Windows Server will be enjoyable for you. The most popular thing that you can do with Windows VPS hosting is the ease of use; You do not need […]

How to Solve VPS Connection Problems

Solving Important VPS Connection Problems To Server!

VPS Connection problems to the server have always been annoying for entirely different reasons, even when using the server for specific purposes. Usually, most of the time, the slightest reasons too, force us to spend a lot of time finding solutions for each of the problems to have a prosperous and Stable connection. In this […]

nvme and ssd storage

NVME And SSD Storage (Pros and Cons)

In a simple statement, Both NVMe and SSD use integrated circuits to store data, but NVMe is the interface used to access the data at a high rate. NVMe is a far more advanced technology than SSD, and as a result, it is faster and more secure. However, this does not imply that NVMe is […]

Steps to Install KVM On CentOS 8 VPS

How To Install KVM On CentOS 8 VPS?

In this article, we will describe the requirements of KVM Hypervisor, Features Of KVM Hypervisor, and the main reason for Install KVM On Linux VPS instead of other VM programs; Then have a fully comprehensive training about the Installation Of KVM on Centos 8. About KVM Right Hypervisor For Your IT Needs In Linux Kvm […]

how to manage overuse of ram in windows 10

How To Manage The Overuse Of RAM In Windows 10

Most users on the Windows platform may face whether the overuse of RAM in Windows 10 disrupts the system? One of the components that will play a significant role in the speed of system performance is RAM. Perhaps most people consider the overuse of RAM in windows 10 as one of the problems in the […]

How To Install Plesk On CentOS VPS

How To Install Plesk On CentOS VPS

Plesk is a commercial web hosting platform with a control panel that gives administrator permissions such as setting up new accounts, reseller accounts, email accounts, and DNS inputs with a web-based interface. Plesk is designed for Linux and Windows-based web hosting providers; Plesk is designed to install and manage web hosting systems and applications on […]

How To Install DirectAdmin On CentOS 7

How To Install DirectAdmin On CentOS 7

DirectAdmin is one of the hosting platforms and is web-based. It has made managing websites on hosts and servers much easier. You can manage many email accounts, websites, etc., through the DirectAdmin control panel. Hosting companies also provide shared hosting services by installing a graphic DirectAdmin control panel on their servers, Features such as lightness, […]

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