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Windows VPS
What is Windows VPS?

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Remote Desktop Virtual Server!

In simple words, Windows VPS is like a powerful computer running 24x7 in the data center and connected to a high-speed network! This service will give you the same experience as a real Windows home PC which you can connect remotely and use from anywhere.

Remote access is the easy solution for using Windows VPS; it only requires Remote Desktop Connection software on your computer(Windows, Mac, Linux) or even Smartphone!

When comparing Operating Systems, most people choose Windows since it gives more access, features, and ease to use. Hence, with a Windows VPS, you can install & run your scheduled tasks, programs, software, bots, and even a website. If you are new to VPS and also comfortable with Windows-only software, Windows VPS is Ideal for you!

OperaVPS servers are hosted in the most reliable data centers in more than 20 locations. Locations variety will allow you to deploy a VPS with the lowest latency from where you or your clients are.

How We Host Windows VPS Server

Experience most optimized Linux hosting over VMware vSphere infrastructure based on
reliable and high-class Supermicro hardware.

Fast SSD

Fast SSD

SSD disks are suitable for high-traffic services, it gives an ultimate I/O performance to your system. with RAID 10 setup in our disks, you can expect the fastest query response.

Scale-up Instantly

Scale-up Instantly

Upgradeable hardware would be useful when you have a small business and need to add more resources(RAM, CPU, Storage) step by step with growth.

Encrypted Disk

Encrypted Disk

It depends on you! Encrypt the VPS disk and assure your privacy, or keep it unencrypted and have the benefit of high speed and performance. We recommend encryption either way!

Backup + Snapshot

Backup + Snapshot

We offer a Full Backup feature for Windows VPS to prevent data loss for those hosting essential data. Snapshot is helpful when you are practicing or trying the new configurations!

More Than 20 Locations Around The Globe

We have the most extensive global network for Servers!
Offer a low latency service to your customers, no matter where you are locally.

Is This Suitable For You?

The infrastructure of the VPS servers has powerful Intel and Super-micro hardware that
uses VMware solutions to provide users with excellent efficiency, speed, and quality.

Active Remote Desktop

Active Remote Desktop

To use a computer(with Windows operating system) in a different location over the internet, RDP protocol allows you to connect remotely and manage the computer through a graphical user interface.

Windows VPS comes with an open RDP by default. This means you will have Remote Desktop Connection access right after purchasing a service; there is no need to configure anything.

Admin Access

Full Administrator

You have full Administrator access to your server at OperaVPS. Complete control over the server allows you to install your application, programming languages, databases, or email server. Windows VPS will be a Remote Windows Desktop with all privileges to set up and run all software, like a physical computer at home.

VNC/KVM Access

When your server is online, but you don't have access via RDP and need to troubleshoot something, Don't Worry; you can still log in to your server via your browser using the Web Console feature. You can change the server configuration or network settings to bring it back online.

How powerful is it?

How powerful is it?

Fast SSDs, high-class hardware, and network equipment are not enough to provide the best and most optimized performance! Besides those, we needed to combine our knowledge and ten years of experiments to create a well-customized infrastructure.

The VM(virtual machine) isolation allows us to independently run multiple VMs with different OSs, management, and configuration principles in the same environment. Thanks to VMware's virtualizer, our Windows virtual servers give you 100% of the primary server's capabilities, depending on your chosen plan. No one can steal your allocated resources!

Operating System

Up-to-date and Free Windows

An up-to-date operating system is essential for safety and higher performance. All our Windows VPS have been licensed (OperaVPS Enterprise), and no need to purchase a license.

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

The Way You Pay & Use a Windows VPS

We always try to be one of the industry leaders that
use the latest hardware and systems to keep you one step ahead of the others!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

How You Pay:
Almost we accept all popular online transactions through trusted and safe payment gateways like Credit Card, Perfect Money, and PayPal to purchase cheap Windows VPS. You can buy VPS with Bitcoin(BTC) or other Cryptocurrency coins as well.

Cryptocurrency transactions is not instant and may take up to 2-3 hours, but usually goes confirmed within 20 minutes. We accept almost all of coins as, Bitcoin(BTC), Ether(ETH), Tron(TRX), Tether(USDT), Monero(XMR), Ripple(XRP) ,Litecoin(LTC), BNB coin, and more.

With FastSpring(an international and online payment gateway), we accept PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, iDEAL, Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Diners Club, and Unionpay which all are instant.

Perfect Money is an online financial service allowing users to make instant payments and make purchases securely throughout the Internet. Perfect Money does not support subscriptions.

How To Use Windows VPS?

How To Use Windows VPS?

Since the Windows VPS server is located in a different place than you, you need software to connect this service remotely. The secure and popular software is Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection which you can find on your Windows device [installed by default]. Also, you can use a Mac, Linux, or even a smartphone to connect WindowsVPS.

Here is a guide that explained how you connect a Windows remotely, step-by-step [+video].
See How...

If you are using a Linux-based OS on your Desktop/Laptop, then you can use Remmina to connect.
See How...

Just need to install an appplication to access Windows Desktop on your iPhone. here is the download link:
Download link

Even you can use your Android smartphone to connect to a Windows VPS! There are many applications for Android that enable you to connect to a remote server through RDP!
See How...

Refund Guarantee

3-Day Refund Guarantee

If you were not satisfied for ANY reason, you deserve a full refund if you contact us within the first 72 hours of using the VPS service. (Refund is not possible for the licenses and Dedicated servers.)

  • Purchase with no risk
  • No questioning "why" with refunds
  • No contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we cover abroad range of frequently asked questions which
answers new audiences questions

VPS is an independent system than your own computer or desktop/laptop! even if you turn off your computer or network, VPS will stay running 24x7 and connected to Internet!

You can easily run your software/program on VPS and leave it online, It will keep your tasks running, forever!

Windows VPS is the same as your own Windows Desktop/laptop that you can install and use any software, you will have administrator access to run any administrator-level command or install the software. also, the Windows Server version has amazing features(AD-Certificate, AD-Domain-Services, DHCP, DNS, IIS, and more) which can be installed by Server Manager in a few simple steps.

Yes, you can upgrade your virtual server resources online at any time through OperaVPS client area. just select your new plan and the upgrade will be done automatically in a few seconds.
The entire system, including the software, operating system, data, and saved settings won't be changed by upgrading, it needs only one reboot, so make sure you have saved all running software before the upgrade.

Anytime you can ask for a Reset, Rebuild, or change OS with different Operating systems through ticket. Also, the manual installation through Consol(VNC) is available for those who need to configure the OS by their own specifications.

Actually, there is not any difference between these two services in hardware resources, we just provide Windows VPS with Windows Server version(Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019) but with RDP Server you can choose Windows Client version( Windows 7, 8.1, 10) too. Also, RDP Server comes with Optimized OS and some pre-installed software like Firefox, Chrome, Winrar, PDF reader, etc.

Yes, we almost accept all Cryptocurrent altcoins, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BNB, Ether, Ether Classic, TRON, Tether USD, Monero, and Ripple.

Microsoft’s Windows Remote Desktop software makes a secure connection between you and the Windows VPS  which you have full control to manage your tasks, applications, Cronjobs, Website, Accounts and whatever you need to do remotely with a Windows Device in a different location!

All VPS and RDP services come with minimum monthly billing period, but you can cancel this contract anytime easily by sending a Cancellation Request through client area. also, there is a 3 Days cancellation(+Full Refund) guarantee if you were not satisfied in using these services.

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