linux vps use cases

Linux VPS Use Cases

An optimized Linux VPS is a virtual private server that can run at a better level of performance. As a Linux VPS server, you have access to an isolated operating system that may be customized for your purposes. There are a variety of Linux VPS Use Cases. Even though Linux VPS is geared toward high-traffic websites, it is an affordable hosting option for bloggers. After signing up for a Linux VPS hosting plan, you’ll be able to lower your prices.

The following are some of the most common Linux VPS Use Cases.

When deciding what kind of hosting to use, you should also consider the operating system, there are many versions of Linux such as Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu, etc. But most companies recommend using a more popular version like Ubuntu Linux; We will have about 327 types of Linux distributions, but most Linux distributions for virtual servers are limited to about 30 types.

It is noteworthy that the Linux VPS will be more secure than Windows servers due to its terminal mode and less code available than UEFI mode!

Linux VPS as Proxy

Surfing the internet with your own private IP address is possible if your SSH account (Linux or Windows) is safe. There are several reasons to make use of your VPS’s IP address, including:

  • Internet surfing with a fixed specific IP address
  • Keeping your internet connection safe
  • Unblock websites that are restricted in your place of residence.

Our website or any other supplier can provide you with a Linux VPS with Putty installed to connect to the SSH server.

In putty’s “Hostname” area, type in your VPS IP.

Select “Dynamic” and “IPv4” from the drop-down menus in SSH > Tunnels, and then click “Add.”

Enter a name in the “session” box and click “Save” to save the current session.

“Open” brings up a command line where you can input your username, which is “root” in most circumstances, once you have entered the VPS password, press Enter.

Now that you have a Linux VPS running a proxy server, you can connect any application to it.


Web Server

VPS hosting of web servers is becoming more and more widespread. A virtual private server (VPS) can perform all of the functions of a standard server.

On your VPS, you can host a static website. A simple web server like Apache, Nginx, or OpenLiteSpeed is all you need to get started.

Of course, hosting a server isn’t the end of the story. The meta-package lamp-server for Ubuntu and the Centmin Mod script for an Nginx web server on CentOS can both aid automate the installation process. WordPress or a flat-file WordPress replacement can be easily installed on your LAMP system.

Use it as a server hosting platform to get the most out of your VPS. Many of the tasks performed by servers are detailed in the sections that follow.


File Server

A file server is considered a central server in a computer network that delivers file systems or at least sections of a file system to clients connected to the server. Because of this, file servers give users a central location to store files on internal data media that anybody with the proper permissions can access.


Cloud Service

Instead of being limited to a single server location, cloud Linux VPS hosting allows you to take advantage of several servers. Cloud computing services are in high demand because of this.

Cloud Service is a must-have for high-traffic websites since it allows infinite expansion. In addition, cloud hosting provides more protection from server overload. If one cloud server is overloaded, you’ll be automatically moved to another.


Mail Server

With a Linux virtual private server (VPS), you can ensure that no one is snooping on your email and that your emails are more secure than ever before.

Your private and confidential messages can also be shielded from public servers.


DNS server

To put it simply, DNS servers exchange information with websites and computers to guide online users where they need to go. DNS is a network communication system where the DNS client requests information from DNS servers and then receives the servers’ responses. DNS clients. The DNS server responds with an IP address based on the name in the request. It is essential to remember that Linux VPSes can run a DNS server, which has built-in cache and redundancy.


Game Server

Over the past decades, gaming has become increasingly popular leisure for many. When the internet is becoming ever more accessible, the popularity of online games among gamers is on the rise.

Setting up an online game server to play with your buddies is one of the many Linux VPS Use Cases. CS: GO, Minecraft, and Warcraft are just a few of the games you can host.

Dedicated servers are typically used to host gaming sessions. As a result, they cost a lot more than a dedicated server, but the same performance may be achieved with a more powerful VPS option at a considerably reduced cost.

Your VPS is ideal for this purpose because of this. Indeed, hosting a game does not consume as many server resources as you may think. It’s almost a no-brainer to use a VPS for this reason.


Penetration Testing

When you perform a pen test, you mimic an assault on your computer system to look for vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Penetration Testing advantages are as follows:

  • Identifying flaws in a system
  • Making sure that controls are safe
  • Complying with data privacy and security regulations (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Examples of current security posture and budget priorities for management’s consideration.



Incoming and outgoing traffic is filtered by a firewall based on predefined rules. Requests sent between your Linux VPS and the outside universe are screened, with questionable ones being automatically denied access to your VPS. Attacks like brute-force, DDoS, port scanning, and other threats that might cause service interruptions or server takeover are all easily stopped by a firewall on web hosting servers.


Transferring large files to a computer

One of the many Linux VPS Use Cases is that it can download and transfer large files, such as the backup of a web hosting account or any other large file.



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