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Want A Thriving Business? Focus On LINUX!

In the IT field, there are many jobs that you can make money with. One of them is through Linux, and there are many job titles under Linux. You may ask, how can it happen? Because Linux is an open-source and actually free operating system, many ones ask this question.

The easiest answer comes with a question. Does being paid for a Windows license have anything to do with making money for web developers and web admins? Linux is an extended operating system with different distributions and usages.

For example, CentOS is optimized for web-hosting, and Kali is optimized for penetrations testing. This example shows that a CentOS expert’s job is different than Kali’s expert job. This was just one example, there many of these examples.

Linux is an extended operating system, and it has many usages in the IT field businesses, and there are many jobs. Some examples of these jobs are a developer, IT manager, Server manager, Support agent, sales agent, etc. Now let’s look at some of these businesses that you can run on Linux.

Also, most of the software jobs in the information technology field can be done by freelancers. It means you can work from home too.

What does a Server manager do?

Because of Linux’s big abilities, it has been installed on most of the world’s servers. These servers need to be managed and monitored, and the server manager has to do this. He/she needs to walk around the servers, monitor the sensors, check the error, and ensure that the servers are working properly.

Servers are connected to the Internet and electricity 7 days a week because they always have to be turned on. This is why we need a service manager because the issues of the servers are not just disconnection of the Internet or electricity. Any bug or error can disrupt the server’s functions, and this is the Server manager’s job to prevent it.

The other job of the Server manager is to configure the servers. When you wish to do configurations inside the server, its requirements should be first prepared and installed. To configure a VPN or a website, first, the packages should be installed, which a Server manager should do.

This is how a Server manager can be important. The data inside the Servers are important, so the Server manager’s job is important too, and there is a good income in important Jobs! Needless to say that you should try your best and learn everything in this field to earn a noticeable income.


Successful Business With Linux


Develop a website on Linux

As we mentioned before, most of the world’s websites are run on Linux distributions like CentOS, Cloud Linux, and Debian. Because Linux is stable, safe, and fast, most website owners like to configure their website on Linux servers. Nowadays, jobs will be online, and to be online, there should be a website or application.

Now, if you know coding languages like PHP, HTML, and CSS, you will definitely have a job with a good income. Or even you can be a mobile developer.

Do Penetrations testing

If you know about hacking and coding, you will always have a job for security organizations or have your own job. Over time, businesses are going to be online, and business owners worry about being hacked. The only thing they can do is to find their bugs and to stop the penetrations to their businesses.

As the security engineer, you come in, and your main tool in this job is Kali Linux. This is your job to do penetration testing and find the businesses’ bugs and security issues.

Teach Linux

Teaching is one of the good and interesting jobs in the world. Especially teaching the field that you’re working inside it. Linux has jobs for everybody. Anyone who learns it will definitely have a job, and if you are a Linux expert and you like to teach somebody something, one of the best ways is to teach Linux; why not.

There is another way of teaching, which is on Youtube. You can record your configurations and publish them on Youtube. If they are good, your videos will be visited more, and you will earn more money.


good income on Linux



Configure and sell VPN

VPN is one of the most important tools that we use daily. VPNs are made using different protocols. It is used to secure our connection between the source and the destination. If you know how to configure a VPN, this can be one of the best ways to earn money. All you need to do is to buy a Linux VPS.

Linux is the best tool to configure VPN on. First, run a website on your Linux server to manage your orders and your offers; your website will be like your store. And then configure your good VPN service.

Web-hosting on Linux Server

Everybody doesn’t have time, energy, or budget to run their own website. Coding a website is not the only part of starting an online business through a site. First, there should be an optimized server to put your website information inside it; This is where you come in.

Buy a Linux Server, configure your web-hosting on cPanel or Direct-admin, and provide web-host service to your clients. You will also need your website to provide your services, plans, and offers to your visitors.


Making money through Linux is easy. All you need to do is learn something about Linux, and you will have a good job with a good income. My important note is that the market is saturated, and there is no place for you in the market. This is the biggest thing that kills our ability to make money, not just in the IT field.

And try to cooperate; the fact is that the greatest dreams can not be achieved alone.

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