How to Install Windows 8

How to Install Windows 8

Windows is always preferred over other operating systems thanks to its stability, security, and high compatibility. One of the popular versions of Windows is Windows 8. Microsoft launched Windows 8 in 2012 and provided a complete version with new features after Windows 7. Compared to Windows 7, Windows 8 includes significant changes; some of these changes can be seen in the appearance feature and desktop environment.  It is interesting that after years and new versions of Microsoft Windows, Windows 8 still has many fans who are interested in using the features of Windows 8 and are looking for an article to install Windows 8 on their system. This article will provide screenshots to teach how to install Windows 8 on a PC. To thoroughly learn how to install Windows 8, read this article to the end. If you are ready, let’s start the installation process of Windows 8.

Windows 8 installation steps

Windows 8 installation process is very simple, maybe a little different from Windows 7 installation process. Follow the instructions in this article to install Windows 8 on your PC without facing any problems and benefit from its features.

Step 1: Preparation for installation

One of the reasons why users prefer using Windows 8 to newer versions of Windows is the minimum system requirements for installing the newer version. Windows 8 is compatible with most hardware and performs well on older hardware. Users usually choose an operating system based on their preferences and needs.
One of the reasons for using Windows 8 and older versions of Windows Server for servers is the compatibility, stability, and other valuable features of older versions of Windows. If you want to benefit from the features of Windows 8 and different versions of Windows in a VPS, we recommend buying Opera Windows VPS because Opera supports various versions of Windows Server and provides Windows VPS with the pre-installed versions of Windows to the user; you can spend your time on more important goals and stay away from the challenges of installing different versions of Windows.

  • Making backup copies of information

Before installing Windows 8, you must take steps to start the installation process, the most important of which is to make a backup copy of your data because, during the Windows 8 installation process, your system hard disk will be formatted. The Windows 8 files replace the files of the previous operating system on your system, so you will lose your essential information.

  • Downloading Windows 8 ISO file

To install Windows 8, you can buy the latest version of Windows 8 CD and boot Windows 8 from the CD, download the Windows 8 ISO file from the Microsoft site, mount the Windows 8 ISO file to a flash, and boot Windows 8 from the bootable flash. It is up to you which method you prefer.

  • Downloading Rufus software

To use the bootable flash to install Windows 8, after downloading the Windows 8 ISO file, you need to download the Rufus software from the official Rufus website.

Step 2: Create a bootable flash

Connect the empty USB Flash drive to your system and run the Rufus file from the Downloads folder. By clicking on the “select” option, you can select the USB drive&load Win8.1 ISO file from the Downloads folder and click the “Open” option.

install Windows 8

install Windows 8

Windows 8 installation steps

In the Partition Scheme section, if you are using a modern UEFI PC, select “GPT(UEFI)” and then click on the “Start” button.

install windows8

This process may take a few minutes.

After completing the process of creating a bootable Windows 8.1 USB installer, select the “Close” option. Now the flash bootable is ready to select for installation; start the Windows 8 installation process through the BIOS settings.

Step 3: Start Windows 8/8.1 installation steps

Disconnect unnecessary hardware, and connect the Windows 8 flash bootable to your system. Restart your computer.

When Powering on the PC, press the Boot button on your keyboard (F2, Esc, or Del) and select USB from the Boot menu.

windows 8 installation steps

install Windows 8

Note: The key you must press to access the Boot menu is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, a Computer manual or online documentation can introduce you to the Boot key.

Step 4: Select language, time, and keyboard setting

By default, the language, time, and keyboard are set. If you need to change, you can select the correct information you want through the drop-down menu and click on the “Next” option to complete the steps.

install Windows 8

Step 5: Windows 8 installation

Continue installing Windows 8 by selecting the “Install Now” option.

installing Windows 8

Step 6: Enter the product key to activate windows

At this step, enter the Windows 8.1 serial key in the empty dialog box and select the “Next” option.

How to install Windows 8

Step 7: Accept the license terms

After reading the information about the license, confirm the license terms, check the side box “I accept the license terms,” and proceed with the steps by clicking “Next“.

install Windows 8

Step 8: Select the type of installation

In this step, you have to choose between upgrade and custom options.

If you intend to keep the settings, files, and programs of your previous operating system and transfer them to the new operating system (Windows 8), you must select the Upgrade option to upgrade the previous operating system to Windows 8 operating system.

If you want to make changes to Partitions and drivers and have a clean installation (that is, all the data, files, and settings in the partition that belong to the previous OS will be deleted), you must choose the Custom option.

We prefer the Custom option because the Upgrade option is sometimes associated with problems and disturbances.

How to install Windows 8

Note: By selecting the Custom option, all data in the Disk Drive or Partition, which includes your documents and your operating system, will be wiped out.

Step 9: Select the desired drive and partition to install Windows 8

In this step, select the drives that contain data related to the previous operating system and then delete them.

install Windows 8

how to install Windows 8

Then select “drive 0 unallocated space” to install Windows 8 and click the “Next” button.

Note: If you want to customize the size of the drive and partition, select the “New” option, and after specifying the desired size for the drive, select the “Apply” and “Next” option.

Finally, you will receive a message that displays the Windows 8 installation process and warns you that your computer may restart several times.

windows 8 installation process

how to install Windows 8

You must wait a while for the Windows 8 installation process to complete. Your computer will restart several times during the installation of Windows 8, which is nothing to worry about.

Step 10: Customize Windows 8 settings

After completing the installation process of Windows 8 and restarting, you will automatically enter a page that allows you to customize (such as theme and color).

install Windows 8

Apply the desired settings, specify a PC name, and continue by clicking “Next.”

install Windows 8

Step 11: Select the Network setting

If necessary, select Network settings. Otherwise, go to the next step by choosing “Skip this step.”

install Windows 8

Step 12: Apply the required settings

In this step, choose between “Customize” and “Use Express settings” according to your needs. If you accept the default and customized settings of Windows, select the Use Express setting option. If you want to customize settings and enter the customization page, the “Customize” option will get you what you want.

windows 8 installation steps

If you choose the Customize option, you will see the following page, which will allow you to configure the settings related to the update. After applying the settings, select the “Next” option.

install Windows 8

Then you can apply the settings related to error reporting and internet explorer.

installing windows 8

You can apply the personalization you want for the software in the following. After the desired changes in the software settings, select the “Next” option.

install Windows 8

In the end, you will get permission to change the settings related to sharing info with Microsoft; The personalization of the settings is completed by selecting the “Next” option.

install Windows 8

Step 13: Set password and username

To increase security, it is recommended to specify a username and password and select the Finish button after repeating the password.

how to install windows 8

how to install Windows 8

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Windows 8.


MBR and GPT give us different access to install software and use drives. MBR has more restrictions regarding the use of drives and software. If your hard drive supports memory less than 2 TB and your computer uses a non-graphical interface, the MBR format is suitable for booting the operating system.

  • Make a backup copy of your data before installing Windows 8 so that you don't lose your data.
  • Check the compatibility of your hardware and device drivers with the Windows 8 installation prerequisites.
  • Disconnect external devices such as printers and scanners to avoid interference during installation.


In this article, how to install Windows 8 by screenshot is taught. You can use different methods to install Windows 8; our goal was to use the easiest method to install Windows 8. If you follow the instructions in this article correctly, you can successfully install Windows 8 on your computer without facing any problems. If you have any questions about installing Windows 8, let us know in the comments section so we can respond as soon as possible.
Have you tried another method to install Windows 8 that is easier than the method in this article? Please share with us in the comments section.
Thank you for staying with us until the end of the article.

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