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what is ssl

What is SSL?

SSL certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is an internet protocol for securing data transferring between two communication devices. While attempting to connect to a server, SSL authenticates the website’s identity as a digital solution to ensure secure communication over the Internet. Since data transmitted over HTTP protocol is not a secure internet connection, […]

How to Install Nano Text Editor on Linux

How to use and install Nano Text Editor on Linux

You will require a command-line environment in order to create or modify text files. For Unix and Linux operating systems, Nano is a popular text editor. Nano is a strong piece of software that allows you to modify and generate a variety of files. For those seeking simplicity, Nano is an excellent option. It has […]

What to Do After Installing Arch Linux

What to Do After Installing Arch Linux?

Previously, you have read what is Arch Linux article, and you are pretty familiar with Arch and its features. There are enough reasonable reasons to use Arch Linux as a simple, flexible, and lightweight distribution of Linux. To complete the guides of Arch Linux, this article teaches you what to do after installing Arch Linux. […]

what is floating ip

What is Floating IP?

Internet Protocol is a unique address used to identify Internet-connected systems. An IP address is necessary to indicate the address of devices on the Internet and a local network and to establish the rules for delivering data. A floating IP is a public and routeable address that is not allocated to a machine automatically. This […]

What is SoftEther VPN Protocol

What is SoftEther VPN Protocol?

SoftEther is a free, open-source, and easy-to-use VPN software. This cross-platform and multiprotocol client VPN is provided in a single VPN server to be used as an alternative to Microsoft’s VPN servers. So, you can use this fast and secure protocol for personal or commercial communications. All about SoftEther VPN Protocol SoftEther VPN is available […]

what is cloudflare

What is Cloudflare? (Tutorial as Beginners to Advanced)

In 2004, Cloudflare began working with two people, Matthew Prince and Lee Holloway: Matthew Prince and Lee Holloway set out to answer the fundamental question: “Where does email spam come from?” They built a system that allowed anyone with a website to track how spammers harvested email addresses, And guess what happened! Project Honey Pot […]

How to install Node.js on Linux VPS

How to install Node.js on Linux VPS

Install Node.js and NPM on Linux VPS servers is one of the exceptional cases that we will give in full in the following, in simple terms: NPM’s main task will be to use JavaScript packages if you are a programmer and you want to Share your packages, as well as Node.JS main task, is which […]

linux vps use cases

Linux VPS Use Cases

An optimized Linux VPS is a virtual private server that can run at a better level of performance. As a Linux VPS server, you have access to an isolated operating system that may be customized for your purposes. There are a variety of Linux VPS Use Cases. Even though Linux VPS is geared toward high-traffic […]

How To Connect To A MikroTik VPS

How To Connect To A MikroTik VPS

MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system of MikroTik Router BOARD. This OS can also be installed on a PC or virtual machine and turn it into a router with all the necessary features. In this tutorial, we will check the methods to connect to a MikroTik VPS.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

How to Install WordPress on cPanel?

Users may more efficiently manage their web hosting accounts with cPanel, a straightforward platform. If you’re just at the beginning of getting started with a website or a WordPress blog, cPanel-based hosting is the way to go, and here we are going to find out how you can Install WordPress on cPanel. 

How to Change Linux VPS Password

How to Change Linux VPS Password?

In this article, we are going to learn how to Change the Linux OS password and also how you can change the password if you have forgotten them. Before we get to our main discussion on how to Change the Linux OS password, let’s see how we can create a strong and safe password. After […]

what is IP address

What is an IP Address? (Types of IP Addresses & Definition)

In this article, we will take a look at types of IP addresses, but before that, let’s see what an IP address is.

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