How To Connect To Windows VPS

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February 16, 2020 by Jacob

How To Connect To Windows VPS

One of the best and old remote desktop software is Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection feature, This software is installed on all Windows systems by default. The purpose of this software is to connect a computer to another one remotely(over a Graphical Interface), through local network or internet.
In order to connect to Windows VPS, both computers have a network connection, Remote Desktop feature must be enabled, and your User must have permission to connect.

The first way to open Remote Desktops Connection is to type its name in the start > search section of Windows.

And also, another simple way of opening Remote Desktop Connection is to use RUN shortcut.
Run Window can be opened by pressing Windows key + R. Once the run page opened, type mstsc in there and click OK, as a result the windows of Remote Desktop Connection software will run.

In order to have a faster connection on remote desktop connection, it is better to put the color to the lowest level as it won’t have much effect on quality of the display.
To do this, click on show options and then click on display tab and from the color section you will be able to change the level of display color.
Remote desktop
Remote desktop settings3

Now you will need the IP, Username and Password in order to connect to your Windows VPS. the username should has remote access privileges!
Remote desktop settings2

In the first step, enter the IP and click connect, then you will be asked to enter Username and Password.

Once you entered the required details, you will see a notification that you should choose Yes for it to connect to the Windows server. This notification says that the identity of the remote computer has not been verified and if you wish to connect to it anyway or not.
Remote desktop trusted certificate

Now you’re connected to the server successfully. If you move the cursor to the top of the display, you will see the connection bar which includes options to close, restore down or minimize display, the IP of the server, quality of the connection the option to pin or unpin the connection bar.




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