How To Connect To A Linux VPS Using Putty (SSH)


October 29, 2019 by Nick Durckin

How To Connect To A Linux VPS Using Putty

To connect to a Linux VPS, you need to make a secure connection from your own Windows device to the remote device through a connection type calls SSH(Secure Shell).
Putty is a Client-end software that provides this connection type [too], There is a lot of software that you can use instead, but in this article, we will use Putty to connect a Linux VPS, Let’s take a look!

Connect To Linux VPS With Putty

  1. First of all, We need to download and install Putty software.
    Download a suitable software version of Putty, If your system support 64-bit so download it, if not download the 32-bit version.
    Download putty
  2. Complete the installation steps and Install the Putty!
    Putty installation 2Putty installation 1
  3. Search the “Putty” in your Windows search box and open it.
    Search putty
  4. In the lanched window, put the IP or Hostname and click Open.
    Example, IP: or Hostname:
    Note: The default SSH port number is 22, also make sure the SSH radio button is selected!
    Putty interface
  5. It will pop-up a Warning page at the first login!
    If you are sure that you have entered the correct information, click Yes.
    Future connections do not show this warning because the host key is now cached on the local computer.
    host key warning
  6. Now the connection is created, Just type the Username and press Enter, After that, type Password and press Enter again.
    Note: Due to security reasons, You won’t see the typed characters as a password!
    Putty login
  7. Hola! You are in!
    Shell prompt

Change Root Password OF Linux VPS

We always recommend changing the default root password to a personal one! You can use passwd command to do it in 3 simple steps!

  1. Execute the passwd in the shell prompt
    change root password
  2. Enter the new password. As mentioned, the password does not echo to the screen.
  3. Reenter the new password and press Enter.

If you need a cheap Linux VPS, we will fix your problem and provide a Linux virtual server.

That’s it! Let us know if you faced any problems here by leaving a comment.


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