Impact Of The Coronavirus On Internet Businesses

Impact Of The Coronavirus On Internet Businesses

Unfortunately, we are dealing with a disease that has shut down many businesses and created many problems for many, as well as growing some businesses. In this article, I will talk more about the impact of Coronavirus on Internet businesses. Internet businesses such as hosting companies, ISPs, data centers, and Internet service providers are examples of Internet businesses. During this period when the Coronavirus shut down many businesses, the mentioned objects not only did not face any problems but some of them also experienced growth. This virus has caused us to stay at home longer and as a result, We have to deal with the Internet more and naturally, we have to use Internet services more.

The Impact Of The Coronavirus On Internet Businesses

Coronavirus has had both positive and negative effects. The positive effect was that people were forced to buy from digital stores and turned to online shopping and the use of online services and trust was built in this area; But on the other hand, these companies, which faced more demand from the market, are forced to observe social distance due to the spread of the Coronavirus, and if they do not have enough space for this purpose, they are forced to telecommute. In this regard, they will be challenged if they do not have the necessary arrangements for telecommuting in the warehousing, accounting, sales, and other sectors.

So although on the one hand, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has made people need to shop online and ultimately boost their sales; But on the other hand, due to the lack of conditions for social distance, they are forced to telecommuting, and telecommuting also brings problems and challenges for them. Reports show that in the first quarter of 2020, new technologies have entered a new arena in the world. A review of business activities shows that more than 34 billion purchases have been made in more than 34 countries, indicating the explosive growth of e-commerce worldwide. According to experts, this year has caused dramatic changes in the path of e-commerce, medicine, and telecommuting.

coronavirus and internet businesses

Problems And Benefits With Telecommuting And Working From Home

Well, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, which is something that we have been dealing with for months. Teleworking, as its name implies, means working alone and outside the company or organization for various reasons, and unfortunately, at the moment our only reason for telecommuting is the Coronavirus. Teleworking, like any other job, has many advantages and disadvantages. Let us first mention the benefits of telecommuting.

Benefits Of Telecommuting

  • Energy saving
  • Reduction in costs
  • Saving time
  • Reduce air pollution due to less traffic
  • Reduction of traffic
  • Increase family relationships

Let me first look at telecommuting from my own perspective and experience and talk about its benefits. Telecommuting has caused me not to wake up earlier than I have to get to work on time, has prevented me from seeing co-workers I am not very happy to associate with 🙂 I have not had to leave home every day, have had more intellectual independence, and most importantly I’m safe from any viruses and diseases. It sounds good at first glance, but I also worked remotely for years before the Coronavirus appeared, so for now, don’t think that telecommuting has not any problems.

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Disadvantages Of Telecommuting

  • Social Isolation
  • Poor management of goals and plans
  • Lack of consensus with colleagues
  • Lack of proper hardware
  • Lack of suitable environment
  • Not instilling a work environment to the person while working
  • The atmosphere of boredom at work

coronavirus impact on telecommuting

These are just some disadvantages that you can face during the day in telecommuting, and night telecommuting has more issues. Being away from the work environment prevents you from seeing close colleagues or friends at work, and this in itself can easily lead to depression. We must not forget that the home environment is not really a work environment and the company or organization environment is much, much better for working. In addition, you will not have the facilities you have at work at home because creating a work environment for each employee at home costs a lot and many organizations or companies are not willing to pay this cost.


Personally, I have to say that due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, no damage has been done to Internet businesses and also lots of them have been improved. But it not important what our job is, we should not be selfish and we should pay attention to the whole society, so stay home and don’t go out if you can because this is the only work that we can do. My only problem during the Coronavirus outbreak is staying at home and telecommuting, and we all have to work together and be together to not to see this deadly Coronavirus in 2021 again.

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