What Is VPS Used For

What Is VPS Used For?

In this topic, we will be with you to discuss the definition of a VPS and usages of it. A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A virtual server is part of a physical dedicated server. However, when you set up a VPS, all the virtual server resource is at your disposal completely.

Having a virtual server is more secure and stable than shared hosting where you do not have a dedicated server. A virtual server is a computer that stores the files and databases required by your website. Whenever an online visitor wants to access your website, their browser sends a request to your server and transmits the necessary files over the Internet.

Kinds Of VPS

Virtual servers are usually categorized based on the operating system, virtualization model as well as its technology. The following are the types of virtual server categories.

  • Linux VPS (with the possibility of installing a variety of Linux distribution operating systems)
  • Windows VPS (with the ability to install most Windows server operating systems)
  • Dedicated virtual server (with completely dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, and…)
  • Shared virtual server (with shared hardware resources)
  • Virtual cloud server (with a different structure to increase the level of performance, stability, security, and…)
  • RDP server

What is vps used for

General Usages Of A VPS

Suppose you want to download a 5 GB file, make the necessary edits to it and then transfer it to your download host. Is this amount of volume on home internet affordable? Or does the length of time you have to wait to download the file not prevent your website from being updated quickly? You can download the file at a speed of 20 to 100 Mb per second on the virtual server and download it on your host at the same speed! In general, the virtual server is mostly used to download files and upload to another server, but it has many, many more uses that each person uses according to their needs.

  1. Build a VPN server.
  2. Suitable for download centers, movies, and music sites to upload and download programs without considering the volume of the Internet and save time.
  3. Because servers are hosted in foreign countries, VPS can be used to bypass Internet sanctions.
  4. Setting up a personal server for hosting sales and web hosting services.
  5. Due to the strong hardware, it allows you to perform heavy calculations that can not be done with ordinary computers.
  6. Email Marketing (Bulk Email and Email Marketing).
  7. A penetration test and cracking (for hacking and cracking).
  8. A remote computer that you can connect to from anywhere you have internet access.
  9. Set up multiple websites with one VPS.

Note: Some of the above actions like cracking or email marketing are not allowed by some of the ISPs.

VPS usages

Features Of A VPS

  • You have a dedicated IP on virtual servers.
  • CPU resources, memory, and data storage space of the VPS is dedicated.
  • These servers have the possibility of dedicated remote management; Like turning the server on and off through the server control panel.
  • You can install your favorite software with ROOT / Administrator access on the virtual server.
  • Upgrading resources on these servers can be done as quickly as possible.
  • If you have enough resources on your VPS, it can host a large number of websites.
  • You pay less for the virtual servers for the same amount of services you receive on a dedicated server.
  • Depending on your needs, virtual servers can be installed on Windows or Linux operating systems which will be called Linux VPS or Windows VPS.
  • In case of problems, it is possible to quickly troubleshoot and transfer information to another virtual machine on these servers.

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Description Of The Virtual Server Preparation Process

Depending on the technology and structure of virtualization, virtual servers are usually derived from one or more dedicated servers. Typically, multiple virtual servers are derived from a single dedicated server. To do this, virtualization requires an agent (virtualization software). Virtualization systems are available for free or for different operating systems, depending on their type and function but some are not free like VMware. The server also needs to support virtualization technology. There are a number of specific solutions for creating a virtual server as Local or Public. For example, for each VPS on the web, at least one IP must be considered in order to register it on the network.

Virtualization systems are configurable based on the number of authorized CPU cores, the amount of RAM allowed, the amount of hard disk space, and… can be configured separately or shared for each virtual server. Dedicated or shared resources means that each server has the right to access resources in a completely dedicated way or can use shared resources in a shared way. Usually, in shared mode, high quality and performance can not be expected. Here some of the virtualization technologies.

  • Virtuozzo virtualization model
  • OpenVZ virtualization model
  • VMware virtualization model
  • Xen virtualization model
  • KVM virtualization model

vps based on vmware

Each of the virtualization models has one or more special features that you can research. in the following link, you can find the best virtualization system to create your VPS with.

Best Virtualization System For My VPS


  1. Does the speed of working with a VPS depend on the speed of my internet?
    Yes, but not significantly. Usually, at 512 KB you can use your server well and it also depends on the amount of RAM and CPU.
  2. Does my home internet volume decrease when downloading and uploading inside the server?
    No, your internet volume will not decrease in any way, even if you download and upload more than 100 GB per day on the server.
  3. How can I connect to my VPS?
    You can connect to the server through Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) application inside your Windows or through the Remmina application if your operating system is Linux.
  4. Will the server shut down when my own system shuts down?
    No, the server does not shut down at all.
  5. Because my operating system is Windows, do I have to order a Windows VPS?
    No, the virtual server operating system is not related to your personal system.


A VPS with dedicated features will be a good choice to overcome the limitations of shared services. With a quick setup and the ability to manage the server through the control panel, you can quickly load your website on a dedicated service platform. We hope that by reading this article you have a good understanding of what VPS or virtual server is and what it is used for.

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