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Remote Work with RDP Server: A Good & Smart Solution

Today, with the help of new technologies, it is possible to do professional work remotely. Maybe ten years ago, telecommuting was a dream for many people, but today telecommuting is one of the most common and necessary solutions for the survival of many businesses.

Telecommuting is not a new idea, but coming up with the technology to meet this demand has not been easy. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, we now enjoy the benefits of telecommuting in business most simply and cost-effectively. Companies have also turned to it by realizing the benefits of telecommuting. As remote work in businesses has become more important, the number of flexible jobs has also increased.

With the emergence and spread of the Coronavirus, many businesses faced a serious challenge, and they were encouraged to work remotely to prevent their businesses from being disrupted, and benefiting from the advantages of remote work became a necessity in a wide range of companies. This course was a very good experience for organizations that did not believe in this way of cooperation.

In many cases, these organizations realized that working from home does not change the efficiency of human resources and sometimes even makes the personnel work better and be more productive. Also, they can hire employees with the lowest salaries, be freed from the constraints of location, and keep their business active, dynamic, and updated even under challenging conditions.

Remote work is the future of many businesses. Research shows that in the UK, in the coming years, we will see that 50% of the workforce will work remotely and will not necessarily have physical activity in their company offices.

Global research shows that 16% of businesses are now managed remotely, and 52% of people work remotely at least once a week. Of course, this statistic is increasing rapidly!

Software and tools that provide the conditions to perform work tasks remotely have become a severe need for businesses. Also, in these conditions, cooperation, communication, and the possibility of safely accessing data are the concerns that force companies to choose a secure method for remote access.

Today, remote collaboration and file sharing tools such as Microsoft teams, Google Drive, Trello, etc., have minimized the problems of remote working in collaboration.

Of course, we do not intend to replace remote work Instead of the current work style, but in today’s changing world, the importance of telecommuting is more visible than ever. Remote work, like other issues, has its supporters and detractors, but without a doubt, in special circumstances, especially with the spread of the Coronavirus and the impossibility of physical collaboration in work environments, remote work is considered the only solution for the survival of businesses.

Therefore, talking about remote work and its advantages, knowing the best solutions and tools for remote access, and Familiarity with RDP can change your attitude towards this issue and make you realize the importance of remote work in certain situations.

The purpose of preparing these materials is to increase your knowledge in the field of remote work and to familiarize yourself with the best solutions that you can use for secure remote access. If you don’t like missing out and are looking for a way to keep your business efficiency high in any situation and learn about the advantages of working remotely, join us.

What is remote work?

First of all, let’s have a definition of the concept of telecommuting to clarify this issue fully; telecommuting is a type of cooperation and a method of working and hiring for the employer, which employees in an environment outside the usual and traditional office environment, In other words, telecommuting means performing the official and specialized duties of personnel in a place far from their main place of work, which is usually called working at home or remotely.

The purpose of telecommuting is that employees who are not physically present in The official office of their work can actively cooperate in any place, and with online access to the company’s information, they can perform their duties and communicate with their colleagues.

The most important feature of telecommuting is its modern nature, attracting young job seekers’ attention. Due to the wide range of online communication channels, there is no need to be in a specific place to do many vital tasks. With the advancement of technology and the Internet, essential duties can be done with a few clicks, and it is possible to transfer important projects between people who are very far apart in time and place and get paid for doing tasks remotely. As a result, the main requirement for remote work is access to the Internet and smart devices such as mobile phones, computers, and laptops.

If organizations understand the importance of remote work correctly and manage and provide the appropriate structure and necessary knowledge and skills in this field, In that case, many of their problems will be solved. Remote work also offers creative and job-seeking people opportunities to achieve their desired growth and development.

Types of remote work

Remote work from any point except for presence in the company or offices is divided into 3 general categories:

  1. Full remote work
  2. Flexible employment
  3. Freelance

Full remote work

In full telecommuting, the company provides a suitable structure for telecommuting, hiring many employees remotely, and full-time employees work remotely from home or anywhere in the world for a company with a traditional office for a fixed salary.

These types of jobs are very task-oriented and provide a platform for employee career development. They are also effective in establishing useful communication and increasing the company’s productivity because employees can perform their duties wherever they are. For example, digital marketing, content creation, translation, software development, social network management, web design, or graphics are examples of jobs that can be fully remote.

Flexible employment

According to the schedule, the personnel can be physically present and work remotely in this type of remote work. Such businesses operate traditionally, but they provide the opportunity to work remotely at least once a week or according to the needs of the employee for the success of projects and at home, and also some companies act contrary to these conditions in such a way that most of the time the staff performs their duties remotely, and they may attend meetings in person once a week, in which case the employees must be residents of the city where the company is based. Sales and marketing, healthcare, project management, customer affairs management, customer service, accounting, and finance are some of the work areas that offer flexible jobs.


It is a kind of entrepreneurship that is done remotely to complete small tasks and side projects in addition to part-time or full-time daily jobs. Usually, people work as freelancers to earn more money and to do favorite projects. Digital marketing, consulting, design services, programming, writing, and social media management are the most common areas of freelancing in the current job market.

The importance of remote work in the new era

In the last decade, with the emergence of the coronavirus, we witnessed an unpleasant development in the world in the fields of economy, health, and social life, where the stable and orderly situation of the commercial and social sectors has been affected by unpleasant changes.

Businesses, especially large companies such as Google and Microsoft, have turned to remote work to accept the emergency of Corona, observe the social distance, avoid the presence of many people in the same place and time, maintain health, and also the need to continue the life of their business So that they can manage and control these conditions in the best way.

The changes caused by the Corona pandemic have sufficiently changed the perspective of businesses on remote work, and it has been accepted as a solution to prevent the collapse of businesses.

At first, the managers were concerned about the inability to control and manage the personnel who work remotely, and they did not have positive attitudes toward remote working, but the research conducted in this field was contrary to their attitude and to Such that the productivity and performance of remote workers were also high.

Advantages of remote work

After explaining remote working, you have understood the importance and positive impact of remote working in businesses. In the following, we will state the advantages of remote work, some of which you may be aware of and some of which may be new to you, and change your view of the impact of remote work on employees, employers, and the world economy.

For employees

Flexible lifestyle

One of the most important reasons that increase employees’ enthusiasm for remote work is the flexibility of their lifestyles because, unlike normal conditions where they have to work within the time frame set by the company, in remote work, they can freely perform their duties at any time of the day or night.

Also, remote work for students, working parents who have children, and those who have a second job, creates a balance between their work and life. As a result, people can focus on other important tasks in their personal lives, and your personal life will benefit greatly from your control and management of your work schedule.

Renew enthusiasm and interest in work

Most of those who choose remote work are those who focus more on their duties outside the office environment and show more interest in doing work due to being in a pleasant and suitable environment because they can experience fewer distractions in the environment outside the company, especially at home, and they can focus on projects in a calmer environment than the company environment and get rid of unnecessary Commuting and possible noise pollution in the company.

Also, working in a pleasant environment will effectively increase the motivation of personnel to achieve their goals, increasing their efficiency and productivity.

More mental and physical health

Employees who work remotely are less stressed than those who are present in the company. They can work efficiently in their desired environment and have more passion for their work; in addition, such employees’ nutrition will improve. Due to the flexibility of the working conditions, they have the opportunity to exercise and will not experience the waste of time commuting to the company; research has shown that commutes related to the workplace are effective in the stress and anxiety of the personnel, too Especially if the route leading to your workplace is busy and has traffic.

Also, when you think that you could use this wasted time on priorities outside work, such as sleeping more, exercising, eating a full breakfast, and spending more time with your family, telecommuting will be more attractive. On the other hand, if the route to your place of work is far from your place of residence, you will have to spend energy commuting, which naturally makes a person physically and mentally tired. Still, if at home, Work remotely in the best conditions, you focus on your activity, and you don’t need to spend time and energy on extra commuting. You can use the energy to do useful things and increase your skills.

Employees will be more enthusiastic if they feel satisfied with their job and job conditions. Undoubtedly, employees will feel more dutiful when the company values their comfort and satisfaction. As a result, companies in these conditions will have more committed, fresher, and healthier employees with efficient performance.

The possibility of using unlimited work opportunities

One of the special advantages of telecommuting for people is the possibility of accessing a wide range of job opportunities without location restrictions. Especially for young job seekers who live in small environments and cities, it is an advantage not to be limited by the conditions of their living environment and to be able to work with big and famous companies regardless of location, and for those who cannot settle in a fixed location and need to move frequently, such as military spouses, telecommuting is an opportunity to continue working from anywhere and not have to leave their job and find a new job every time they move.


A part of the monthly salary of the employees is spent on commuting, buying lunch, and things related to their work environment, but for remote employees, all these costs are removed, and they save on their daily expenses.

Advantages of remote work

For employers

  High productivity

Managers like remote work more by observing favorable results in increased efficiency and productivity. For this purpose, they do their best to increase the efficiency of employees to achieve the desired results. The employees also perform well due to the flexibility of the conditions and their concentration and satisfaction with the situation, which improves the entire company’s performance.

cost saving

Companies that hire people remotely can save on costs such as buying necessary equipment for work, renting or buying a place, buying office furniture and supplies, insurance, The cost of water and electricity, etc.

Increasing the employment of employees

By increasing the satisfaction and efficiency of employees and strengthening the relationship between employees and employers, the duration of cooperation between employees and managers will also be longer, and also employees will be loyal to the company, and good collaboration in team activities will also help in the rapid growth of the company.

Also, telecommuting eliminates the limitation in hiring employees due to the smallness of the work environment or the distance of the employees’ residence from the workplace. The organization can hire many employees at a fair cost and have employees from different locations.

Disadvantages of remote work

  • Less human connection: When you work remotely and at home, your connection with your colleagues is reduced or may be completely cut off, and you become more isolated. Human relationships impact your professional development, and through communication, opportunities for more interaction, gaining experience and skills, and finding close friends are provided. Friendships like this can help you solve your work and personal problems more comfortably and experience enjoyable leisure time with them. Also, due to these connections and presence in the work environment, you will have a closer relationship with your boss, and you will be seen more in the eyes of your boss and get a job promotion faster.
  • Reduction in efficiency: This issue does not apply to everyone, and most people are more efficient in remote work, but a few people cannot focus on their work and duties other than their work environment, and their efficiency decreases. Also, using old hardware, inadequate tools, and technologies, and a poor internet connection can harm some people’s productivity.

Misconceptions about remote work

Although remote work is considered a common style nowadays, and most companies benefit from this method to keep their business active and dynamic, there are still some misunderstandings about this work style, which we decided to explain below. Let’s mention a few of them:

Always active employees

In remote work, The imagination that employees are always active creates concerns for employers and employees themselves creates concerns for employers and employees; remote work allows employees to adjust their work and personal schedules, and for this reason, it is helpful for them, but the fear of working without a break in 24 hours a day discourages employees. Employers also think that employees who work around the clock may get tired and lose their enthusiasm for work.

This notion is incorrect, but when contracting, the hours that employees must be available and the flexible hours of the day can be determined. Also, remote teams can create messaging channels for their members to be available and Define standards for communication.

Weakness in communication

Employers often worry about poor communication and inefficient management due to the absence of employees in official offices, Although in remote work, team members do not participate in face-to-face meetings, but video calls can be used to improve communication. In this way, you can establish virtual communication and consult with each other, just like in face-to-face company meetings. Also, the remote work team members, as they are the project initiators, will be more willing to communicate to know the project’s status and will make more efforts to make the project successful.

Not performing tasks completely in remote work

One of the most common conversations that we have heard about remote work is that employees do not perform their duties in remote work as when they are physically present in the company, and they spend all day doing personal work, resting and having fun, and they work from time to time; This notion is entirely wrong.

It’s not uncommon for remote employees to take full advantage of the benefits of working from home and, in addition, they can adjust their schedules to perform their duties when they are most productive and creative and, as a result, provide the best efficiency.

It is better to accept that excellent performance is not limited to being in the company or official offices, and people are not alike. In most cases, remote work is more productive than being in the company.

How does remote working work?

Remote working requires culture, technique, and technology to align so virtual teams can operate effectively from anywhere. Culturally, telecommuting should be accepted as a factor for business success. Although in this method, a specific strategy is not determined, you can benefit from the common characteristics of a successful person in remote work; we will mention some of these characteristics:

1. Reliable connection: The presence of high-speed and reliable Internet and smart device technologies are the main keys to virtual teams’ communication.

2. Communication and collaboration tools: In remote work, communication should be of high quality as if they are working together in a commonplace. Also, high-quality and safe programs and platforms such as chat tools, videoconferencing, file sharing, remote desktops, and business tools effectively improve communication between colleagues.

3. Having the right culture in this area: A culture that promotes telecommuting stems from a management belief that Accepts a remote working approach and includes management support for telecommuting to empower employees to succeed in their remote jobs. Also, the key to the success of virtual teams, instead of relying on face-to-face time or office hours in the company, is to have a culture of teamwork and trust.

A Good and Smart Solution for remote access and telecommuting

Telecommuting has many advantages for businesses of all sizes, from saving money on office supplies to opening doors to new markets and employees. Considering the importance of remote work in businesses, software development is also important for entrepreneurs and organizations in adding facilities and positively affecting remote work.

Although remote work projects are made possible by connecting to the Internet and related technologies, time zone differences, language limitations, and lack of general understanding can be challenging for remote work. Generally, in software development projects, members of virtual teams have the most problems in communication and access to resources.

The leader of virtual teams is responsible for the project’s success by equipping his team with useful tools that increase productivity and reduce the possibility of poor communication.

As a result, communication plays an essential role in any work, especially remote work. Fortunately, a wide and diverse range of tools are available so that we can benefit from them to improve relationships and the productivity of remote projects. We are going to introduce some examples of these efficient tools:

1. Trello

It is a general-purpose and simple program based on the Kanban system, which is mostly used for project management and has recently become very popular among users. This tool provides a flexible platform that simplifies management by offering features such as creating tasks and guiding employees through a set process to accomplish tasks.

With Trello’s visual list-making tool, you can directly and visually track your project progress, save information, review, and organize work progress. Virtual teams usually benefit from the Trello tool to control and manage their projects in a simple way.

Thanks to its simple design and great functionality, Trello is an excellent choice for teams working on a wide range of challenging tasks.

2. Slack

Thanks to the Slack chat/channel communication tool, you can easily communicate with your colleagues with a user-friendly interface. Tools like G Suite, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many others are compatible with it. One of the interesting features of this tool is that to boost morale; Slack Fun bots can remind employees of their birthdays and provide them with team reports.

Slack has made remote communication much more attractive and easier, and its famous slogan “Where work happens” clearly indicates the importance of using it in project management. Also, Slack’s mobile and web versions allow its users to collaborate regardless of location; as a result, many remote software development teams prefer it to other tools due to its low cost and useful features.

3. Zoom

Zoom is a great and lightweight video conferencing app that works by integrating with Google Calendar. This program also has chat options, but it is mainly introduced and used as a program for making quality video calls.

This application offers 40 minutes of a free conference in its free plan and in professional plans, it provides special facilities to users, and hosting a webinar is one of the accesses made possible by Zoom, which is very useful in online marketing strategies.

Zoom has also been helpful in filming; since it has become common these days to record educational videos or documentaries, this application offers the best facilities in this field.

4. Dropbox

As a cloud-based file storage service, Dropbox has solved the concerns related to data storage and availability because it has made it possible to maintain and store data in a specific place and access data for anyone if needed.

Documents, images, videos, music, and more than a dozen other file types supported by Dropbox, all these information files can be stored and managed in Dropbox as an online repository. The advantage of Dropbox is that it is compatible with any device, be it a mobile phone or a computer.

With the free version of Dropbox, you can use 2 GB of cloud storage space, but if you need more space, you should use the paid versions, which start at $8.25 per month.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams exists in the Microsoft Office ecosystem and is compatible with other Microsoft products. It is a more enterprise version of Slack. Microsoft Teams is used for video conferencing, chat, and file sharing.

If your business relies heavily on Microsoft Office applications, there’s no need to worry about getting started with Microsoft Teams.

6. Asana

Available since 2008, Asana is known as a powerful platform due to its various features. Asana, as a tool to meet the needs of any organization, provides many possibilities, including automation, presentation of timelines, etc.

Asana’s task-oriented user interface makes it an ideal tool for remote work management, and Asana helps virtual team members break down their work into smaller projects and keep track of what needs to be done. Thanks to the simple design of this program, it is effortless to track the project’s progress and identify who is responsible for which part.

7. Jooble

Jooble is an international website that facilitates job search and is used as a job search website by millions of people in 69 different countries every day.

Originally a start-up founded by two students in 2006, the company now serves people as a leader in online recruitment and a global employment hub. According to SimilarWeb, the Jooble website is now in the top 10 most visited jobs and recruitment websites worldwide.

A Good and Smart Solution for remote access and remote work

Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP server is a way to work remotely

One of the best solutions for a remote working approach is to use the RDP protocol. If we want to give a quick and simple explanation, RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, which is a protocol or standard for using a remote computer, which means that you can access from your computer system to another computer system that is far from you and manage it remotely.

Different protocols such as ICA, RDP, and VNC are used in remote communication software, of which RDP is the most widely used. Since Microsoft provides the RDP protocol, it is compatible with macOS in addition to the Windows operating system.

The main application of this protocol is for use in remote working conditions, especially with the epidemic of Corona and the observance of health and social distances and the importance of remote work; employees can establish remote communication from home with the system in the company and access files and data, and do their job.

Maybe you are interested to know how this protocol establishes communication. When the RDP Client enters the IP address of the RDP Server computer in the graphic interface of this service, a session starts, and the RDP Client computer connects to port 3389 of the RDP service of the remote computer.

Before the RDP Client completes its session with the RDP Server, the remote computer or the RDP Server receives the user information, including the user’s Username and Password from the RDP Client. After the RDP Server computer authenticates the user, the connection Secure is established between RDP Client and RDP Server by a certificate prepared by RDP Server. So that an attacker cannot penetrate the RDP Client’s user information, as a result, with RDP, you can experience a secure connection for remote access.

What is an RDP server?

The service is Windows-based, and you can connect to it through Remote Desktop Connection software and the username and password assigned to you. In other words, it can be said that the RDP server is the Windows virtual server, But with the difference is that in the virtual server, every separate server with different operating systems can be used by the virtualizer, but RDP is not like this, and RDP is installed in a dedicated server with many resources. To create a new RDP server is enough to make a user, and You can log in and use it right away, and you don’t need to install the operating system again.

RDP Servers are generally divided into Admin Access RDP and Shared RDP Server.

These two parts do not have much technical difference, but Admin Access RDP provides you access to anything and leaves you free to do anything and you have exclusive resources at your disposal, But in Shared RDP Server, you do not have the authority to do anything and your access is limited. For example, if you want to install or remove software, you must notify the server administrator, and you can only use features with limited access. As a result, buying RDP  is one of the best solutions that make the remote work process significantly efficient and easy, and most importantly, the safety of this method leaves no room for Worry.

Advantages of RDP

The RDP protocol and its implementation tool provide the possibility of working remotely and using the hardware and software facilities of a computer that is not physically accessible, as well as provide access to the data and information in your system from any place. By providing a fixed IP address, this protocol enables you to connect to another system remotely, and you can also use some software without the need to log in and log out, and you will not need to use a VPN. Compared with cloud services, information is stored in the user’s system, bringing higher security to preserve data.

Security is one of the advantages of RDP Server; although no service can be 100% guaranteed to be safe, the infrastructure of RDP Server and its programming is done by Microsoft; therefore, it cannot be said that it has low security and undoubtedly they have taken the necessary measures to increase its security. Also, you can maintain the security of your RDP and server’s security and increase your server’s security by regularly updating RDP Server with the help of basic measures. (If you don’t know how to update RDP and also if you don’t know about the actions that play a role in maintaining RDP security, the articles How to Update The RDP and Keep RDP Safe with 4 basic security measures will guide you.)


•to be independent
• Increased performance
• Avoid wasting time commuting
• Being flexible in personal and work planning
• Motivation booster
• No location restrictions in hiring employees
•cost efficient
• No need for large office space
• Balancing work and life

RDP provides remote access by providing a dedicated network channel. Data is prepared and packaged for transmission by an RDP-enabled application or service and is directed to an RDP channel by the Microsoft Communications Service. Data ready for RDP transmission is encrypted by the operating system and placed in a frame so that they can be easily transmitted securely.

  • Makes you more isolated.
  • You may spend more time on your work.
  • You may be under work pressure.
  • It is possible to face a reduction in employee productivity.

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a safe method of communicating over a network. It grants users remote access to their workplace desktops and allows network administrators to remotely diagnose users' issues.


Remote work is a style of cooperation and working where people can perform their work duties in an environment outside the work environment and keep their jobs even in special and critical situations, and their business remains active and dynamic.

The basis of remote work has existed since the formation of human civilizations and the era before the industrial revolution. But, with the advancement of technology, the expansion of the use of the Internet, and the development of communication and management software, remote work has spread among businesses. Especially Recently, by facing the coronavirus and its emergency conditions, remote work played the most critical role in keeping businesses active and has become an urgent need for companies.

In remote work, the use of software and tools to facilitate the management of work projects and establish effective and easy communication is also important. Also, data security in remote communication is an essential factor that everyone strives to provide, so in this field, one should act consciously and use safe methods; one of the secure methods for remote access is to use the RDP protocol.

In the coming years, remote work will probably affect the future of employment in the world more than ever. Therefore both organizations and workforces should prepare for it as much as possible from now on.

The purpose of presenting these materials is to familiarize you more with the importance of remote work and its advantages and challenges. Also, we introduced tools that make the remote work process more efficient and easier, and by providing this content, we familiarized you with the safe and secure RDP method for remote desktop access.

We hope that this content has been useful for you; We’d love to hear from you if there’s anything unclear or if you have any ideas to improve this post.

Thank you for being so supportive.

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