How to Change/Customize Shell Prompt in Ubuntu VPS?

How to Change/Customize Shell Prompt in Ubuntu VPS?

Customizing the shell prompt in Ubuntu VPS can significantly enhance your command-line experience by making essential information readily available. You can either change or customize Shell Prompt permanently or temporarily based on your preference. The main method to change the Shell Prompt is to edit the PS1 (Prompt String 1) line in the .bashrc file. […]

How to open Window in Center of Screen on Ubuntu VPS

How to open Window in Center of Screen on Ubuntu VPS

Window on Ubuntu can be centered to be particularly advantageous for design and video editing tasks. This functionality minimizes the need for manual adjustments after opening a window, proving beneficial when managing numerous windows or working on displays with limited screen real estate. There are two main ways to achieve this on Ubuntu VPS, depending […]

how to Install Notepad++ on Linux VPS

How to Install Notepad++ on Linux VPS?

Notepad++, a free open-source code editor loved for its speed and features, can surprisingly be used on Linux! This lets you code with the familiar Notepad++ interface and features like syntax highlighting for different languages, making your development process smoother. There are two main ways to install Notepad++ on Linux VPS: Snap and Wine. Snap […]

Fix Black Screen in Ubuntu VPS

Black Screen in Ubuntu VPS: Ultimate Solution to Fix Error

The solution to solve the black screen error in Ubuntu VPS is to boot your Ubuntu VPS in recovery mode through the GNU GRUB menu, select “Resume normal boot” to proceed with a normal boot process, or edit the Linux entry by adding “nomodeset” mode at the end, and reboot the Ubuntu VPS. Encountering a […]

How to Use ifdown Command in Ubuntu VPS?

How to Use ifdown Command in Ubuntu VPS?

The ifdown command in Ubuntu VPS is used to disable a network interface. It effectively takes the specified interface down or offline, preventing it from handling any network traffic. This command is typically paired with the ifup command, which serves to activate or reactivate a network interface. The main syntax of the┬áifdown command in Ubuntu […]

Best Linux Commands

25 Best Linux Commands All Users Should Learn

Linux by providing a Command-Line Interface (CLI), allows users to interact with the Linux system more efficiently through running commands. Learning the basic Linux commands is essential for more effective interaction with the Linux system and managing and performing a wide range of tasks more efficiently and quickly. Top 25 essential Linux command you must […]

How to Install Notepad++ on Windows VPS?

How to Install Notepad++ on Windows VPS?

To install Notepad++ on Windows VPS does not take much time. You can install it on Windows VPS using the Notepad++ installer .exe file. Notepad++ is a highly popular text and code editor, known for its versatility and ease of use, making it an essential tool for developers and system administrators alike. Whether you are […]

How to Install .Net Framework on Windows

How to Install .Net Framework on Windows + Updating Guide

You may encounter some errors, like “0x800f0954” while installing applications on a Windows machine or Windows VPS. Some of these errors emerge because certain software or packages are not installed on your machine. .NET Framework is one of these software and some applications require certain versions of the .NET Framework to run. This issue can […]

Easy Guide to Mount USB Drive in Linux

How to Mount USB Drive in Linux?

In today’s data-driven world, USB drives remain a popular way to carry information. While modern Linux systems with graphical interfaces often mount USB drives automatically, you might encounter situations where manual mounting through the terminal is necessary. There are different methods you can test to mount USB drive in Linux Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS: Plugin […]

Install Node.js on Windows

How to Install Node.js on Windows?

The most common and simplest method to install Node.js on Windows is downloading and running Node.js Installer from the official Node.js website and following prompts in the Node.js Setup Wizard. The installer allows you to add Node.js to your system path and access it from the command prompt or PowerShell. Installing Node.js as a cross-platform […]

How to Install OpenSSL on Windows?

How to Install OpenSSL on Windows?

If you are a webmaster or a website owner, you may be familiar with OpenSSL since you need to have an SSL/TLS certificate for your website, whether it is hosted on a Windows VPS or a Linux VPS. To do so, you have multiple ways. The simplest way to install OpenSSL on Windows is to […]

How to use Linux cut Command

Linux cut Command with 10 Helpful Examples

The cut command in Linux is a handy tool for extracting specific parts of text from files. It acts like scissors, letting you snip out sections of each line based on characters, bytes, or field separators (like commas or tabs). This makes it useful for working with formatted text files and extracting the needed data. […]

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