Enable IPv6 on Ubuntu VPS

How to Enable IPv6 on Ubuntu?

In most cases, IPv6 is already enabled by default on Ubuntu systems. However, if it has not been enabled yet, you can enable IPv6 on Ubuntu manually by editing configuration files such as /etc/sysctl.conf file and disabling the existing “disable_ipv6” setting via changing the value to “0” with root privileges. Changing IPv4 to IPv6 which […]

Steps to Enable Remote Desktop Audio

How to Enable Remote Desktop Audio?

You can enable Remote Desktop Audio for most Windows versions, including both personal and server versions. This lets you hear audio played on the remote computer, like videos or music. To do this, you need to enable sound redirection in the RDP settings on your local machine using the below steps: Fire up the Remote […]

Open Task Manager in Remote Desktop

How to Open Task Manager in Remote Desktop?

Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc is the most efficient and straightforward way to directly open Task Manager remotely while using a remote desktop without requiring menu navigation or additional steps. There are various methods to launch Task Manager in Remote Desktop; here, you can learn how to access Task Manager remotely. […]

List Docker Containers

How to List Docker Containers?

Docker is a fundamental component in application development that simplifies building, deploying, and running applications using containers. Learning how to list Docker containers is an important skill when using Docker. You can list all running and stopped containers with details about container ID, name, image, ports, and status using the docker ps -a, docker container […]

How to List and Delete Iptables Rules in Linux

List and Delete Iptables Rules in Linux

Iptables, the built-in firewall for Linux systems, acts like a vigilant guard for your network traffic. Using predefined rules, it meticulously examines each incoming, outgoing, and forwarded data packet. To list rules, use iptables -L [chain name] command to view the existing rules in the specified chain. To delete rules, if you consider deleting by […]

Docker Compose Logs: Best Guide to Check and View Logs

Docker Compose Logs: Best Guide to Check and View Logs

Docker Compose is a nifty tool for managing complex applications made up of multiple containers. While you can install Docker on Linux and Windows, most developers use it on a Linux VPS. As for docker-compose, think of it as a recipe book where you define all the ingredients (services) needed for your dish (application) in […]

Steps to Add Additional IPv4 and IPv6 to Linux VPS

How to Add Additional IPv4 and IPv6 to Linux VPS

Most Linux servers have a public IP address allowing remote connections. Adding additional IPv4 and IPv6 serves various purposes, such as: Hosting multiple websites or services. Loading balancing, and high availability. Adopting IPv6 to future-proof your online presence. To add additional IPv4 and IPv6 to Linux VPS, first, you need to have purchased Linux VPS […]

Steps to Backup Mikrotik Configuration and Restore via Winbox

How to Backup Mikrotik Configuration and Restore via Winbox

Backing up your MikroTik router’s configuration with Winbox is like creating a safety net for your network settings. It captures all the essential information about your router, including firewalls, routing rules, and wireless settings. This becomes crucial if your router malfunctions or needs a reset. With a saved backup, you can quickly restore your network […]

Best Methods to Configure PPTP VPN in Windows, Linux, Mikrotik

How to Configure PPTP VPN on Windows, Linux, Mikrotik

PPTP VPN is a fast network protocol that guarantees a stable conversation over the Internet, especially for gaming and streaming usages. Using PPTP VPN is a simple option (not safe) to change your IP address. To Set up PPTP VPN on Windows Server, go to Server Manager and follow the below steps: Install Routing and […]

Best Method to Install V2ray in Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, ios

How to Install V2ray on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

As an open-source network tool, V2Ray VPN helps increase online security over the Internet. V2Ray supports operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. V2Ray installation is the same on the server and the client, but usually the VPS uses Linux and the PC uses Windows. Install V2Ray and configure it on all […]

Methods to fix Repository does not have a release file error

Repository does not have a release file⇒ Fix Error in Ubuntu

Repository does not have a release file” error occurs when the package manager can’t find the repository’s package information. This error can prevent you from successfully installing or updating software on your Ubuntu system. Common causes are: Typos in repository URLs. Outdated repositories. Missing “Release” files. To solve this error, you need to consider the […]

How to Use SSH in Windows to Connect to a Remote Server

How to Use SSH in Windows to Connect to a Remote Server

To connect to and use SSH in Windows, you need to first install the OpenSSH client and run the following command: ssh username@IPaddress However, there are some requirements for it. For example, the SSH server should be active and running on the server, or the OpenSSH client must be installed on your Windows, and other […]

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