How To Install MariaDB On Debian 9

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April 7, 2020 by Harry

How To Install MariaDB On Debian 9

MariaDB is a database system that is a branch of MySQL and uses MariaDB Storage Engine as a storage engine. At the beginning of the database’s entry into the market, experts and programmers did not welcome it, believing that it did not have the power to compete with MySQL, but it did not take long for programmers to use the database and find out because of the base’s core. MariaDB Data, which is similar to MySQL, programs run smoothly with this database.

In the following, we will check how to install MariaDB in Debian 9, and how to make it online to be functional.

Install MariaDB

Steps to install MariaDB

1. First, connect to your Debian 9 terminal through SSH (How to connect with SSH?)

2. Then enter the following command to update the list of your Debian repository.

apt update

3. After completing the steps of the previous command, enter the following command to download and install the latest version of MariaDB on your Debian 9.

apt install mariadb-server

4. After downloading and installing MariaDB, enter the following command to make the default settings of this service.


After entering the above command, you will first be asked to enter a password for Root your database or not? By pressing the Enter key, the none option is selected by you and the system will ask you for a password twice to assign to the root user of the MariaDB database.

Enter the password and complete all the steps by selecting Inter to select the initial settings of this database.

How to work with MariaDB service on Debian 9

The MariaDB database service, like other services installed on Debian, uses Systemd, and you can manage it with the systemctl command.

Start MariaDB on Debian 9

systemctl start mariadb

Stop MariaDB on Debian9

systemctl stop mariadb

Enable MariaDB service in Debian 9 startup

systemctl enable mariadb

Disable MariaDB service in Debian 9 startup

systemctl disable mariadb

Show the status of MariaDB Service

systemctl status mariadb

This will allow you to install and manage MariaDB on your Debian Linux VPS.
We hope you enjoy the tutorial on installing MariaDB in Debian 9 at the end.



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