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Verified Methods to Change SSH Port in Linux

How to Change SSH Port in Linux

SSH listens on port 22. If you have it by default, hackers may be able to attack the server through port 22, take control of it, or cause irreparable damage to it. To change the default SSH port in Linux Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS, the below steps are required mainly: Executing sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config command […]

setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu /Debian

How to setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu or Debian

The easiest way to setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu or Debian is using the OpenVPN setup script. Due to the complexity of setting up a personal OpenVPN server for novices, Installing OpenVPN using a script is the best option. Setting up OpenVPN, an open-source Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solution, on Ubuntu or Debian creates a secure […]

Setup L2TP VPN Server on VPS

How To Setup L2TP VPN Server on Mikrotik, Linux, Windows

L2TP/IPsec is a built-in VPN protocol on many operating systems and an efficient way to transmit Internet traffic through a VPN tunnel. L2TP, built into many operating systems, creates a secure tunnel for your internet traffic, but it relies on IPsec for encryption. Setup L2TP VPN Server on your operating system offers a good balance […]

What Are The Different Protocols Of VPN?

Best VPN Protocols Compared in 2024

A Virtual Private Network Protocol, or VPN protocol, is a group of rules that set how the data is transmitted between the client’s device and the VPN server. Different VPN protocols are designed to meet various needs. Some are good at security, some at speed, and some well-balanced.



VPS ( Virtual Private Server) provides a virtualized server environment for hosting websites, running applications, and remote desktop access. On the other hand, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a security technology used to enhance the security of internet connections and privacy and anonymity in public networks. VPN vs. VPS:  A Comprehensive Comparison VPN and VPS […]

what is VPN

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology used to create a secure and encrypted connection to a private network over the Internet.

hardware or software firewall

10 Differences Between Hardware And Software Firewall

Firewall models can be divided into two groups: a software firewall and a hardware firewall. Firewall software is a security software that is installed on a computer or server. A hardware firewall is a standalone device with a dedicated CPU, memory, operating system, and software. Some hardware firewalls are also part of the router and […]

Why The RDP Server Is Not Connecting [Solved]

6 Reasons Why The RDP Server Is Not Connecting

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, a popular protocol for connecting and accessing a computer desktop in another location. The RDP protocol allows users to connect to another computer remotely over a network. The graphical interface of RDP is such that there is almost no difference from using it directly from the destination computer. The […]

Steps to Install Xrdp On Ubuntu 20

Install Xrdp On Ubuntu 20

Xrdp is a service you can install on your Ubuntu and connect to it through remote desktop connections. The steps that we will pass in this article to install Xrdp on Ubuntu 20 are updating the server, installing the graphical interface, installing Xrdp, and setting some configurations.

Set the Date and Time on Linux with Ease

Learn How to Set the Date and Time on Linux with Ease

It is very important to set the time and date for the server to function properly. In particular, there are services that must be executed and operational on a certain date. Examples of this service are CronJab or Google Autotunitor service, or monitoring services such as Zabbix.

Steps to Install Lamp on Ubuntu

How To Install Lamp on Ubuntu

To install Lamp on Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 22.04, we should know that LAMP is abbreviated as Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These 4 programs are among the most popular Open-Source programs in the web world, which are known as Web Stack. Web Stack uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the web server, MySQL as […]

Steps to Install Laravel On CentOS 7

How To Install Laravel On CentOS 7

Laravel is one of the PHP language frameworks designed for web application development and works on an MVC basis. The Laravel Framework makes it easy to program PHP web applications and makes PHP projects easy to develop.

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