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June 2, 2022 by Oscar Borayn

Gaming DNS

DNS is commonly used as a lever to maintain Internet speeds and ping speeds; You can change your DNS through Windows and Linux settings on the desktop and Android and iOS operating systems on the phone, also the modem or router; One popular DNSs that you may have heard of is (Cloud Flare), Using DNS can sometimes improve the quality of your internet connection.

About DNS

DNS is like an online phonebook that directs you to connect to the contact that you want! The decentralized naming system for computers and other Internet-connected resources. For example, when you create a website, to register its domain, you must specify a name that points to your site. This name is converted to IP with the help of DNS and is recognized on the Internet.

Your ISP gives you a dedicated DNS server every time you connect to the Internet, but the DNS servers offered by ISPs may not always be the best choice; Low-speed DNS servers can delay the loading of websites and access to various data centers in software or online games.

Important Note: Access fixed and fast ping using any type of DNS! This is definitely wrong because your ping varies with different DNS anywhere in the geography; You need to test different DNSs and know which DNSs are moving to your nearest IP server to experience lower ping and better speeds.


Main Applications Of DNS

Among the DNS servers that exist, the following DNS servers in different geographical areas have a positive effect on reducing ping, in order to reduce ping, it is recommended to choose from the following DNS:

  1. Mail server identification
  2. Host name-to-address mapping
  3. Keep the ping steady

Positive Impact Of DNS On The Gaming Experience

Based on my personal experience; Using DNS can have a positive effect on ping, but not to the extent that it causes your ping to change from 80 to 40! Simply put: connecting to the nearest IP server due to the use of DNS other than ISP DNS; Will reduce the ping by about 1 to 7 ms or keep the ping constant and increase the loading speed of your system.

About DNS Records

DNS records are an essential aspect of Internet architecture. Addressing numbers may be linked through DNS records and records, which is similar to how phone numbers are linked together in the phonebook.

There are specific and different DNS records, which are said to be more than 30, some of which are used by webmasters.

Effective DNS Servers For Ping

1. Cloudflare DNS

The best uptime for DNS service is Cloudflare; It is reliable and can keep your ping in a stable state and you will not experience a sudden change of ping; Optional WARP program that provides a secure connection to the standard network tunnel to increase security.

One of the positive features of this DNS is that its average search speed is 11 ms, which is one of the best in the world.

Cloud Flare DNS 1

PDS 1:

ADS 1:

PDS 2:

ADS 2:


2. Neustar DNS

Neustar is known for its high security and can keep your ping steady, but in the geo-tested environment compared to Cloudflare, it keeps your ping steady and reduces it from 5 to 10 ms; It can be a good option to use to reduce ping.

Neustar logoPSD:



3. Safe DNS

Other reliable DNSs include Safe DNS; One of the best options that you can use while having high security is a stable ping; You can apply the settings through Alternate DNS Server and Preferred DNS Server specified in the following section.

SafeDNS1PSD: 195.46. 39.39

ADS: 195.46. 39.40


4. Google DNS Server

Given that Google has data centers around the world, it automatically becomes the best domain name system. Even if there is a problem with the nearest data center, it redirects the user to the nearest data center! It is important to know that there is a high risk of leaks for any type of free DNS server, which Google DNS is fully aware of and provides more security.

Google dns 1




5. DYN

Like the other options mentioned, DYN offers its users the same experience of fixed ping access, fast and secure data center; It also protects your information against most phishing and hacker attacks.






About DNSSEC And Comparison With DNS

DNSsec is a security mechanism to prevent DNS Spoofing as well as DNS Poisening; In fact, DNSSec gives this assurance to the DNS Server to provide the client with the answer is received from another DNS server, ensuring its accuracy as well as ensuring that the answer does not change during the transfer and the client to the correct destination. Connect the main.

With the help of DNSSec, two features of Identity and Integrity can be established between the main DNS server and our local DNS server that responds to clients.


How To Change The DNS In The System?

1) Run the settings.

2) Now Click on the Network & Internet option.

3) Next, you will click on the Advanced Network Settings option.

4) You will click on the More Network Adapter Options in the next section.

5) Now a folder called Network Connections will appear, among which you should find the main Internet network service and right-click on it, and then click on Options.

6) Here you need to Double-Click on Internet Protocol version 4  (IPV4) and select the section named: Use the following DNS server Addresses.

7) Now Place PSD and ADS you’ve been selected above side, finally click on OK and your DNS is ready!



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