Mistakes Destroy Windows

Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Windows

Like any system in the world, you should also be careful with your Windows operating system. It does not work that you do anything you wish, and you hope that your system will operate correctly. Obviously, if you are an expert, there will be no problem, but if you are not, do not modify anything.

This does not matter that your system is a Windows VPS, Windows Server, or Desktop Windows. In this article, we will check some of these jobs that you should prevent doing in any of the mentioned systems.

1. Not Updating The Operating System

Some people still think it is good to stop automatic updates exactly after installing the operating system. There may be different reasons for doing this. Some think that automatic updates will charge too much bandwidth. Some think that updating will crash the operating system.

And some people think that it will slow down the operating system. All of these reasons are totally wrong. Updating will not charge too much bandwidth; every day, we load many pictures, videos, and emojis on social media. Every day we are inside Youtube and Netflix. Be sure that Youtube charges more bandwidth than Windows updates.

And till now, I’ve not seen that updating crash the operating system. And also, updating will not slow down your Windows. Updating is good in some aspects. By updating, your Windows anti-malware system will be able to defend against new malware and viruses. The bugs inside your operating system will be covered.

And you will have new features of the Windows that Microsoft has developed for you. So, please do not turn off the automatic update and let it do its job.


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2. Modifying Windows Folder

Inside the drive that Windows has been installed, there is a Windows folder. The mentioned folder contains many things that Windows cannot operate without them. For example, one of the main folders is the System32 folder. This folder contains dynamic library link (DLL) and executable (EXE) files.

These files are important for Windows to operate correctly. If you remove any of these files or folders, you will face different errors, and even you may not be able to turn off your computer correctly or turn it on totally. Also, you will face an error that says the DLL file is missing. What if a virus infects your Windows file?

In this situation, do not remove any file by yourself to remove the virus because you will face the same errors again, yes you may remove the virus, but you will also remove the Windows files. The best way to resolve this issue is to use antivirus and antimalware applications and if it was not resolved, try to reinstall the OS.

3. Not Monitoring Your Resources

After you buy Windows VPS or a Desktop personal system, you should always monitor your system. As a support agent, I’ve received many reports that VPS & RDP users complain about the slowness of their servers. When checking, I understood that their servers were infected by a crypto trojan mining using the server resources. The CPU usage was 100%, and the client was not able to use the service.

In this situation, you can ask your support agent to check and resolve this for you, but what if happens for your own desktop? The answer is that you should always monitor your system through the task manager and track the suspicious services and tasks if you don’t have any anti-malware installed.

Once you found the suspicious task, you can easily find its path and remove it. And if it was not possible to remove it, you can use anti-malware apps like Malwarebytes to do this for you.

4. Not Using Antivirus And Antimalware

There many types of viruses and trojans on the web. Viruses can steal your information, prevent your system from working correctly, etc. Different viruses are made for different reasons. The important note is that no one of them is made for good reason, so you must always be ready to defend against them.

If you are always browsing on the Internet for any reason, you have to use anti-virus and anti-malware. Unless your system will be infected and it will cause different problems. Viruses are different than malware, so you have to use both anti-malware and anti-virus.

Unfortunately, Windows is not as secure as an operating system like Linux, so you have to take some actions to prevent yourself. As an anti-virus, the Windows inside anti-virus defender is suitable, and as an anti-malware, Malwarebytes is the best platform that I can recommend.


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5. Editing Registry File

The registry file is the beating heart of the Windows operating system. This is where all users, settings, and file formats are defined. There are some safe modification options inside the Windows setting itself, but the registry file contains many other settings that are not safe to modify without knowing.

You can have access to the registry file through regedit.exe. If you do any wrong modifications inside the registry file, it can cause different problems for your Windows to operate correctly. So if still, you wish to do modifications, take a backup of the registry file and then do your modifications.


All of us have our own job and career which is important for us and many of us are working through a computer. Many of us have important data stored in our computers, and maybe we have worked many hours, days, or months for those data!

A truck driver always protects his truck from being damaged. Our computer is our truck! So don’t leave your system to god and do something to protect it unless you’ll lose your time and maybe your job.

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