vps vs dedicated server

VPS vs Dedicated Server

Reading the VPS vs Dedicated Server and discussing the differences between VPS and Dedicated Server helps you to choose the best server. Servers are powerful computers that are always connected to the Internet and electricity. Different configurations can be done on VPS or dedicated servers. Things such as launching a website, launching an application, launching a VPN server, launching a virtualization system, maintaining data, using it as a backup server, using it as a mail server, etc. The servers are stored under special conditions in special buildings called data centers.

When you decide to have a server, several types of servers will be candidates. What are the most popular servers? VPS and Dedicated servers. Before deciding about the price, you need to know what are these two and which one suits your needs. In this article, you will learn How to Choose the Best Server after reviewing all details of VPS vs Dedicated Server. Then, you will be able to plan for buy VPS or buy Dedicated Server since till the end it will be clear which one you need.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This service is created by virtualization systems such as VMware or KVM on a dedicated server. With the virtualization system, VPS service can be created as much as the server resources. In VPSs created by the VMware virtualization system, any amount of resources allocated to a VPS service will be reserved for the same VPS only and there will be no possibility of overselling. The only thing that is shared on VPS is bandwidth. This service is needed if you do not need a powerful server such as a virtual server. In this type of service, instead of having to rent a dedicated server and pay a lot for it, you can only pay for the number of resources you need.

If you need to know more about VPS, refer to the article and come back to continue this guide on the differences between VPS and Dedicated Server.


VPS Advantages

To find out the key differences between VPS and Dedicated Server, we need to know the pros and cons of each one individually. Let’s check the advantages of VPS.

  • Provides a perfect performance even better than shared hosting.
  • Affordable compared to Dedicated servers.
  • Ideal for smaller projects.
  • Flexible with upgrading servers when projects are grown.

VPS Disadvantages

To go through the VPS function, check its down points below.

  • As a physical machine, features are limited.
  • VPS is not ideal for larger projects.
  • Users must have the technical knowledge to work with VPS.

What is a Dedicated Server?

VPS and Dedicated Servers are similar to each other but once you provide a Dedicated server, you will have the entire server to yourself including your resources. The dedicated server is a powerful computer that has large resources of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. This is why this proprietary name is used for this type of server, where all the resources of this type of server are completely dedicated to the person who rented the server. The dedicated servers are stored inside a rack, which is a metal frame for servers and serial arrangement. The length and width of the rack are standard and fixed, but the height varies. When you rent a dedicated server, the data center gives you one of these servers inside the rack physically for you but when you rent a VPS, the situation is different.

Administrators of high-traffic sites and eCommerce websites, and developers of big applications choose Dedicated servers to manage their large amounts of data easier, faster, and safer.

dedicated server

Dedicated Server Advantages

If you are looking for big resource amounts, Dedicated server hosting is great. Review its features below.

  • Provides numerous amounts of resources.
  • Larger projects receive great performance.
  • No requirement for upgrades when your project is grown.

Dedicated Server Disadvantages

Similar to VPS, the Dedicated Servers have their own cons. Let’s read below.

  • Dedicated Servers are expensive.
  • High technical knowledge is required.
  • VPS and cloud servers are more flexible than Dedicated Servers.

VPS vs Dedicated Server; Which Service is better to use?

This decision depends on many factors as well as the provider from whom you intend to buy. If you are going to buy a Linux VPS or Windows VPS service, you have to get this service from a place that pays a lot of attention to some things. For example, you should buy from a provider that uses a virtualization system that does not allow overselling. It is better for the provider to use SSD storage service to increase the speed of the service. And buy from a famous provider because large servers will not endanger their reputation by using the data inside your service.

The experience of the provider you buy from is also important. Experienced providers know how much they should use server resources and what configurations to use to provide better service. It is also a good idea for the provider to use Raid technology so that user data is not lost in the event of a storage system problem. Now if you are a large organization or your website has a lot of traffic, the virtual server will not meet your needs. Also, if the security of your information is very important, it is better to use a dedicated server.

vps or dedicated server


To order a dedicated server, you must have more knowledge of computer hardware. When ordering, you need to know which hardware fits together and which hardware has how much power. If you put important information on the server, you should have enough information about Raid systems to be able to restore your data in the event of a problem.

VPS vs Dedicated Server; Which meets your preferences?

The following table lets you find out the differences between the most important options you need to check before buying a server. The following table lets you find out the differences between the most important options you need to check before buying a server. It’s all yours at a glance.

Server Facilities VPS Dedicated Server
ControlGives you more control over your resources. Capable you to scale up your CPU, RAM and storage.Provides BIOS-level control to manage low-level things like power consumption, boot-loaders, and hardware-level security.
ScalabilityIt is more flexible with the ability to increase the amount and distribution of CPU cores, RAM and storage capacity as your project grows.Offers poor and limited scalability.
ResourcesIdeal for projects with the need of smaller amounts of resources to start with since it is a ‘’start and small grow’’ option.Great for projects you need more resources since it has powerful CPUs, RAM, and bigger storage drives.
Great for most projects since it offers powerful specs.Offers high level of performance since it has huge amounts of resources.
PriceCheap VPS servers are available for small projects, and you can also increase resources and performance and pay more.Depending on its big resources Dedicated Servers are expensive, but it is worth it.


In this article, you learned How to Choose the Best Server. By knowing the definition of VPS and Dedicated Server and their pros and cons, VPS vs Dedicated Server is explained. So, you are ready to choose which one is suitable for you due to your needs and priorities. It is better to get the service you need, depending on your needs, and according to the amount of ability that you have to manage the server before you buy a VPS or dedicated server. If your data is very important to you, if the uptime is really important to you, it is better to use a dedicated server. In the last part of this guide, you reviewed the important facilities of any server you need to check before buying. Knowing the differences in Control, Scalability, Resources, Performance, and Price between VPS and Dedicated Servers helps you to Choose the Best Server.

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