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With the rapid advancement of technology, every day in the web world, we get acquainted with new technology, each of which provides us with a unique solution to meet our needs. We can use these technologies to solve any challenge and problem quickly.

Naturally, we need Special facilities to carry out our daily activities and meet the needs of our business; Especially with the increase in cyberspace-based activities, the existence of facilities that make it easy to do this process at any time using a laptop; One of the most important proceedings to meet the needs of users.

In this regard, Cisco Company, by providing advanced Cisco Anyconnect software, puts special capabilities and advantages at the disposal of users; In addition to providing access, it also performs processes to protect users from threats. As you may have guessed, the subject of our article is any connect software; You’ve probably heard of any connect among thousands of popular VPNs; You may want to know what advantages this technology offers that many users have chosen? In the following, we will talk about Any connect software Completely.

What is cisco Anyconnect?

Cisco anyconnect is a brand of security software from Cisco Systems that supports VPN virtual private clients, and it is replacing obsolete Cisco VPNs. Do not confuse cisco anyconnect with the Shell program for the AnyConnect console (anyconnect.net).

Cisco anyconnect software provides a secure way to connect to computer networks via SSL VPN; As you know, a VPN service allows access to a remote network. The additional security protection that a VPN connection provides, especially when tunneling to private commercial networks through Internet hotspots and other public networks, is an advantage of VPNs; Of course, you may not know that creating a VPN with a Linux VPS is also possible, and you can use its capabilities privately for your own purposes; In anyconnection In addition to communicating by VPN implementation; anyconnect gives you many benefits and capabilities, including secure connection to important computer networks, access to network management, web security, and more.

Cisco AnyConnect software, along with a very simple and easy implementation of VPN Remote Access, can meet the organization’s security needs to protect users against attackers and cyber threats.

Cisco anyconnect is an integrated agent designed to protect organizations; It Provides several security services and enables the activities of the employees of an organization remotely and using their own personal smart device without any difficulty and interruption by securing the data of an organization; also, cisco anyconnect, with its high access to users, has the ability to Control to identify people and effective cases during intrusion and attack.

In this situation, a question may arise; If you do not need telecommunications and VPN communications, buying Cisco AnyConnect software can also help with network security? The answer is obvious, yes. Regardless of features such as Posture and Umbrella that Cisco AnyConnect software provides to users for protection against threats, purchasing NVM licenses of Cisco AnyConnect software can increase the Visibility of network traffic streams, And will make security experts aware of network events.

In addition, AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is considered as a comprehensive Endpoint security platform that provides users features such as Posture Enforcement, Remote capability, offline security protection, and web security features to create a user-friendly and secure experience.

The Cisco AnyConnect Security Mobility Client runs on Windows 7 and later, Mac OS X and Linux systems. The VPN section of this program allows end-users to control the options; Cisco also supports Cisco AnyConnect Security Mobility Client mobile software versions compatible with all mobile operating systems; Users can download the app for free from the Google Play and Appstore; This platform is considered as a desirable solution for establishing external communication within the organization for mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and other computer equipment.

 how does cisco anyconnect work?

In response, we must say; When users and employees of an organization are moving anywhere outside the organization, The intelligent, always-connected VPN to Cisco AnyConnect client devices helps you automatically select the optimal network access point and adapt your tunneling protocol most efficiently. This may include voice over IP (VoIP) traffic, access to TCP-based applications, or the Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocol for traffic sensitive to delay. Tunneling support is also available on this platform for IP Security Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IPsec IKEv2).

AnyConnect to protect enterprise network integrity; Based on the security status of Endpoints; Restricts VPN access on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance; It also performs the necessary security checks before granting access and communication; For example, it evaluates the final status, status of different types of antivirus, personal firewall and status correction in wireless and cable environments.

AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution As we mentioned, it is a secure and comprehensive solution for enterprise mobility that, despite remote access, Provides internal security to protect against phishing and malicious threats and control calls.

Cisco Secure Web Appliance based on the system or Cisco Cloud Web Security based on cloud security for web security and for secure access of employees to corporate resources and cloud protection services.

Using network visibility modules in Windows, macOS, Linux, and Samsung mobile devices, tech executives can control the use of the Endpoint application to detect potential behavioral anomalies and make more informed network design decisions. NetFlow analytics tools such as Cisco Secure Network Analytics can use relevant data more efficiently.

In addition to VPN capabilities, the AnyConnect client enables IEEE 802.1X activation, providing a single authentication framework for managing user and device identities and network access protocols required for operation and smooth transfer from wired networks to BP, Making the wire possible.

Everything about what any connection is

Features and benefits of anyconnect

AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is considered as a multifaceted Endpoint software that, in addition to VPN access via SSL and IPsec IKEv2, provides security with the help of various Built-In modules. These modules offer services that, with compatibility with VPN and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) posture, provide network visibility and control, web security, and Network Access Manager.

  • Access from anywhere and support for mobile equipment

Users of the organization can securely access corporate and business networks remotely from any place and location outside the organization at any time and using any computer equipment; AnyConnect services can be implemented on many common devices used in businesses, and managers with BYOD and through the ability to access the organization’s network can support end-user productivity. High-security remote access can be equipment-based and transparent by selecting the organization’s applications with VPN Per-Application;  VPN Per-Application functionality eliminates access to unapproved applications to the business’s confidential resources, thus reducing the risk of malware infiltration and bandwidth costs for remote access.

Cisco anyconnect only connects to Cisco-specific equipment, meaning that to connect to Cisco routers or firewalls, these devices must be at the center of the network activity so that you can connect to this equipment using the anyconnect program.

If you have an active VPN account, you just need to download and use the anyconnect application easily; just note that before installing the application, the Java runtime environment must be installed on your system.

  • network visibility

Cisco anyconnect is efficient for many software security experts by providing Visibility and the ability to scrutinize the behaviors of users and end systems across the business and enterprise network; AnyConnect Network Visibility Module on Windows and OS X Mac platforms allows administrators to monitor the process of using the Endpoint application, thus identifying potential behavioral disorders and making more informed network design decisions. Cisco Analytics Endpoint Security Analytics also utilizes Cisco AnyConnect Telemetries to help you quickly identify and detect threats, and the data used can be analyzed using Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (abbreviated) network analysis tools. IPFIX, which is expanding day by day. Therefore, using cisco anyconnect, you can improve network performance and have a more efficient defense process.

  • Web security

The AnyConnect module provides Built-In web security through the Cisco Web Security Appliance in On-Premise structures or Cisco Cloud Web Security (Cloud-based). By combining web security and VPN access, administrators provide very secure and comprehensive capabilities for end-users, which is very important in executing Bring-Your-OWN-Device scenarios, or BYOD for short. It should be noted that organizations can select a variety of implementations to control the use of the web and protect the network against web-based malware.

  • Evolution in conservation

The most important need in any organization and for any user is to know the type of threats and their location and defense against attacks and threats. Cisco ISE can prevent cyber-threat systems from connecting, and the Cisco Duo is used to implement multi-step authentication structures. Also, Cisco Umbrella is used to protect users who disable their VPN. It is interesting to note that all of these are provided together by Cisco anyconnect.

  • Simplification in management

Simplifying user management in both On-Premises and Off-Premises modes using an Agent also reduces IT unit costs. Cisco anyconnect has the best features for end-users.

  • Endpoint adaptability

AnyConnect ISE Agent provides integrated endpoint status and modification capabilities for Cisco ISE across all wired, wireless, and VPN environments. As the source of endpoints, this feature examines OS levels and the latest antivirus updates and thus improves endpoint compatibility and security. In addition, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance provides endpoint status using Cisco Hostscan with Adaptive Security Appliance.

  • Completely secure network access

AnyConnect Network Access Manager offers users special capabilities in the connection process; Administrators control resources or networks by accessing endpoints. Thus, the IEEE 802.1X standard is provided by Supplicant as part of Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting, or AAA for short, along with some unique encryption technologies such as MACsec IEEE 802.1AE.

  • Clientless access

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances offers SSL connectivity across a wide range of browsers across multiple platforms. In this platform, VPN can access Clientless to unmanaged endpoints as well as access to various web-based applications and TCP / IP by administrators., And by using Browser-Embedded SSL technology, the ability to access through Rewriter, Plugin, or smart tunnels will be provided, While precise control of access and end-to-end security is also done.

  • VDI access

Cisco ASAs can terminate a session of VDI with a high degree of security and provide Transparent access to virtualized desktops and applications. In this platform, Client, and Clientless for mobile equipment, laptops, and desktop equipment, it is possible to access virtual resources; Access to virtual resources with completely secure access is created remotely and is Vendor-Agnostic; It also uses a defined access policy for old and virtual resources.

  • DNS-Layer Security

Cisco Umbrella Roaming is a cloud-based security service that protects equipment when disconnected from the organization’s network. If VPN is disabled, Umbrella Roaming provides DNS-level security, thus protecting any port or protocol against malware attacks, Phishing, and Command-and-Control Callbacks. for protecting equipment outside the enterprise network, it is enough to upgrade AnyConnect Agents and activates the Umbrella Roaming module.

Requirements and implementation structure

Cisco anyconnect software has licensing flexibility; Because it has considered the different needs of its customers in terms of network dimensions and security needs. The flexibility of the licenses is designed to create satisfaction in the purchase for all customers. Of course, it should be noted that changing the type of Cisco AnyConnect software licenses from Classic mode to Smart License mode, in addition to Cisco ASA 5500X series products, makes it possible to use this powerful product on Cisco Firepower FRP1000, FPR2100, and FPR4100 series platforms And FPR9300 also be provided. Also, when using anyconnect software, consider that its popular OS is Ubuntu18, and it is more compatible with the Ubuntu operating system; As a result, it will have better performance and efficiency.


Increase productivity and reduce the overall cost of ownership through the use of a single client, Implement a comprehensive policy with secure access according to the structure,
Flexible and policy-oriented access to applications and enterprise resources for each user group and equipment across all wireless and wired connection networks and VPNs

The VPN receives a request from your computer and sends it to the server and then through a secure connection in response to your request and Returns data directly to your system. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility allows you to connect to any network in the CMU.


Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is a VPN protocol and virtual private network software that allows you to connect to a specific network from anywhere in the world with high security. Cisco anyconnect offers a secure solution for protecting internal network information. Cisco Anyconnect is a unified agent that installs on various platforms such as Windows, Android, Apple IOS and Linux, and Mac and offers various security services for connectivity. The difference between anyconnect and other services is that the IT team becomes aware of who is connected to the network and what information it has access to, so they can plan to protect network information and improve security. We hope this article has answered what Anyconnect is and has been helpful to you. You can contact us by participating in the comments section and asking us your problems and questions so that we can thoroughly guide you.

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