What Is A CDN And How Does It Help To Our Website

What Is A CDN And How Does It Help To A Website?

Most people who want to increase their website’s performance face problems such as slow loading and DDOS attacks, or the website is not always available and uses a lot of bandwidth, which with the help of CDN, we can solve these problems.

In essence, this means a content distribution network that allows you to get data from the central server to the nearest CDN server so that the user can access the website content more quickly.

How CDN Works?

1. The CDN, or content distribution network, does this to make it easier for the user to access the websites’ content, using servers spread across different geographical locations. You can do it as fast as a user is close to the central server and get website information faster.

But how does CDN do it? The website you want to visit, this technology stores the content on the website on global servers that when you enter the website, the stored data will be load from the site using the nearest CDN server at high speed, and you can see the site contents.

You do not need to spend more time loading the website, and you can easily access the website; you can also check the different speeds of loading a website while using CDN or without CDN. You can use websites such as Pingdom and GTmetrix to test the speed of your website.

2. To speed up website loading, stored content data on CDN servers, including images, JavaScript, CSS and mp3, video, or even pdf files.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A CDN?

Not only can you use CDN to speed up your website loading, but you can also use it as a defense against DDOS attacks. In general, you can use the content distribution network to access the said items, which we will briefly explain each of these items.

  • Increased loading and display time of web pages
  • Increase customer or visitor satisfaction of a website
  • Less bandwidth usage
  • Prevent DDOS attacks (A person who wants to launch DDOS attacks must first pass the CDN servers to start the attack, and CDN prevents it)
  • Improve website SEO performance
  • Increasing Google search rankings
  • Scalability
  • Free SSL
  • To add firewall rules.

According to the above, by connecting a website to CDN, we can quickly obtain information and content on a blog or website. With the customer or user satisfaction due to the website’s high speed, we can have a significant advance in the sale or visiting rate of the website.

Website security is also one of the essential options for maintaining old customers or website visitors, assuming that your store website is disrupted precisely when someone will buy a product, which is enough to make your fixed customer reluctant to buy more products from the website.

Even with CDN, you can manage your bandwidth; due to the cheapness of CDN, instead of spending more to buy more bandwidth or website hosting. We can spend the same cost to buy CDN so that in addition to saving financially, we can improve the performance of the website in terms of SEO.

Scalability is another significant advantage; Since peak traffic management is done in a short time, so less load is on the server, and the response capacity, in this case, can be increased.

What Is A CDN

Do CDNs Have Drawbacks?

The only major problem with the content distribution network is the automatic optimization of photos and files when uploading to the website, which sometimes slows down the website.

It is better to define an option that optimizes images or Javascript files by the distribution network. It is better to optimize your website with tools that reduce the size of photos or files so that the website does not slow down.

What Is The Difference Between CDN Servers?

There are many different types of content distribution networks in other parts of the world that will use privately for specific companies or countries, such as Google or Amazon or Microsoft; Here are some of the most popular CDNs in the world: Cloudflare, Fastly, Amazon Cloudfront, MetaCDN, MaxCDN, KeyCDN.


Because of all that has been said, we hope that you have a complete and comprehensive understanding of this technology and that you can solve any problems you may have by using CDN. In general, the use of CDN can be an important factor in developing the website and increasing the satisfaction of users of a website.

You can share your CDN work experience with us through the comments section or let us know if you have any problems using it. Thank you, dear ones, again for taking the time to read this article.

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