Which Browser Uses More RAM To Manage Tabs

Which Browser Uses More RAM To Manage Tabs

One of the most important programs that we use daily is the browser. If you have much RAM volume, it won’t be important for you which browser uses more RAM, but if you have a limited one, it can be a struggle!

RAM is one of the essential hardware parts of our system. Using RAM, we keep programs and processes like browser tabs and applications alive, and until our system is powered on, the RAM can keep the processes running.

RAM is a Random Access Memory, and when the power goes out, its information is lost. Each massive program, according to its processes, using the exact amount of RAM.

This article will discuss which browser is using more RAM, and we will not discuss other aspects of the browsers. The results of our test will surprise you, so don’t miss this article!

Note that RAM usage is related to many objects. So we test the same websites on all browsers, and the browsers are fresh without any plugins.

Chrome Browser Uses Too Much RAM?

At the moment, I can say that chrome is actually the most used browser. Chrome uses the V8 Javascript engine, which is the open-source engine based on the chromium project.

The focus of this engine is on loading the tabs faster. Maybe you always hear that “Chrome eats RAM,” and you decide to change your browser to Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Or Microsoft Edge because you think they use much less amount of RAM, but it is not the truth!

Chrome is not really an optimal browser but still has features that fascinate many ones to use it instead of other browsers.

Here are our results of opening different amounts of tabs inside the Chrome browser.

5 TabsAbout 360 MB
10 TabsAbout 670 MB
20 TabsAbout 1150 MB

Chrome Browser RAM Usage

How About Opera Browser RAM Usage?

Opera is one of the famous browsers, and in some countries like Ukraine, it has the most users. Opera is developed by the Opera software team and written in C++ language. Formerly, opera was using Presto engine, and now it is using Blink and V8 engine, which is part of the chromium project.

The result of using 5 and 10 tabs in Opera browser is as below.

5 TabsAbout 440 MB
10 TabsAbout 800 MB
20 TabsAbout 1250 MB

RAM Usage In Opera Browser


Mozilla Firefox Browser RAM Usage

Mozilla has a different structure comparing to Chrome And Opera Browsers. The Mozilla foundation develops firefox. It uses Gecko Engine to render web pages, and Mozilla develops it, But the IOS version uses a WebKit layout because of software requirements.

Firefox is written in C++, Rust, Javascript, HTML, and CSS Languages.

In the below table, you can see the Firefox Browser RAM usage.

5 TabsAbout 450 MB
10 TabsAbout 810 MB
20 TabsAbout 1190 MB

Does Firefox Uses Less RAM


Edge Browser Will Surprise You In RAM Usage!

In our tests, the Edge browser uses the least volume of RAM. Microsoft develops an edge browser. It uses different engines for rendering web pages in different operating systems, and it can be a benefit. In Windows, it uses Blink and EdgeHTML, and in Mac and Android, it uses Blink Engine.

Here is the RAM Usage of Edge Browser.

5 TabsAbout 350 MB
10 TabsAbout 630 MB
20 TabsAbout 1150 MB

Edge Is A Minimal Browser In Using RAM


Our test statistics show that Edge browser is the best browser in terms of RAM usage, but rest assured, this does not mean that Edge is the best in every way.

Edge users have had many complaints about this browser. As you can see, the usage of each of these browsers is not very different.

In addition to opening tabs, any add-on we install on the browser can consume a lot of RAM, and then it is not important what your browser is.

So instead of changing browsers, try to upgrade your system’s or server’s RAM to a higher volume or try to buy a dedicated server if still you hadn’t ordered any and enjoy using any browser that you like inside a powerful server.

Personally, I prefer to use Chrome browser as there is not a big difference between the browsers in the term of using RAM as you can see in the below chart. And Chrome doesn’t have the problems of responsivity and page loading in any coding language.

Browsers RAM Usage

Which browser do you prefer to use, and what is your reason? Please share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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