Find And Remove Hidden Users In Windows

Find And Remove Hidden Users In Windows Server

Some of us want to know how many active users there are on our Windows server that we can delete and manage. In this article, we will find and remove hidden users in the windows server. You can easily see hidden accounts in Windows Server by following this article.

Many spyware applications or viruses can create hidden users and spy on your server.

In the servers of clients, I found users starting with the name support_. This user had access to all of the information on the server. The hacker was using this access to run cryptocurrency miners on the server. It was completely taking all of the resources on the server and slowing it down as a result.

So if your server is slow, you should think about these issues and resolve them. Once you deleted the user, it will be better to scan the system with the Malwarebytes app which you can download for free, and the malware and viruses with it.

Hidden User

How To Find Hidden Users In Windows Server

All users and groups are visible in Computer Management. We can open Computer management by searching at the start or we can open users and groups directly through RUN windows.

How To Open User And Groups Through Run

In order to open it through RUN, we should ress Windows Key + R.
Once it was opened type the below command and click OK.


lusrmgr to open users and groups

How To Remove A User In User And Groups

In the new local users and groups, choose the user tab to see users. There you will be able to observe active and inactive users. Inactive users are marked by a flesh mark. In this article, we are trying to remove the test user.
Right-click on the users that you wish to remove and click on delete to remove it.

delete users and groups


We have now removed the mentioned user successfully. The conclusion is that we should always use trusted websites and always monitor our Windows VPS to keep the health level of our system at the highest level to have the highest performance.

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