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RDP vs VNC: Choose the Best Remote Desktop Tool

RDP vs VNC: Choose the Best Remote Desktop Tool

Discussing the differences between RDP and VNC, what you need to know which will affect your decision-making is that RDP is for resource sharing and VNC is for Desktop sharing. People can only log into RDP with a username and a password, while using VNC, you do not need to create a user profile. You […]

Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce: A Feature Comparison

Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce: A Feature Comparison

If you have already made up your mind to use the Linux Mint distribution, you may get confused when you see it has three different editions, Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce. They are the same in a way or two, but when we dive deep into the details, they are different from each […]

Docker Compose Logs: Best Guide to Check and View Logs

Docker Compose Logs: Best Guide to Check and View Logs

Docker Compose is a nifty tool for managing complex applications made up of multiple containers. While you can install Docker on Linux and Windows, most developers use it on a Linux VPS. As for docker-compose, think of it as a recipe book where you define all the ingredients (services) needed for your dish (application) in […]

best vps hosting company

Top 10 Best VPS Hosting Company in 2024

Finding the best VPS hosting company in today’s market can be challenging. Many people struggle to identify a provider that combines competitive pricing, flexible payment options, clear fee structures, high overall satisfaction, reliable technical support, and global reach. Rather than pushing lesser-known VPS hosting providers for personal gain, our goal is to highlight the industry’s […]

How to Use SSH in Windows to Connect to a Remote Server

How to Use SSH in Windows to Connect to a Remote Server

To connect to and use SSH in Windows, you need to first install the OpenSSH client and run the following command: ssh username@IPaddress However, there are some requirements for it. For example, the SSH server should be active and running on the server, or the OpenSSH client must be installed on your Windows, and other […]

Best Linux VPS Providers in 2024

Best Linux VPS Providers Top 10 of 2024 [Comparison]

Nowadays, people struggle to find the Best Linux VPS provider with affordable prices, an on-time and technical support team, no hidden fees, global locations, various payment methods, and hassle-free. Based on the customer reviews, I found that today, people are looking for decent and round-the-clock support from the Linux provider the most. So, we suggest […]

What is TCP? Why is it used?

What is TCP?

TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol, is a protocol of the Internet Protocol suite. Since they work together to address the data on the internet, they are referred to as TCP/IP. IP obtains the address of the destination, and TCP delivers the data to the destination address. TCP/IP helps applications exchange, translate, and understand messages and […]

What is SSTP? and What is it used for?

What is SSTP?

SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) is a VPN protocol that transfers the PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) traffic through the SSL/TLS channel. Microsoft has published the SSTP protocol to cover the deficiencies of the PPTP and L2TP protocols previously released. The SSTP protocol is highly stable, fully encrypted, and can be used on most platforms, but it […]

How to Connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN?

How to Connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN?

To connect to Cisco Anyconnect on windows, mac, android and ios, you must download the Cisco Secure Mobility client, provide server URL, username and password. In Linux, you should update some packages, and then follow the same manner. Meanwhile, You can configure a Cisco Anyconnect server using a VPS. Cisco Anyconnect is one of the […]

How To Connect To WireGuard (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, ios)

How To Connect To WireGuard VPN

To connect to WireGuard VPN, we need to set up a WireGuard configuration on a VPS server. If you still don’t have a config file or data, you can learn how to set up WireGuard VPN on Ubuntu. Now that you have your config file in hand, we can start to see how we can […]

ps command in linux

ps Command in Linux to View Process Information

Sometimes, seasoned Linux users need to review running processes in order to make changes, review the information of a process, or kill the process. On the other hand, Linux newbies will be in need of the ps command sooner or later.

How to Change DNS Server in Windows

Change DNS Server in Windows ➞3 Useful Methods

To change DNS server in Windows may be it if you are seeking a solution to solve your internet connection problems. DNS servers are set automatically in Windows to connect to the local network. This is why changing them can lead to troubleshooting your internet connection problems. There are several reasons why it’s better to […]