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Best Linux VPS Providers in 2024

Best Linux VPS Hosting Providers of 2024 [Comparison]

OperaVPS 20i Scalahosting Liquidweb Ultahost Hostsailor Hostwinds Serverspace ikoula Ovhcloud In the exciting world of the Internet and technology that is changing our traditional life, nowadays, every person needs to set up a website to expand or launch his business. Today, most businesses need a server to host their website to succeed in the internet […]

What is SSH; Why we need to use it

What is SSH?

The Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) is a network encryption protocol that secures interactions between a server and a client. Using SSH enables admins to execute commands and log in remotely through local or remote networks on machines in a secure environment. Understanding SSH; Why Use SSH on Network Services? SSH is a powerful tool that […]

What is TCP? Why is it used?

What is TCP?

TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol, is a protocol of the Internet Protocol suite. Since they work together to address the data on the internet, they are referred to as TCP/IP. IP obtains the address of the destination, and TCP delivers the data to the destination address. TCP/IP helps applications exchange, translate, and understand messages and […]

what is ssl

What is SSL?

SSL certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is an internet protocol for securing data transferring between two communication devices. While attempting to connect to a server, SSL authenticates the website’s identity as a digital solution to ensure secure communication over the Internet. Since data transmitted over HTTP protocol is not a secure internet connection, […]

Best DNS Servers for Gaming

18 Best DNS Servers for Gaming

Let’s get to know the 18 most popular and best DNS servers with their IP addresses for gaming in 2024: Using the best DNS server for gaming improves the gaming experience by reducing latency, faster downloads for game updates and patches, enhancing security, and ensuring uninterrupted connection. Therefore, DNS servers are important for games and […]

What is SSTP? and What is it used for?

What is SSTP?

SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) is a VPN protocol that transfers the PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) traffic through the SSL/TLS channel. Microsoft has published the SSTP protocol to cover the deficiencies of the PPTP and L2TP protocols previously released. The SSTP protocol is highly stable, fully encrypted, and can be used on most platforms, but it […]

What is UDP and Why you need it

What is UDP and why is it used?

UDP is a data transport protocol, the part of the Internet Protocol suite (UDP/IP) that is known as the simplest way to send data. As a networking protocol, UDP does not require previous communication to establish communication channels or data pathways. It helps create network connections that are loss-tolerant and low latency. User Datagram Protocol […]

What is IKEv2/IPsec VPN Protocol

What is IKEv2/IPsec?

IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange version 2) is a tunneling protocol that is based on IPsec, which initiates secure, fast, and stable VPN communication between VPN devices. IKEv2/IPsec is a combination of IKEv2 and IPsec. IPsec is a tunneling data-transporting that serves as an authentication suite. How Does IKEv2/IPsec Work? Together, IKEv2 and IPsec encrypt traffic […]

fedora vs debian

Fedora vs Debian

To make an informed decision between Debian and Fedora, you should consider your needs. If you need cutting-edge features and don’t mind frequent updates, choose Fedora. If you prioritize rock-solid stability for servers or desktops, choose Debian. A Quick Comparison of Debian vs Fedora Stability Debian is known for its stability, making it a good […]

what is TLS

What is TLS?

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a cryptographic protocol designed to ensure end-to-end communication security over the network by encrypting data and verifying the integrity of transmitted information. TLS, by using various cryptographic techniques, has an important role in establishing a secure connection between clients and servers such as web browsers and web servers, servers and […]

best debian distributions

9 Best Debian-Based Distributions for All Users

Debian, a cornerstone of the Linux ecosystem renowned for its stability and reliability, serves as the foundation for a diverse array of Linux distributions. This comprehensive guide delves into the vast landscape of Debian-based distributions, empowering you to navigate the plethora of options and select the one that aligns perfectly with your requirements. Unveiling the […]

debian desktop environments

Debian Desktop Environments

Debian, lauded for its stability and expansive software repository, unveils a captivating array of desktop environments (DEs) to cater to a multitude of user inclinations and system requisites. This guide proffers best Debian desktop environments, and analyzes each available option: 1. GNOME (Default) As the default DE for Debian, GNOME shines with its modern, user-friendly […]

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