What is VMware virtualization system

What Is VMware Virtualization System?

VMware virtualization system is one of the best physical server virtualization systems that offer various capabilities. VMware is powerful software, designed for software developers, system administrators, and those who want to make fundamental changes to their software structure, test the software, and summarize whatever you can think of.

Over a decade old and winning more than 12 major software product awards, this software enables software developers to run the most complex network applications running on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Net ware.

Major Versions of VMware Virtualization System

There are two major versions of the VMware virtualization system. The desktop version is known as the VMWare Workstation and the server version is known as the VMware ESXi Server. The most obvious feature of VMware ESXi Server is that it is installed directly on the hardware and no longer requires an operating system as an interface, which is very effective in speeding up the system. But VMWare Workstation software, unlike ESXi, requires an operating system (such as Windows). For example, to use VMWare Workstation virtualization capabilities, you must install it on Windows 10.

VMware Benefits

VMware has many advantages over other virtualizers. It is true that it also has disadvantages such as the high cost of the license, but for a higher quality product, you certainly have to pay more. Let’s take a look at the benefits of VMware.

What is VMware virtualization system

High Customer Satisfaction

Given the quality of virtualization that VMware offers, surely both admins and end-users enjoy using this product and are satisfied with it, and from this perspective, VMware has the most satisfied users. This is because VMware allocates resources to the target machine in the best possible way and isolates the resources in its best way, as well as having a user-friendly user interface.


VMware virtualization system, due to its capabilities, can isolate all the resources of a virtual machine, and as a result, removes the ability to oversell from admins. Overselling is a feature in some virtualization systems that allows admins to provide a VPS from that server to users as the server resources run out. Overselling eventually slows down the server and slows down all virtual machines.

Support Of All Operating Systems

Limiting yourself is not an interesting idea at all! It is important to be able to run all operating systems in a virtualization system. Unfortunately, some virtualization systems do not have this feature. For example, it is not possible to run the Windows operating system on the Open VZ virtualization system, and it is also not possible to run the MikroTik operating system on the KVM virtualization system. But this is not the case at VMware, and you can install any operating system you need on a virtual machine.

VMware virtualization system

Most Friendly Interface

Beauty and performance in any field like, job, system, or anything else you can think of is a great advantage, especially in relation to what you interact with on a daily basis. The VMware virtualization system interface can be said to be the best and easiest interface for creating a virtual machine, and that is to make it more enjoyable to use.


Let’s give a brief answer to the question “What Is VMware?” VMware is a virtualization system that allows you to virtualize a physical dedicated server and create virtual machines on it. In the end, I recommend seeing which virtualization system is the best.

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