Make Money With A Dedicated Server

How Do I Make Money With A Dedicated Server?

In this article, we will tell you the ways to make money with A dedicated server. A dedicated server consists of a set of powerful pieces of hardware stacked side by side. Dedicated servers are stored and used in a data center location. A dedicated server is used to store the organization’s information, perform large processes, and host high-traffic services such as websites and web applications. A dedicated server is always connected to power and the Internet, and these two things are so important that even alternative sources such as UPSs and other Internet networks are considered for it so that it will never be interrupted.

The servers may also be attacked or stolen by malicious people because of the important information inside them, and for this reason, the data centers have special security measures. Another attack and theft that may take place on dedicated servers are software attacks by hackers and saboteurs. To prevent this, hardware and software firewalls are installed on the server. Also, due to large processing and due to heat generation, data centers have special ventilation methods.

These methods can include single-rack air conditioning as well as the entire server room in different ways. In terms of software, dedicated servers are almost the same as virtual servers and home computers, and the mentioned items have the same software that can be installed. Dedicated servers have Raid technology that prevents data destruction if one of the hard drives burns. There are different types of Raid. Raiding can be used to speed up data transfer or to protect important information from being lost.

Defining A Dedicated Server From The Wikipedia Perspective

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which one person leases an entire dedicated server. By renting a dedicated server, organizations or individuals have more control over the server. Such as changing the operating systems, modifying hardware, and having a full server status monitor. There is also another type of dedicated server called a hybrid virtual dedicated service that most organizations usually prefer to use this type of dedicated server. Source.

Dedicated Server Usages

Dedicated servers have many uses, and anyone in the IT field and in relation to their field of work can need them. In this article, we describe some of the most important uses of a dedicated server.

  • Host Your Website

You will naturally need a cheap dedicated server when your website and web application usage is high and increasing. Of course, what does this have to do with your website, and in what language is it written? And if you are a lead server and even a regular user, you will find out from the performance of your website or web application whether you need a dedicated server or not. Projects that take a lot of time and energy and are considered your assets deserve a powerful dedicated server. Having a powerful server will satisfy your users and customers of your product and will make you more profitable.

Make Money With A USA Dedicated Server

  • Create A Backup Server

Information security is an important and controversial issue today. Because security can never be 100% guaranteed, this becomes even more important with the increasing number of malicious programs and viruses. Now, if your data is more and more sensitive, you should think of more measures to prevent its loss. One of the best ways is to create a backup server.

Now you may be wondering what if something happens to the information inside the backup dedicated server?
In response, I must say that the dedicated server has a technology called Raid, and it is in this way that information is stored on two storage, which can be used to restore data from the healthy storage if one of the storage is lost.

  • Set Up A Virtual Server

If you own a large organization and for example, every employee needs a virtual server, instead of buying a virtual server you can set it up yourself and you need a dedicated server for it. Since the maintenance and operation of a physical dedicated server require special conditions, you can rent it from data centers or dedicated server hosting companies. It is also important to note that in order to do this, you must also have knowledge of virtualization systems.

make money with a dedicated server froma safe datacenter

  • Run Web Hosting

Sometimes when you have many websites with important data, you can not trust the companies providing shared hosting services. Also, launching any of the websites on a virtual server may not be economically justified. In this case, you can buy a dedicated server with your desired resources and set up all your websites by installing cPanel. It is also important to note that most shared hosting companies use all the resources of a server to host hundreds of websites, and this can decrease the performance of the entire server as well as all websites.

  • Run Game Server

If you are a professional gamer, you know how important the role of a server is during the game. If the number of gamers in a multiplayer game is high and your server does not have the ability to host and process all of their data, it certainly will not bring a good experience for gamers. In this case, the only way is to use a dedicated server. Note that the issue of ping in the gaming server is an important issue and you should order the nearest server according to your location.

Why Is A Dedicated Server More Expensive Than A Virtual Server?

The reason is very simple. In a virtual server, a small part of a server’s resources are provided to the user, and also some virtual servers do not have admin access and are shared with users. However, in a dedicated server, all the resources of a server are provided to the user, and the cost of renting this hardware is high. And in a dedicated server, the user has full admin access. It should also be noted that the cost of maintaining a dedicated server is high. Thus, the cost of a virtual server for the user is much lower than a dedicated server.

Make Money With A Dedicated Server from hetzner

How To Get A Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are provided to users by data centers and server hosting companies. There are several major differences in how they provide services to users. Most data centers accept a few payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards, while server hosting companies accept most online payment methods. Most data centers usually do not provide services to individuals and if they do, they request a full authentication, while this is not the case with most server hosting companies.

Also, many data centers usually do not provide monthly services and just accept long payment periods at a high price. Of course, it should be noted that buying a server from data centers also has benefits, but if you buy from a suitable server hosting company, you can get all the benefits of buying from a data center.


The datacenter is the name of a building in which dedicated servers are specially maintained. These buildings are very safe and have special security measures. These buildings are resistant to the entry of unauthorized persons, fire, resource outages, temperature changes, etc. Here are some examples of data centers.

Make Money With A Dedicated Server from hivelocity

Hivelocity is a data center in the unites states located in Tampa city and providing dedicated servers from some states of the USA including Chicago, New York, and etc.

Hetzner is located in Germany and owns one of the largest and most complete data centers in Europe.

VH is the largest data center in Europe and offers dedicated servers from many European countries.

server room or server computers


How To Make Money With A Dedicated Server

There are many ways to make money from a dedicated server, some of which we will explain.

  • Setting Up Shared Hosting Services

You can provide shared hosting services to your users on a dedicated server and installing the hosting control panel like cPanel. On a powerful physical dedicated server with 128 GB of RAM, approximately 150 to 200 sites can be hosted. Keep in mind that more websites can be hosted, but it will reduce the quality of website hosting and will lead to user dissatisfaction.

  • Creating VPN Server

VPN is a tool that will probably never be forgotten and we will always need it. A fast VPN with high stability has always been and will always be needed by people. You can get a multiplier profit from a dedicated server by setting up a good VPN. Fortunately, there are good tools for automatically managing VPN accounts like IBSng, and you won’t have a problem with that either.

  • Creating Virtual Private Server

This is one of the best ways to make money with a dedicated server. You can do this by ordering a dedicated server and using virtualization technology. However, this requires experience and knowledge of using virtualization systems.

  • Mining With A Dedicated Server

Due to the strong hardware of the dedicated server, it can be used to mine all kinds of cryptocurrencies. However, before doing so, you should research whether it is economical or not considering the cost of a dedicated server.


There are many ways to make money with a dedicated server and many things can be done with it. However, to do most of these things, you must gain experience and sufficient information. Also, buying a dedicated server with strong yet economical hardware is another issue that needs to be done properly so that you do not run into any problems.

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