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Minecraft Server Hypixel IP Address in 2024: Practical Guide

Hypixel is one of the most popular and giant Minecraft servers, which, due to its wide variety of game modes and inventive gameplay experiences, has become renowned and attracted a sizeable number of players worldwide.

By accessing the Hypixel IP address, which currently is mc.hypixel.net or (as direct IP), and using Java Edition of Minecraft, you can find a new way to experience Minecraft by benefiting from the most accomplished Minecraft server.

How to connect to the Minecraft Hypixel Server?

It is time to experience the multiplayer Minecraft game in a new way by connecting to the Minecraft Hypixel server. Before joining the Hypixel server, consider Hypixel requirements and prepare to play on the Hypixel server. Here is how to play on the Minecraft Hypixel server:

Hypixel requirements:

  • Install Java Edition of Minecraft on your device (not the Minecraft Bedrock Edition).
  • Ensure your Minecraft client is up to date with the latest version because Hypixel only supports the latest Minecraft version.
  • You need a valid Minecraft Account; if you have not before, purchase it from the official Minecraft website.
  • At least a mid-range Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 3 for CPU
  • At least 8GB of DDR4 RAM (16GB RAM is recommended for a smoother experience)
  • At least 1 GB of free disk space for the game core
  • Dedicated GPU (Graphics Card) from 2017 or later (optionally)
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge) or AMD Radeon R5 series (Kaveri line) with OpenGL 4.41Discrete
  • Stable Internet connection

Steps to join to the Hypixel server:

1. Launch Minecraft Java Edition.

2. Navigate to the “Multiplayer” menu.

click on "Multiplayer" menu on Minecraft client

3. Click on the “Add Server” button.

select "Add Server" to connect to Hypixel server

4. In the “Server Address” field, type “mc.hypixel.net” to add the Hypixel Minecraft Server to your multiplayer server list.

5. Click “Done“.

type "mc.hypixel.net" in the server address field to join to Hypixel server

6. Select the Hypixel server from your server list and click “Join Server” to start playing.

click on" Join Server" to play on Minecraft Hypixel server

Additional Tips:

Make sure you have installed a compatible Minecraft version with the Hypixel server (Minecraft Java Edition). Other Minecraft versions, such as bedrock Edition, Pocket Edition, or Console versions, will not allow you to play (work).

Make sure to use an official Minecraft client without unauthorized third-party software.

Make sure to use the correct Hypixel IP, which is currently mc.hypixel.net or but this IP address can change over time, therefore if you encounter a connection issue, check the latest information about Hypixel IP.

It is recommended to use “mc.hypixel.net” to ensure you are connected to the correct server.

To solve the connection issue, restart your Minecraft client or your internet router.

Hypixel website’s support section or Hypixel forums can be useful for troubleshooting tips.

You can improve Minecraft performance by adjusting Minecraft settings through options like lowering render distance, graphics quality, and particle effects.

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What is Hypixel for Minecraft?

Hypixel, officially called the Hypixel Network, is one of the most popular Minecraft multiplayer servers.

Hypixel is not an independent game but a large server with various minigames built on Minecraft. Using customized features and minigames, Hypixel improves multiplayer experiences within the Minecraft environment.

The main attraction of Hypixel is its creative game modes, which are based on Minecraft, including Bed Wars, SkyWars, SkyBlock, Survival Games, Build Battle, Murder Mystery, and more.

In addition to game modes, Hypixel offers customization tools and unique innovations such as cosmetic items, quests, and in-game currencies to enhance gameplay. With a strong emphasis on community engagement and player satisfaction, it has become one of the most successful Minecraft servers to date.

Why play on Hypixel?

No popularity is without reason, Hypixel has become a popular choice for players of Minecraft, the sandbox survival game, for several reasons:

Variety of Game Modes:

Hypixel includes a wide range of unique and engaging game modes, this huge collection gives players the opportunity to play creatively based on preferences and different game styles. Popular game modes such as Bed Wars, SkyBlock, and Murder Mystery respond to players’ interests, and this variety guarantees an exciting gameplay experience and increased enjoyment.

High-Quality Experience:

By following the innovative approach, Hypixel offers a vast and varied collection of game modes to create a new and exciting experience and guarantee satisfactory quality for the players.

In addition, this server maintains a high-quality experience with professional design, well-crafted maps, and smooth gameplay.

Large and Active Community:

Hypixel has a vibrant community with features that encourage social interaction, which has contributed to its widespread popularity.

This active community helps players easily find interested players, connect, collaborate, and compete, resulting in encouraging players to return.

Constant Updates:

This server increases player engagement by introducing regular updates for mini-games, special events, and new content, thus attracting players to discover new features and try new challenges.

Custom Features and Tools:

This server allows players a smoother and more customizable gaming experience by providing customized tools and features, including cosmetic items, quests, and in-game currencies.

Thanks to these features, this server has become more attractive and enjoyable for players and offers players new goals to achieve.

Support and Moderation:

Another factor contributing to Hypixel’s widespread appeal is its strong support and moderation team, which guarantees a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience without interruption.

What are the downsides of Hypixel?

While Hypixel has many benefits, it does have some weaknesses to consider:


Hypixel due to its popularity, has a crowded online world with lots of players, leading to long wait times to join game modes. This may be annoying for players who expect to jump into the game quickly and without delay.

Limited Accessibility:

Hypixel is only available for Java Edition of Minecraft and is not accessed through other editions of the game, such as bedrock Edition (mobile, consoles, etc.). Therefore, this limitation can be a disadvantage for players who want to play on the server or mobile.

In-Game Purchases:

As mentioned, Hypixel offers optional cosmetic upgrades and perks for enhancing the gameplay experience, which can be purchased. Therefore, it can be a downside of Hypixel for players who do not want to spend money on the game, leading to decreased enjoyment.

On the other hand, this feature can be tempting to spend money, especially for younger players, which is unnecessary.

Challenging game experience:

The existence of some game modes, as well as the presence of highly skilled players in Hypixel, may be challenging for new players and potentially lead to a decrease in engagement and enjoyment.

What game mods are allowed in Hypixel?

Hypixel is strict about the use of game mods to keep the playing field enjoyable for all users.

On Hypixel, mods and modifications are allowed that change the performance and responsiveness of the client, as well as the appearance of the game, without providing an unfair advantage over other players. The list of allowed mods on Hypixel is as follows:

  • Bed Wars
  • SkyBlock
  • SkyWars
  • Murder Mystery
  • Build Battle
  • Duels
  • Cops and Crims
  • Mega Walls
  • Blitz Survival
  • VampireZ
  • TNT Games
  • Paintball Warfare
  • Warfare
  • Quakecraft
  • Turbo Kart Racers

Mods such as Optifine, minimaps, damage indicators, and sodium (which improve frame rate and overall responsiveness), or custom textures, sound packs, and capes (that change the appearance and feel of the game), are allowed on Hypixel to improve game performance.

However, using certain mods such as X-ray vision, fly hacks, or auto-aim is prohibited on Hypixel; if caught using an unauthorized mod, you may be banned from the Hypixel server.

Since the list of allowed and prohibited mods changes over time, check the Hypixel server’s official website or community forums to know about the list of allowed and prohibited mods.

Does Hypixel cost anything?

Hypixel is available for free to play. The core gameplay and all the game modes on Hypixel are free to access.

However, there are in-game purchases, including some convenience and cosmetic items, which are available on the Hypixel store. These paid features do not give any unfair advantages in terms of core gameplay, so you can enjoy Hypixel without buying anything extra.

Is Hypixel safe to use?

Hypixel is generally considered safe. Hypixel, an official Minecraft server with a large player base, implements security measures to protect against malware and hacking.

In addition, Hypixel has strict rules to maintain a safe and fair environment for all players.

However, it is always good to be cautious, avoid downloading third-party software or mods from unofficial sources and be careful about sharing personal information with others.

How long will Hypixel supported?

Hypixel server and all its games are currently available and will continue to be available due to several factors, including its Popularity and Player Base, active development and updating, and dedicated community engagement.

However, predicting the exact duration of support for Hypixel is difficult, but these factors indicate that Hypixel is well-positioned to continue for many years.


To explore the captivating world of Minecraft (MC) and defeat formidable foes for survival, having a key (the Hypixel IP address) to unlock a deeper connection to the game and let your creativity run wild is a valuable advantage.

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