Install Slack on Ubuntu using 4 Different Techniques

How to Install Slack on Ubuntu

Technology changes our lifestyle. In today’s digital world, working with a coworker doesn’t always require being in the same place. Slack is one of the platforms that allows people to communicate regardless of their location. Install Slack on Ubuntu comes with 4 different techniques, and you will learn all of them in this article. As […]

How to use uptime Command in Linux

Use uptime Command in Linux

Your proficiency with Linux will undoubtedly improve as you gain a more profound comprehension of its commands. So, Acquiring skills in using Linux commands is essential for Linux administrators. A Linux administrator’s awareness of how long their Linux system has been running, the number of users currently logged into their system, and the system’s load […]

How to Install TFTP Server on Ubuntu [Complete Guide]

Getting Started to Install TFTP Server on Ubuntu

Linux administrators/users use Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) as a simple and fast way to transfer small files between servers and computers. While TFTP works on a variety of other Linux Server distributions, Install TFTP Server on Ubuntu is what you will learn in this article. When two computer systems on a network need to […]

How to Install Plex in Ubuntu

How to Install Plex in Ubuntu to Store Media

Plex is a media server and streaming platform that allows users to store, play, and manage their media content, such as music, movies, photos, TV shows, and more. So, if you’re into watching movies and TV shows, Plex is an excellent solution for accessing and organizing your digital media content. Through its attractive user interface, […]

Install Nextcloud in Linux Ubuntu

4 Easy Steps to Install Nextcloud in Linux Ubuntu

As a developer, administrator, or a tech lover, you have certainly worked with or heard about cloud-based data storage. Nextcloud is finding an acceptable place for Linux users among the different platforms that offer data storage services. This is a comprehensive guide for demonstrating how to install Nextcloud in Linux Ubuntu. The most well-known platforms […]

Get skill in using Ulimit Command in Linux to Limit System Resources

Limit System Resources with ulimit Command in Linux

In Linux, you can control everything! The resources of the system must be managed to not be deleted on intention or accidentally which leads to some troubles for users on the system. To do this, admins need to create restrictions for the user and allocate resources in the most effective manner possible based on requirements. […]

Compelte Guide to Install Magento on Ubuntu

10 Steps to Install Magento Ecommerce Platform on Ubuntu

If you are thinking of having your own platform to sell products, you can act like more than 240,000 merchants worldwide and use Magento to be able to create an online store. In this article, you will learn How to Install Magento on Ubuntu to create a fully functional online store with it. Magento is […]

how to Create FTP Server in Ubuntu Linux

Practical Guide to Create FTP Server in Ubuntu Linux

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server is a protocol and service that runs on a system or server, allowing users to transfer files between a client (device or software used to connect to the server) and a remote server over a network, typically internet. Configuring an FTP server provides a platform for downloading files from […]

How to Use touch Command in Linux

Helpful 12 Examples to Use touch Command in Linux

In Unix/Linux operating systems, the touch command is used to create, change, and modify the timestamps of a file. In other words, the touch command creates a file without any content. In this article, you will learn How to Use touch Command in Linux. It creates a file only if the file does not already […]

How to Run Linux Commands in Background

8 Top Methods to Run Linux Commands in Background

Running Linux commands in the background is helpful for various reasons; this capability allows you to execute multiple commands simultaneously in a terminal session without waiting for one command to complete. This feature is particularly beneficial when dealing with lengthy data processing or file transfers, which are time-consuming processes. It results in time savings and […]

How to Use cat Command in Linux

Helpful Guide to Use cat Command in Linux with Examples

For efficient Linux system management, automation, troubleshooting, security, customization based on needs, effective use of resources, comprehensive learning of Linux commands, and gaining skills in using Linux terminal are necessary. Understanding and utilizing common Linux commands enables users to manage their Linux systems effectively, and it facilitates essential tasks such as configuring system settings, managing […]

Ubuntu DHCP Server Configuration

Ubuntu DHCP Server Configuration Complete Steps

A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server is a network protocol and software service used to automatically assign IP addresses and other network configuration information to devices in a network without manual intervention. Imagine you have multiple clients on your network that need IP addresses and network configurations to establish connections with each other and […]

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